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Chapter: 2675

The Lord Saint s Helplessness

Chapter 2675 The Lord Saint’s Helplessness

Nine dragons roared within Long Aotian’s manifestation. Every three dragons wound together, unleashing ripples that filled the world.

"This is the manifestation of the Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone after being fully activated. It is when the essence, qi, and spirit become one, the legendary supreme power. Heavens, the Supreme Bone has been fully activated!" cried out an ancient elder who looked to be a living fossil. Despite his cultivation base only being in the early Heaven Merging realm, his reputation was quite great. He had spent his life studying ancient tomes and relics. Seeing this ancient phenomenon before him, he couldn’t help letting out a startled cry.

"Aotian, as the Lord Saint, I order you to retreat from the heavenly tribulation!" shouted Long Junwu.

Long Aotian shook his head. "Sorry, but I cannot obey. You are the master of the divine families, so I should listen to you. But he has insulted my mother. The two of us cannot exist beneath the same heavens, so I must kill him today. If this offends you, I will await your punishment after I kill him. If you have to kill me for this, I will accept it."

Long Aotian’s mother smiled sinisterly at Long Aotian’s indifferent reply to the Lord Saint’s orders.

"You…!" The Lord Saint was infuriated, but he couldn’t enter the tribulation. Hence, he could only watch.

"Grandfather, there is no choice to be made any longer. If Long Chen doesn’t die, the Long family and perhaps even the entire divine families will not be able to rest in peace. How will we accomplish our mission then?" said Long Qifeng.

"Shut up! You two husband and wife are the cause of this! If it weren’t for you, would the Long family have turned into this state? Would the divine families have fallen? If it weren’t for you, the Long family would have both Aotian and Long Chen. Together, they would dominate this world! Who would care about these invading enemies?!" cursed Long Junwu.

Long Qifeng shook his head. "Grandfather, as Lord Saint, you must consider things from the view of the divine families. In front of profit, emotion will only get in the way. Aotian has amazing talent, so becoming Sovereign is no problem for him. After that, the Martial Heaven Continent’s problem will be settled, and we will ascend to the divine world. Aotian is the greatest talent of our bloodline. With him, we can bring honor to our ancestors in this generation. What is wrong with that? Why look back on the past? Instead, we should look to the future. Aotian is our only hope now. So what if Long Chen’s Spirit Bone, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Root have been assimilated by Aotian? Are we supposed to kill Aotian and return them to Long Chen? And what would that do? It would simply destroy the only hope of glory for the Long family."

Long Junwu’s expression grew uglier and uglier as Long Qifeng spoke. However, he couldn’t retort.

The matter back then was something that he had been unaware of until it was too late. This husband and wife pair had already made their move then.

At that time, Long Zhantian had been so furious that he wanted to kill everyone who had participated. Six of their Saints had been aware of it. Only he, Long Junwu, hadn’t been.

Perhaps that was why Long Zhantian’s furious reprisal had ended up missing him. Long Zhantian had truly been mighty back in the day, arriving all the way to the Saint realm at such a young age even without the qi flow of the continent being activated, truly an astonishing figure.

However, all that had been ruined by these two. When Long Aotian was born back then, the heavens unleashed a phenomenon to show that his life would not be ordinary.

According to the divine families’ customs, Long Aotian was destined to be the main character of this dark era. Him becoming Sovereign was almost set in stone.

However, Long Chen’s birth had drawn intense jealousy from Aotian’s father and mother. A mutated Spirit Root, divine Spirit Bone, and supreme Spirit Blood. That was practically a heaven-defying immortal sprout.

The Long Qifeng of that time was the number two expert of the divine families’ junior generation. In terms of power, no one could compete with him other than Long Zhantian.

However, one was first, and the other was second. The difference between them was as great as heaven and earth. In front of Long Zhantian, Long Qifeng couldn’t even last for ten exchanges.

It could be said that the Long Zhantian of that time was someone who stood at the peak of the divine families. Even at such a young age, his accomplishments far surpassed his seniors.

The Lord Saint seemed to age a great deal while looking at this sight. A peerless genius like Long Chen had been ruined just like this. Furthermore, the Lord Saint couldn’t stop the battle between Long Chen and Long Aotian. As the Lord Saint, he was also unable to do anything when it came to Long Zhantian or Long Chen. He could only helplessly watch.

What had been done could not be undone. There was no going back and also no way to resolve this enmity. No matter how much compensation he gave Long Chen, so what? Could he pay Long Chen back for everything that he had lost?

"Perhaps this is a fated clash. Being killed by Aotian is Long Chen’s best ending," said Long Qifeng to the downhearted Long Junwu.

"Fate? Perhaps." The Lord Saint shook his head. He waved his hand, vanishing from sight.

"Lord Saint?"

The divine families’ people cried out in shock. What was the Lord Saint doing? He was just leaving just like this?

"The Lord Saint cannot bear to see disciples killing each other, so he left. However, two stunning geniuses have now appeared in the Long family. This battle has truly opened my eyes to the world," said the Zhao family head with a sinister smile.

Long Chen’s status made the Long family’s people feel extremely embarrassed. The matter from back then had even been dragged out, and this tightly clamped down secret was now public. This was the greatest shame to the Long family.

The Long family should have originally reached incomparable heights due to the geniuses like Long Zhantian, Long Aotian, and Long Chen. But now, Long Zhantian’s whereabouts were unknown, and Long Chen and Long Aotian were mortal enemies.

The two of them were clashing in the tribulation with no one being able to stop them. It was very likely that after today, only one of them would leave alive.

To the Zhao family that had lost Zhao Ritian, it didn’t matter whether Long Chen killed Long Aotian or Long Aotian killed Long Chen. They were both good things. The Zhao family head finally felt some delight in this matter.

Long Chen was the one who had killed Zhao Ritian, and Long Aotian had simply watched without saving him, so both of them were enemies according to the Zhao family head. In fact, she hoped for both of them to die to the tribulation.

At this moment, the gaze of every expert of the Martial Heaven Continent was locked onto Long Chen and Zhao Ritian. Their hearts clenched.

"Long Chen, how about you save some energy. Your big sister will help you kill him." The five Sovereigns were originally just calmly watching when Sovereign Han Wei suddenly spoke, shocking everyone.

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