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Chapter: 2676

Manifestation of the Heavens Wrath

Chapter 2676 Manifestation of the Heavens’ Wrath

Was this the confidence of a Sovereign? Even if Long Aotian had summoned a supreme manifestation, they still had confidence in killing him?

It had to be known that Sovereign Han Wei and the others were not bodies of flesh and blood. Hence, even though their cultivation bases were equal to Long Chen and the others, their true power was definitely not as great as when they were alive.

Despite that, Sovereign Han Wei had the confidence to kill Long Aotian? If it was someone else, people would have no faith in such a statement. But when it came from the mouth of a Sovereign, no one dared to doubt her.

"Many thanks, but this enmity between us should be avenged by myself." Long Chen cupped his fists to Sovereign Han Wei, thanking her for forcing out Long Aotian’s skills. Otherwise, he might still not know his origins.

"Then let me just warn you that the people you drew in for your tribulation aren’t very helpful. The final karma is locked onto you. This tribulation does not wish for you to take this final step, and the Heavenly Daos mercilessly wish to kill you. Although you pulled those people in, the Heavenly Daos also sent in more power. Therefore, there is no way for us to let you pass. The only thing you can do is display your own techniques. Be prepared," said Sovereign Han Wei.

Sovereign Han Wei truly cared about Long Chen. Hence, he was touched, but he still shook his head. "Thank you for your care. Some things must be resolved by myself. Don’t worry, I won’t die. I will definitely come out of this tribulation alive."

Sovereign Han Wei was the only one of the five Sovereigns who cared about him so much. The others had withdrawn from worldly affairs, having seen the world rise and fall. They had reached a level where nothing could shake them. However, Sovereign Han Wei’s heart had not been cast away yet. That was why Long Chen could clearly sense her true emotions for him. Sovereign Han Wei was the one he felt the closest to, as well as the most real out of all the Sovereigns.

Sovereign Han Wei had even fought to save Long Chen some energy to face the upcoming tribulation and give him a slightly higher chance of passing.

While Long Chen believed that the other four Sovereigns were also utterly sincere when it came to helping him, they didn’t do anything to express it. That didn’t mean that they didn’t care for him, just that they believed in him.

It was only Sovereign Han Wei who perhaps cared so much that she would do so much for him. Perhaps that was the difference between a man and a woman. She was much more meticulous when it came to her feelings toward him.

Long Chen was also aware that now wasn’t the optimal time to fight Long Aotian. But the pride within his soul refused to allow him to borrow Sovereign Han Wei’s power to fight Long Aotian.

Long Aotian had things that belonged to Long Chen. Hence, in this battle, Long Chen had to personally take them back. He couldn’t retreat.

Hearing this, Sovereign Han Wei smiled and no longer said anything. She simply gave him an encouraging smile.

"What a huge joke. Even a deadman dares to say that they will kill me, Long Aotian? Moreover, a cripple without a Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, or Spirit Bone is the one you place your hopes on? This is your candidate for the next Sovereign? Are you blind? Fine, since you have no eyes, I will personally take that karmic luck pearl and show the world who this generation’s chosen son of the heavens is," said Long Aotian.

Although he sneered at the Sovereigns, there was jealousy in his eyes. What kind of morality did Long Chen have to obtain the approval of all five Sovereigns?

"Long Aotian, you’re too shameless, just like the rest of your family!" cursed Guo Ran. "Your daddy and mommy stole my boss’s Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone. You’re practically worse than brutes, yet you dare say such arrogant words? If such a despicable thing had not occurred, would you be able to block a single finger from my boss?"

The one who had worshiped Long Chen the longest and the most was Guo Ran. But he had been completely unaware that Long Chen had his Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone taken away from him as a baby. His accomplishments today had nothing to do with his innate talent.

Now that his origins were exposed, all the Dragonblood warriors were infuriated, wishing that they could charge into the tribulation and tear Long Aotian to pieces. Even if they died, it would be worth it.

The Dragonblood warriors had never hated someone so much. Thinking of that cruelness, it felt like blades were stabbing their hearts.

Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, Dong Mingyu, and the others were holding back tears. Long Chen had always been a solid pillar holding up the sky for them. None of them had thought that such cruelty and helplessness lay behind his strength.

"That scoundrel, why didn’t he tell us?!" Tang Wan-er sobbed, her heart feeling like it was being crushed. The Long Chen she saw was always the mischievous joker. She had never thought that he had been enduring all this pain.

"He wants to only show us his best side so we’re at ease. His own pain, he keeps inside," sighed Meng Qi. Due to having seen that scene back then, she had known a little bit about his origins. But Long Chen had told her not to tell anyone, and she had kept this secret for him.

Seeing Long Aotian alive and even provoking Long Chen, they were all enraged. Dong Mingyu had an urge to assassinate Long Aotian right now.

Ye Zhiqiu seemed to know what Dong Mingyu was thinking and held her back. Although Ye Zhiqiu was a woman of few words and her face was icier than ever, her tears were like ice crystals falling down her face.

In the face of Guo Ran’s cursing and the furious gazes of countless experts, Long Aotian merely laughed. "Hahaha, the Heavenly Daos are emotionless. Experts are respected in this world. Without fighting and killing, would this still be the cultivation world? If reason could settle things in this world, would there be fighting? There is no right or wrong in this world. You don’t even understand this, you ants. You will remain ants for the rest of your lives."

Even the divine families’ experts couldn’t bear watching Long Aotian’s arrogance now. However, he was correct. The cultivation world was just that cruel. This was reality. Fairness? Justice? Morality? All of them were a masquerade not worth a single cent.

Looking at Long Chen, people were surprised by his calmness. He didn’t react to Long Aotian’s provocations.

As Long Chen took a deep breath, his divine ring began to spin rapidly. All of a sudden, a wild will erupted.

At this moment, the sky became covered in cracks, and the dome of the heavens shattered, revealing countless stars up above.

"It’s the Heavens’ Wrath manifestation, Fury Shatters the Heavens!" exclaimed Bao Buping. This was the phenomenon that would appear when the Heavens’ Wrath state was pushed to the peak.

Long Chen suddenly moved, transforming into a beam of light shooting toward Long Aotian. His saber slashed down. In that instant, everyone’s hearts tightened.

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