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Chapter: 2687

Bloody Massacre of the Sea Demons

Chapter 2687 Bloody Massacre of the Sea Demons

That dragon tail was not Long Chen’s magical art but Evilmoon’s support. At this moment, dark runes transformed into the dragon tail and propelled Long Chen forward like a bolt of lightning. He caught up to the elder in almost an instant.

Long Chen immediately slashed his saber, sending that elder flying. The bone trident in his hands was sliced apart.

"It really is true." This confirmed that the elder was suppressed by the Heavenly Daos. Originally, Long Chen had been a bit worried, but now he was at ease. "Old ghost, you were the one who sneak attacked me before. Taste my blade!"

The dragon tail behind Long Chen pushed him forward once more, allowing him to reach the elder in the blink of an eye.

Upon seeing this, the elder’s expression changed, and he took out a white tortoise shell. This was an amazing treasure emitting ancient air.


However, in front of Evilmoon, it wasn’t worth a single fart. With one blow, it splintered and broke apart. As a result, the elder coughed up a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the other sea demons began to charge at Long Chen. This elder was the demon emperor of the sea demon race, their strongest expert. If Long Chen killed him, the sea demon race would be doomed.

Evilmoon slashed through the air, killing tens of thousands of sea demons with every blow. Blood and limbs filled the sea. However, they continued crazily assaulting Long Chen, giving that elder some time to escape.

"What a group of idiots. If you knew this day would come, would you still make the same choices as before? Today, I’ll erase the sea demon race from this world." Long Chen repeatedly swung Evilmoon, unleashing giant saber-images that tore through the sea demons regardless of their cultivation base. No one could stop him.

Long Chen had no mercy for the sea demon race. He had come here with the determination to eradicate them. Just like the Corrupt path, they were traitors to the Martial Heaven Continent.


Long Chen’s arms suddenly shuddered. Long Aotian had finally returned after his break. It was unknown if it was because he had found a chance to counterattack or if he was trying to save that elder of the sea demon race.

"Scram!" Long Chen gripped Evilmoon with both hands and sent the elder flying.

After that, Long Chen shot after the elder like a furious arrow. No sea demon was able to stop him.

As a result, the elder had a panicked expression as he fled. Meanwhile, countless sea demons flocked over but were unable to stop Long Chen, who was like a bloodthirsty devil king. With every blink of an eye, tens of thousands of sea demons were killed.

This place was the headquarters of the sea demon race, their very heart. Hence, those that were gathered here were their greatest experts, but they were like chives being reaped by Long Chen.

As Long Chen fought beneath the sea, the experts above continued to watch through formations that projected what was happening down below. The sea turned red, and countless corpses floated up onto the surface.

"Boss, wipe out the sea demon race! Remove this scourge for us!" shouted Guo Ran so excitedly that it was like he was the one fighting down below.

In his opinion, the sea demon race was constantly courting death. They had found trouble for Long Chen multiple times and had never learned their lesson. Instead, the conflict just intensified to the point that they had stolen his karmic luck pearl.

Now they had done it. They had finally succeeded in courting death. As Long Chen was undergoing his tribulation here, heaven and earth were sealed along with the depths of the sea. They couldn’t even run and were like tortoises trapped in a jar.

"Dragon woman, your family’s about to be slaughtered. Even if you don’t go help, you should let out a few tears to express your filial piety," snickered Guo Ran.

The dragon woman was ashen, but she didn’t reply to Guo Ran, only quietly watching Long Chen kill the experts of the sea demon race. It was unknown whether she didn’t dare to go help or if she simply didn’t wish to.


Suddenly, a powerful explosion came from the bottom of the sea. Long Aotian was sent flying by a blow from Long Chen. Right now, he was no longer a match for Long Chen and was only able to disturb him.

Long Chen chased after that elder. Seeing a giant altar up ahead, he suddenly realized something.

However, there were too many sea demons here, and they were all coming to stop him. He was killing and killing, but he couldn’t kill them all, so Long Chen only watched as the elder charged onto the altar.

There, he slapped his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood onto the altar. In that instant, he aged a great deal as if his longevity had been stripped away.

Suddenly, a terrifying power rose from beneath the earth, and Long Chen’s heart shuddered. As a bad feeling rose inside of him, he immediately fled to the sky.

However, it seemed that Long Aotian had long since anticipated this result and had fled long before him. As for the sea demons down below, they were lost, not knowing what had just happened.

The earth crumbled, revealing golden light that exterminated everything touched by it. The billions of sea demons that Long Chen hadn’t killed yet were blown apart by that golden light.

"The Heaven Devastating Bracelet!"

Long Chen’s heart shuddered as he recognized that aura. It was like a sinister curse suffocating the Martial Heaven Continent’s life, a bracelet forcing it to decline and wither.

At this moment, the seafloor exploded, unleashing a huge tsunami. Through the golden light, he saw a huge chunk of immortal gold.

Although it was just one tiny part, it was enough to make him suffocate. That million-mile surface seemed to just be the tip of the iceberg.

Now Long Chen had seen the legends behind the origin of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, which said that a giant bracelet had smashed into the continent and created it.

Although Long Chen was retreating quickly, that terrifying light quickly caught up to him. As for that elder, he seemed crazy. "Die!"

He had sacrificed so many experts of his race. Activating the Heaven Devastating Bracelet had killed them, but he considered it worth it if he could drag down Long Chen as well.

Long Chen was devoured by that terrifying golden light, causing countless hearts to clench.

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