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Chapter: 2689

Three Eyed Ghost Mastiff

Chapter 2689 Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff

The bronze cauldron was one of the five supreme divine items, the Central Plains Cauldron. Its very existence shook the world.

The Central Plains Cauldron smashed into the heavenly barrier surrounding the tribulation and instantly pierced through it.


Daoist Heavenly Feather suddenly sent a transmission to Ye Zhiqiu. The Northern Source Sword in Ye Zhiqiu’s hand flew toward Daoist Heavenly Feather.

"Slow down."

Just as Daoist Heavenly Feather was about to interfere, the High Priest stopped her.


Daoist Heavenly Feather was startled. That was the Central Plains Cauldron! No matter how strong Long Chen was, he couldn’t possibly endure an attack from it.

"It still isn’t the time." The High Priest shook his head.

Just at this moment, the Central Plains Cauldron smashed toward Long Chen, leaving a long black tail in the void where it passed, stunning people.

"Don’t be afraid. Just kill it. Who cares about some supreme divine item?" said Evilmoon arrogantly. It was as if it had returned to its era of not fearing the heavens or earth.

Hearing that, Long Chen felt greater confidence. He had never been afraid of battle. It was as if he was born to live for battle.

Facing the Central Plains Cauldron, Long Chen wasn’t worried for himself. He had only been worried that Evilmoon would be injured. But since it was fearless, he was also fearless. He raised Evilmoon and unleashed a full-power slash.


The entire world shuddered when Evilmoon slashed the Central Plains Cauldron. At this moment, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring exploded, unleashing pillars of water into the heavens and piercing the spatial walls of the world.

"Not good!" The surrounding experts cried out in alarm. Just those water pillars contained terrifying power.

Suddenly, a sharp blade swept through the void, cutting through the water pillars and turning them into ice pillars that sank back into the sea.

Everyone sighed with relief and cast a grateful glance at Daoist Heavenly Feather. If it weren’t for her, it was unknown how many people would have died just now.

They hastily returned their focus to the heavenly tribulation. At this moment, Long Chen was being forced back by the Central Plains Cauldron. The void beneath his feet was constantly exploding as it pressed him.

Long Chen’s full-strength attack was only able to stop the majority of the Central Plains Cauldron’s power. However, the excess power was forcing him to retreat.

"He received it…" People were shocked and relieved that Long Chen had managed to receive the attack of one of the five supreme divine items.

Just as Long Chen was being forced back by the Central Plains Cauldron, five figures suddenly attacked at the same time.

Long Aotian had gotten a chance to breathe and had rapidly recovered. Hence, he attacked without hesitation, his dragon spear piercing toward Long Chen.

At the same time, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the dragon woman, and Ye Ming also stopped watching. Without even thinking about it, they also attacked Long Chen.

The power that Long Chen had displayed so far made them feel fear. As this was their best chance to eliminate him, they couldn’t let it slip by.

All of Long Chen’s power was currently focused on stopping the Central Plains Cauldron. If he switched to blocking their attacks, he would be instantly wiped out by the Central Plains Cauldron.

"Despicable!" The Dragonblood warriors roared furiously. Five peak experts from different powers were actually joining forces against Long Chen in this moment of crisis.

However, at this moment, an arrow suddenly appeared in front of Long Aotian. It was only three inches from his face before he sensed it.

Startled, he slammed his palm against that arrow. It then exploded, shaking his arm.

After his long and intense fight against Long Chen and adding on all his injuries, his physical power was no longer at its peak. Even his control over the world’s energy had been gravely affected.

As for Mo Nian, he was in his peak condition, and that arrow contained the essence of all his life’s comprehension. Hence, Long Aotian was forced back.

Just as Long Chen fell into a crisis, it wasn’t just Mo Nian who took action. The white-robed Yun Tian also appeared in front of the Alldevil Heavenwalker, forcing the latter back.

Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, Ximen Tianxiong, and Hu Feng all made their moves. They did not allow these attacks to reach Long Chen.

The die behind Hu Feng was originally spinning rapidly, but it suddenly came to a stop. After that, four spots appeared on the side facing the heavens.

Hu Feng formed hand seals and murmured something. At the next moment, those four spots unleashed four pillars of light into the sky, and a giant spatial gate appeared there.

After that, the spatial gate cracked and exploded. A giant claw reached out with the aura of another world toward the dragon woman.


The dragon woman was forced back and then stared in shock at the sky. The void was cracking and breaking apart as a giant figure came out of the gate.

"My luck wasn’t very good. I only summoned a Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff. But it should be no problem to hold you back," said Hu Feng.

What he had summoned was a giant black mastiff, and its claws were like tusks. Although its cultivation base seemed to be around the initial Heaven Merging realm, it was extremely terrifying.

The dragon woman felt a cold sensation. This mastiff’s third eye in particular gave her a sense of death.

At this moment, Hu Feng jumped onto the mastiff’s head. Forming hand seals, he closed his eyes and sat down.

The Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff suddenly unleashed a heaven-shaking roar. It shot toward the dragon woman like a bolt of black lightning.

"Leave this dragon woman to me." Hu Feng’s voice resounded throughout heaven and earth.

"All you did was summon some monster from another world! You dare to be so arrogant?!" raged the dragon woman. In her eyes, Hu Feng was nothing more than a minor character. Yet, he dared to think of blocking her.

She transformed into a black dragon, and her sharp claws raked through the air.

Their claws clashed and both exploded, filling the air with blood.

The dragon woman was startled. This strange Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff actually had an incredibly powerful physical body, one that was not at all inferior to hers. In her fury, she began a tempest of attacks, so one dragon and one mastiff started to exchange vicious blows.

As Hu Feng fought the dragon woman, Yun Tian held back the Blood Fiend Devil Lord and the Alldevil Heavenwalker on his own. As for Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and Ximen Tianxiong, they attacked Ye Ming together.

Seeing their opportunity come, Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen stealthily approached Long Chen with their weapons, waiting to launch a fatal blow when the opportunity struck.

Just as they moved, a lithe figure blocked their path. When they saw who it was, they were surprised and angered.

"Feng Fei, what are you doing?! Do you wish to betray the divine families?!" raged Ye Liangchen.

The one blocking them was precisely one of the divine families’ four Sovereign sprouts, Feng Fei.

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