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Chapter: 2677

Heaven and Earth Resonate

Chapter 2677 Heaven and Earth Resonate

"It doesn’t matter how strong you are. In front of me, you are nothing. Some people simply have their fates set once they are born." Long Aotian remained as arrogant as ever even when he saw the terrifying phenomenon that Long Chen evoked.

The nine dragons behind Long Aotian converged into three parts each. His essence, qi, and spirit were bound into one. At this moment, his dragon spear pierced forward. Immortal light and black qi exploded when the saber and spear met.

The clash of the two divine weapons caused the world to quiver in fear. It was as if the laws of the world were afraid of their power.

As a result, ripples spread, crushing heaven and earth. People felt their souls being twisted. This was a kind of power that was practically unaffected by the restrictions of space.

"Absolutely terrifying. If struck directly by these ripples, it would probably instantly kill me," cried out someone.

They were already extremely far from the core of the heavenly tribulation, but these ripples still made them feel overwhelmed. If they were in the core, they would be turned to dust.

Such a terrifying fight was something that they couldn’t even get close to, let alone participate in.

As a matter of fact, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the dragon woman, and Ye Ming’s expressions also changed. The power that Long Chen and Long Aotian had displayed was so great that it even made their hearts leap.

"The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s Heavens’ Wrath manifestation? Haha, a bit interesting. To shatter the heavens and enrage the cosmos. It truly feels a bit like splitting the heavens. However, you are just an ant-like existence. Just the power of the Martial Heaven Continent is already like an ocean to you. But you actually want to reach further and take the energy of the cosmos? You don’t know your own place," sneered Long Aotian.

The power of the Martial Heaven Continent was devoured by Long Aotian’s nine dragon manifestation. He was in control of almost the entire world’s energy.

However, Long Chen’s Heavens’ Wrath manifestation had now shattered the heavens. It wasn’t just the heavens of the Martial Heaven Continent that were enraged but also the very cosmos. This was a power belonging outside of the Martial Heaven Continent.

Nevertheless, to cause the cosmos to be completely infuriated from the Martial Heaven Continent was nothing more than a fool’s dream. Long Chen had activated the manifestation, but he was only able to draw out the slightest bit of power. It was like an ant was standing on a leaf. Unable to draw out the power of the leaf, it vainly tried to absorb the power of the entire tree. That was why Long Aotian was mocking him.

"Idiot, what do you know? Fury Shatters the Heavens is something that only occurs when one’s fury resonates with the world. It has nothing to do with borrowing power," cursed Bao Buping.

Long Aotian’s insults toward Long Chen were also insults toward this secret art of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, infuriating all their disciples.

"Ignorant trash, you’ll know what Fury Shatters the Heavens means in a bit!" added Chang Hao. He was full of expectation for Long Chen’s manifestation.

On the other hand, Long Chen remained silent, his gaze sinisterly cold. The heavens above him had been broken, and millions of stars shuddered. Right now, Long Chen felt unprecedented anger.

This anger was not just his own but also the anger of the entire world and even the entire cosmos. It was a resonance between them.

Heaven and earth had emotions; all things had spirits. The current Long Chen was in a peculiar state. His essence, qi, and spirit had been entrusted to Evilmoon, Ling-er, and little Heaven. Hence, he felt more like a spectator.

He didn’t know what this manifestation of the Heavens’ Wrath was. All he knew was that he could feel the anger of everything within heaven and earth. It was a feeling of rage at being suppressed and suppressed until one’s resentment transformed into a furious counterattack.

In that instant, Long Chen felt his mind become clear. He instantly understood that all things in this universe were not free. They all had restrictions. However, they also had their own wills that wanted to break free of their destined orbits.

It was just like someone living in the secular world. They had to obey the laws. If they wanted to survive in this bloody and cruel world, they had to know the rules, both spoken and unspoken. They had to bend toward those restrictions in order to live.

Humans were like this; other lifeforms were like this, and even the Martial Heaven Continent was like this. These laws made people furious yet helpless.

At this moment, Long Chen felt like he understood the feelings of all things in this world. It was incredibly clear. Now he understood what the Heavens’ Wrath was.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s arms shook. He was knocked back by a burst of power from Long Aotian’s spear, causing him to exit that marvelous state. He then looked at Long Aotian.

"How needlessly complicated. What kind of amazing techniques could a little Heaven Splitting Divine Sect possibly have? Today, I’ll show you the true power of the divine families," sneered Long Aotian. "Three Flowers Converge, Ten Thousand Daos Slaughter!"

The nine dragons in Long Aotian’s manifestation were in groups of three and began to revolve like three flower petals, forming a giant whirlpool in the sky. As the giant whirlpool spun, Long Aotian’s spear pierced out.

At this moment, a streak of light pierced through the void, shooting past Long Chen and continuing on to the end of the world.

Wherever that light went, a giant black channel erupted, which contained chaotic laws that devoured and destroyed each other. It was a channel of annihilation. That kind of power was something that even made Heaven Merging experts feel like their souls would flee.

"That’s…" People stared, dumbfounded. That attack was incredibly bizarre. It contained laws that mutually attacked and devoured each other. If struck, not even a god would be able to block it.

"That attack contains too many laws. Furthermore, they clash with each other. How could there be such a magical art in this world?!"

While people were stunned by this attack, they also found it curious that Long Chen hadn’t moved at all. That attack had simply flown past him, leaving behind that strange channel.

"Long Chen, do you know why I didn’t aim at you?" said Long Aotian coldly. Only once he said this did people understand that he had done it on purpose, and it wasn’t that Long Chen had somehow dodged.

People looked at Long Chen, only to find that his expression was still calm. That terrifying attack hadn’t caused him to blink an eye even as it flew right past him. It was as if he had known that this would happen.

Long Chen indifferently said, "Go ahead and say your bullshit."

Long Aotian didn’t get angry. Instead, he chortled, "Do you know? That attack was created by your father. Your father truly was an amazing genius. He managed to dissolve ten thousand Daos into one, extracting the aspects of the laws that supported each other. Instead, this is an attack containing berserk laws that clash, devour, and annihilate everything in their midst. It cannot be blocked. I’m kindly showing you this so that you can die in peace. Hahaha!"

"Despicable!" Countless people cursed him. He actually used Long Zhantian’s divine ability to infuriate Long Chen.

"You really are foolish. Do you know the consequences of adding oil to the fire? Do you know that you will burn yourself?" Long Chen shook his head. "Moreover, do you know that you missed your only chance to kill me just now?"

As Long Chen pointed Evilmoon at Long Aotian, the world suddenly rumbled explosively. The sea exploded into the sky, and an invisible fury filled the world. Long Chen’s fury was resonating with heaven and earth.

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