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Chapter: 2682

The True Six Star Battle Armor

Chapter 2682 The True Six Star Battle Armor

Six stars revolved within Long Chen’s divine ring, illuminating the world. Right now, an unstoppable power erupted within Long Chen’s body, and the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring sank beneath his feet. As the water was forced away, people saw the layers of restrictions down below.

Those were the defenses of the sea demon race. It seemed that Long Chen’s aura had penetrated to the bottom of the sea, the headquarters of the sea demon race.

People even saw the terrain of the seafloor and some sea demons. They sensed their fear and unease.

At this moment, the star corresponding to the FengFu Star shot a beam of light at the Alioth Star. Long Chen’s aura grew explosively. The Alioth Star then emitted a beam of divine light at the Life Fate Star, setting it ablaze, making Long Chen’s aura grow once more.

After advancing to the Heaven Merging realm, Long Chen’s Six Star Battle Armor was finally able to unleash its full power. In the Heavens’ Wrath state, every one of his stars seemed to represent an entire world.

Following that, the Enlightenment Palace Star and Divine Gate Star also ignited. When that happened, the ground beneath Long Chen’s feet crackled, and the ten thousand Daos of the world were trampled beneath his feet. The entire world felt like it was on the verge of exploding.

The 108,000 stars inside Long Chen’s body were like a giant astral formation. Their power resonated with the five stars.


Suddenly, the Nethergate Star beneath his feet also ignited. It emitted a light toward the FengFu Star, forming a six-sided design. After that, the space beneath Long Chen’s feet exploded.

Endless power gushed out of Long Chen’s feet, and a terrifying current soared into the heavens. The stars up above shuddered.

Long Chen had used the Six Star Battle Armor before, but due to his cultivation base, he had been unable to unleash its full power. Now, this was the true Six Star Battle Armor.

Long Aotian was being forced back. Despite doing his best to stabilize himself, space was collapsing, and he was forced back by Long Chen’s aura. Two beams of light were all that remained in the collapsing space.

The Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the dragon woman, Ye Ming, and the others were forced back miserably. However, their bodies suddenly trembled when they reached a certain range. They were no longer able to retreat any further, or they would leave the bounds of the heavenly tribulation. They were blocked by an invisible wall.

Their expressions changed. They didn’t know when this wall had appeared, sealing them in.

The Nine-Headed Lion had almost been killed by Long Chen back then, and he had only been saved due to the help of some peak expert from the demon race. At that time, there hadn’t been this spatial wall. So where did it come from?

They glanced toward the five Sovereigns, and their hearts shook. Could it be that the five Sovereigns had created this barrier to ensure that they couldn’t escape?

Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen were in the worst state. They almost directly smashed into that barrier. As a result, they hacked up blood, their bodies cracking. Both of them were filled with horror.

Clearly, out of the experts within the core of the heavenly tribulation, the two of them were the weakest. They were almost killed by this eruption of Long Chen’s aura.

Of all of them, it was the Pill Fairy whose expression was the calmest. White flames burned around her body. She also had Wan Qing protected. Even as Long Chen’s aura raged, it was simply incinerated when it reached her divine flames.

Just outside the core, Mo Nian and the others were staring in shock. Seeing Long Chen in this state, Mo Nian’s jaw dropped. "When did this little fellow become so terrifying? I thought that I had surpassed him."

In his current state, Long Chen appeared unspeakably domineering. It was as if he could look down on all things beneath the heavens. Even the divine families’ experts’ expressions changed, especially Long Aotian’s father and mother. They had never dreamed that Long Chen would possess such power.

"How does this bastard possess such power when his Spirit Root, Spirit Bone, and Spirit Blood were taken? Are the heavens blind?!" raged Long Aotian’s mother.

Back when Long Aotian was born, he was born with amazing talent that would be first-rate even in the higher realm. In the mortal world, he should be an unrivaled existence.

However, before he even had a chance to soak in that glory, Long Chen was born. His birth shook all the divine families. A mutated Spirit Root, Supreme Spirit Blood, and a divine Spirit Bone. That was a natural immortal sprout.

Back then, Long Aotian’s mother had gone crazy with jealousy. She viewed Long Chen’s birth as a personal slap in the face. However, no one would have imagined that this half-dead child that had had his Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone taken would survive and become another heaven-shaking genius. This was equivalent to another slap in her face.

Upon seeing Long Chen forcing the ten thousand Daos to submit to him, her expression grew extremely unsightly. "Aotian, kill him and tear his corpse to pieces!"

Even before she finished shouting, Long Aotian was already moving. That wasn’t due to his mother’s orders but due to the timing.

Long Chen’s aura would stagnate for a brief moment when his aura reached its peak. That was the optimal time to attack.

At this moment, Long Aotian’s dragon spear rumbled, and the nine dragons behind him erupted with their power.

On the other hand, Long Chen snorted. Although Long Aotian’s timing for this attack was correct, Long Chen wasn’t afraid. He didn’t even have a desire to dodge and just casually swung Evilmoon.

His blow looked so incredibly weak as though it was done by a novice who couldn’t even use their power properly. But considering who Long Chen was, how could that be possible?

Suddenly, a strange explosion occurred. Long Chen’s saber had clearly been slashing down, but when it struck the spear, it suddenly knocked the spear away and pierced forward toward Long Aotian’s throat.

Long Aotian was startled. This attack was truly bizarre. It had completely knocked aside the power of his dragon spear along with his body, causing him to practically fly toward Evilmoon.

As a result, he roared furiously and stamped on the ground, dodging to the right. He only barely dodged the tip of Long Chen’s saber.

He had barely dodged Long Chen’s saber when a hand that seemed to have been waiting for him struck his face, unleashing a resounding and clear sound.

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