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Chapter: 2685

Sovereign Seal Undone

Chapter 2685 Sovereign Seal Undone

Long Chen and Long Aotian vanished, startling everyone. After that, they quickly saw the sea below exploding and raging. Only then did they realize immense power was exploding down below.

The void once more exploded, and their figures reappeared and disappeared once more.

Their figures repeatedly vanished and appeared, vanished and appeared. Every time, a heaven-shaking explosion would erupt, either in the sky or the sea.

It was impossible to track them with the naked eye. There was also no way to lock onto them spiritually.

"They’ve grasped the power of Heaven Merging so quickly? They can freely shuttle through the void?" exclaimed a Heaven Merging expert.

This blinking was in truth spatial control, and only some old fellows who had advanced to this realm hundreds or thousands of years ago could do it. For them, it had taken years or decades after advancing to Heaven Merging in order to grasp this ability, but the two of them had suddenly comprehended it in the middle of the tribulation. This comprehension ability made others feel worthless.

"Senior, how is their battle going? Is Long Chen suppressing Long Aotian?" asked one person.

The Heaven Merging elder replied, "They currently seem evenly matched, but Long Chen seems to be the one pressing the attack, trying to force Long Aotian into close-range combat. Meanwhile, Long Aotian is trying to create distance, but he’s unable to escape Long Chen," explained that elder.


With one final explosion, Long Aotian appeared, coughing up blood that transformed into a giant rainbow dragon that immediately exploded, shattering the void. The immense power forced Long Chen out.

Just as the elder said, Long Aotian was at a great disadvantage against Long Chen in close range. Although he was very powerful, compared to Long Chen’s rich experience, he was still one level inferior.

Being slapped in the face and having his scalp torn off had left a large shadow on his heart, resulting in him always trying to escape whenever Long Chen approached him. However, seeing Long Chen fighting more and more ruthlessly, he clenched his teeth and sacrificed a portion of his essence blood to force Long Chen back.

After that, their figures reappeared clearly. Long Aotian let out a howl, and his manifestation shuddered. As a result, the nine dragons charged at Long Chen from nine different directions.

"Nine Dragons Surround the Pearl!"

The nine dragons opened their mouths, instantly sealing the space around Long Chen and trapping him in a giant ball of light. This move came incredibly fast, so fast that others couldn’t even react before Long Chen was caught.

Evilmoon swept out multiple times but merely caused the sphere to shudder; it could not be broken. Ripples spread as the sphere thickened itself layer by layer and began to compress the space inside.

"Hahaha, Long Chen, you’re definitely dead! This technique is composed of Heavenly Dao energy and my nine ancestral dragons’ power. Once formed, you are surely trapped! Go and meet your parents!" Long Aotian laughed, but his laugh was a bit forced as he was panting.

Fighting Long Chen and then unleashing this impressive technique had clearly come at a cost. Hence, Long Aotian was no longer in his peak condition.

"They’re clearly just nine mudfish, so how dare they call themselves nine dragons? What a huge joke." Long Chen still appeared as calm as ever within this sealed space.

"You dare to say such big words before death? Nine Dragon Execution, Heaven Trapping Art!"

The sphere of light rapidly compressed, and nine chains shot toward Long Chen from within the sphere.


Long Chen was instantly wrapped by those chains. There was a large sphere on the outside and now a sphere of chains on the inside.

"Well done, hahaha…!"

Long Aotian was surprised to see Long Chen not struggling at all, but then a sinister voice rang out. It was filled with ecstasy, as if a fiend had escaped from the depths of hell.

"Yun Shang, you bastard, I am finally released from your seal!" Evilmoon’s voice rang out once more.


As a result, the chains binding Long Chen shuddered. Tiny cracks covered the chains and then spread all the way back to the larger sphere, until the entire technique shattered.

Within the flying runic fragments, black qi raged and Long Chen came walking out of it.

Black robes, black hair, black saber, and black qi. They seemed to mix with each other, like a god of darkness. Long Chen appeared to be an entirely different person now; his aura caused people to shudder.

"Hahaha!" Evilmoon laughed. "Fuck, I’m finally released after being sealed for so long. Long Chen, let’s put in some work and kill a few more."

Evilmoon’s aura had completely transformed. It was as if it had been dead before and had now come to life.

Evilmoon really had to thank Long Aotian. The energy of his nine dragons had truly been perfect.

Originally, Long Chen had been planning on using the ninth form of Split the Heavens to break this attack, but Evilmoon had stopped him. At that time, it had a sudden thought. Perhaps it was because it had been with Long Chen for too long, but it had also become greedy and had thought of a brazen idea. Using its dark energy, it devoured the power of the nine dragons.

The strongest divine ability of the dark evil dragon was to devour and rapidly digest what it devoured. This plan really succeeded, and it managed to break apart Yun Shang’s seal.

It was like it had completed a prison sentence and was full of bloodthirstiness at this moment. It had to vent its anger.


Long Chen and Evilmoon shouted at the same time, resulting in the black qi surrounding Long Chen to explode. He then shot out like a shooting star.

"Nine Dragons Roar at the Heavens!" Long Aotian roared and his nine dragons returned to his manifestation. Nine dragon marks began to flow on top of his spear.

"Fuck your damn heavens. I’ll make you cry today." Evilmoon’s voice was ice-cold. The black qi around it suddenly solidified, and its blade became white like the sharp tooth of a beast.

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