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Chapter: 2686

Leader of the Sea Demons

Chapter 2686 Leader of the Sea Demons

Evilmoon slashed onto Long Aotian’s dragon spear, causing an explosion that darkened the entire world. As a result, people’s ears buzzed and their senses were flipped. It was as if the entire world was thrown into chaos.

Long Aotian spat out blood. This dragon spear made of immortal gold from a higher plane was actually damaged by Evilmoon. There was now a cut in it, and he was sent smashing into the sea.

Long Aotian’s parents’ expressions completely changed. Evilmoon had fully undone its seal, allowing it to unleash apocalyptic power.

Most shocking of all was that Evilmoon was clearly an incredibly evil divine weapon, and yet despite having no restrictions on it, it was still willing to allow Long Chen to use it.

"Hahaha, that was satisfying! Again!"

Evilmoon cried out excitedly. Its chains had been destroyed, so its power was no longer suppressed by anything.

After being suppressed for so long, Evilmoon finally regained its freedom. Hence, it needed to vent its emotions.

While slashing Evilmoon, Long Chen chased after Long Aotian who was covered in blood. With no other choice but to defend, Long Aotian’s rainbow blood and nine dragons suddenly transformed into a net flying toward Long Chen.

"Insignificant trick. Keep dreaming!" Evilmoon slashed through the air, and this net created from Heavenly Dao energy shattered on contact, transforming into runes.

Long Aotian was shocked. That was one of his top techniques that had trapped countless experts. He hadn’t been hoping for it to kill Long Chen, but it should at least stall Long Chen and give him some breathing room.

This move might have been effective before, but now that Evilmoon’s seal was undone, its dark energy was capable of devouring all kinds of energy. Hence, this move was useless against it.

"Bastard!" Long Aotian clenched his teeth. Feeling desperate, he stabbed his dragon spear at Long Chen.


The sea exploded and Long Aotian was sent smashing further into the depths of the sea. The seawater burst into the sky.

After pushing Long Aotian deeper and deeper, the two of them quickly reached the bottom of the sea.

Long Aotian’s expression changed because they had reached the bottom of the sea. This was the headquarters of the sea demon race, and there were countless constructions down below that had set up large formations.

"Go!" Long Chen shouted and increased his power, not giving Long Aotian any chance to react. Just like that, he slammed Long Aotian into the sea demon race’s grand formation.


A giant barrier of light was instantly pierced by Long Aotian. As a result, he coughed up more blood, and the two of them began fighting within the headquarters of the sea demon race.

Long Aotian went crazy with rage, as Long Chen was actually using him as a weapon. Breaking through that barrier had cost his Nine Dragons Devour the Heavens Diagram to use up a huge amount of Heavenly Dao energy. Although he was just borrowing this Heavenly Dao energy, as the conduit, this sudden loss came at an immense backlash to his own body. This damage was even worse than a physical wound.

In this area, there were countless immortal caves, and Long Aotian smashed into one of the mountains, causing it to shatter. As a result, countless sea demons that were hiding inside were blasted to bits, and the sea rapidly turned red.

"Sea demon race, didn’t you want to take my karmic luck pearl? Well, here I am to give it to you!" shouted Long Chen. He kicked Long Aotian that had just crawled out of the wreckage.

Long Aotian was like a cannonball blasted through the mountains behind him, killing countless sea demons.

The Nine Dragons Devour the Heavens Diagram behind him contained the will of the Heavenly Daos. Hence, it automatically protected its master, drawing out Heavenly Dao energy to protect him when he smashed into those mountains.

At this moment, the sea demons met with calamity as Heavenly Dao energy ran rampant along with the power of heavenly tribulation here. After all, they were still in the midst of the tribulation, so the power of heavenly tribulation was still baptizing them. Anyone else struck by that power was instantly killed.


Suddenly, the seafloor exploded. An elder with a bone trident flew out and actually attacked Long Chen. This was a mid Heaven Merging expert with an aura like a mountain.

However, that elder was killed with a random swing of his saber, surprising Long Chen as well. When had he gotten so strong that even mid Heaven Merging experts could be killed with a wave of his hand?

Although he was no longer afraid of mid Heaven Merging experts, he knew that fighting them would not be considered effortless.

"The heavenly tribulation is still present. The Heavenly Daos will strip them of their cultivation bases, forcing them to the initial Heaven Merging realm, the same realm as you. Don’t mess around and focus on killing. After being sealed for so long, I’ve long since grown thirsty," shouted Evilmoon.

Hearing that, Long Chen instantly became unbridled. He swung Evilmoon through the air, killing countless sea demons.

Many of those sea demons had reached the Heaven Merging realm, but they were unable to bear a single blow from Long Chen.

"Run! He has the laws of the Heavenly Daos around him. We can’t get close to him!" shouted an old sea demon with a golden crown on his head.

He had noticed the clues. At this moment, Long Chen was unrivaled by any of them. Anyone who got close to him would have their cultivation base suppressed to the same level as him. Moreover, their numbers couldn’t help them either.

"It seems that you’re the head of this place?" Long Chen’s eyes lit up when he saw that elder. His aura was quite astonishing, probably around the same level as the Lord Venerate of the divine families.

That elder’s expression instantly changed, so he transformed into a giant sea serpent and fled.

"Get back here!" barked Long Chen. His black qi wriggled and transformed into a giant dragon tail behind him. Like a bolt of lightning, he shot after that elder of the sea demons.

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