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Chapter: 2680

Ten Thousand Ancient Dragon Spirit

Chapter 2680 Ten Thousand Ancient Dragon Spirit

Long Chen looked like he had gone insane. In that state, his reaction speed and sense of danger were severely impacted.

Moreover, Long Aotian’s sneak attack was silent and came without the slightest warning. Countless people had thought that Long Chen would be suffering a calamity, but they hadn’t expected him to seemingly be well prepared and slap Long Aotian.

In that instant, time seemed to move slowly. They saw Long Aotian’s face deform bit by bit until his head was a completely different shape.

They also saw Long Chen, still in his slapping posture. His headband had long since broken, causing his hair to cover up his face.

After that, Long Aotian’s body fell into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring. When he landed, it was like a meteor had hit the world.

This result stunned people. Had Long Chen only been faking going crazy to bait Long Aotian into attacking?

No, that couldn’t be it. If he was baiting Long Aotian, why didn’t he use his saber? Then wouldn’t he have easily killed him?

Long Aotian’s father and mother were both shocked. Seeing Long Chen standing there, they suddenly felt an intense sense of unease.

They were both peak experts with sharp senses toward danger. When Long Aotian had started fighting Long Chen, they had felt nervous in their hearts, which was why they had provoked Long Chen. It was because they didn’t have absolute confidence that Long Aotian would win. Although they knew their son was powerful, that feeling of unease made them choose to help as much as they could. Even if the world looked down on them, they still chose to do so. They didn’t want Long Aotian to be in any danger.

However, Long Aotian’s sneak attack had failed, and he was sent flying by a slap in the face. The slight feeling of unease they had had at the start grew much more intense.

Suddenly, the sea surged. Long Aotian came flying out along with a giant water dragon, charging toward Long Chen.

"Long Aotian is actually skilled in water elemental divine abilities!" exclaimed Nangong Zuiyue. She was also a water cultivator, but even she hadn’t noticed before this.

The water dragon Long Aotian was standing on was condensed of water energy, and that berserk power contained within it shocked her. Long Aotian’s water energy was not at all inferior to hers.

It had to be known that Nangong Zuiyue had a water spirit body and had been born with an innate ability to control water energy. But Long Aotian hadn’t been. So how did he do this?

Long Aotian’s face had recovered, but there was still some blood dripping out of his mouth. Right now, killing intent exploded from his eyes. Failing this attack had caused his fury to soar.

"Die!" Long Aotian’s dragon spear unleashed an explosion of Water Qi.

Right away, the spear collided against Evilmoon’s blade, unleashing a huge wave in the sky. As a result, astral winds blew back Long Chen’s hair, revealing his face.

When they saw his face, everyone jumped in surprise. Long Chen’s eyes were tightly closed. It seemed that he had entered some mysterious state. He had blocked that attack seemingly through instinct.

Feeling furious, Long Aotian slid his spear down Evilmoon’s body, piercing it toward Long Chen’s arm.

Long Chen instinctively dodged. After that, Evilmoon was pushed forward, pushing aside the spear, and a leg kicked toward Long Aotian like lightning.

As a result, Long Aotian raised his left arm to block, and another powerful explosion shook the sky. Feeling a terrifying force strike him, he was forced back ten steps.

With one final step, the void shuddered. He barely managed to stabilize himself and almost fell.

Right now, Long Aotian was shocked and infuriated. Long Chen’s power was so strange that Long Aotian’s Heavenly Dao energy was actually unable to block it. It even invaded his flesh and bones. He had never encountered such a thing in his life.

"What is that?"

Suddenly, people saw lines of light appear within Long Chen’s divine ring. They didn’t know when these lines had appeared, but there were now millions of strands of light extending to the ends of the world. People could see mysterious energy flowing through those lines and into Long Chen’s divine ring.

They had never seen such a phenomenon before. The power that Long Chen and Long Aotian had revealed had far surpassed the scope of their understanding.

"Aotian, that’s the power of all living things, all the spirits within this world. Long Chen has formed a connection with them! You have to cut him off!" shouted Long Aotian’s mother. Her expression changed.

Only a very few experts present actually knew what kind of state Long Chen was in, and what it indicated.

The Heavenly Daos were no longer the original Heavenly Daos. The old Heavenly Daos were like an emperor who loved and respected its subjects, and thus were revered and worshiped by the commoners.

However, the current Heavenly Daos were like a tyrant that had seized the position of emperor, enslaving and suppressing the Martial Heaven Continent’s lifeforms.

Deep inside, those lifeforms felt fury, and it was this fury that merged with Long Chen’s Heavens’ Wrath. The current Long Chen had formed a connection with all their power. In theory, Heavenly Dao energy and the energy of all life should support each other, but now, on the Martial Heaven Continent, these two energies were clashing. One was trying to suppress the other, while the other fought back.

Long Aotian represented the energy of the Heavenly Daos, while Long Chen represented the energy of life on the continent.

Long Chen was in the midst of rapidly merging with this new energy. After all, this energy was not his, so it was not so simple for him to use it despite grasping it. Using it badly could cause his body to explode from being unable to endure so much power.

Long Chen’s current state was thanks to Long Aotian’s pressure. He could clearly feel the anger of the mountains, the roars of the seas, and the howls of the veins of ore. All creation was raging.

They wanted to give all their power to Long Chen in order to break the laws of the Heavenly Daos and regain this world’s freedom.

"You want to merge with the power of all creation? Try again in your next life!" Long Aotian suddenly clenched his teeth. As he spat out a mouthful of rainbow blood, brilliant light filled the sky.

This was Long Aotian’s core essence blood, the Supreme Spirit Blood that he had stolen from Long Chen. Every expert felt a chill when it appeared.

"That’s boss’s blood!" The Dragonblood warriors gnashed their teeth furiously. Long Aotian had stolen this blood from Long Chen.

"Ten thousand dragon spirits, hear my call! Bestow me the power of a dragon! Nine Dragons Devour the Heavens Diagram, open!"

Long Aotian suddenly roared and a majestic dragon cry rang out. The nine dragons behind him came to life, emitting a wild aura.

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