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Chapter: 2691

Undying Body

Chapter 2691 Undying Body

"He was killed?"

"No, his blood…!"

People immediately sensed something off. Even once Long Aotian exploded, it was just a mist of red blood, not rainbow blood.

At this moment, Long Aotian’s figure quickly reappeared within his manifestation, his face pale.

His aura had clearly dropped a great deal. Furthermore, one of the nine dragons within his manifestation had vanished.

"What’s going on? Does he have an undying body?"

Startled cries rang out. They had clearly seen Long Aotian be killed by Long Chen, but he was reborn within his manifestation. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

"The nine dragon spirits can die in your place? But that’s fine, I’ll just kill you nine times."

Long Chen snorted. Just as Long Aotian was killed, his body switched places with one of the dragons in his manifestation. His manifestation was truly heaven-defying.

The diagram within the manifestation vanished, however, there still remained a bud. In other words, as long as Long Aotian was given enough time, that giant dragon would be reborn. It could be said that Long Aotian had another kind of undying body, one even more terrifying than Zhao Ritian’s undying body.

However, there was nothing in this world that truly couldn’t die. Long Chen was still confident in killing him.

Long Chen pounced on Long Aotian, once more slashing his saber. In his weakened state, Long Aotian could only block, and as a result, his body once more exploded.

His body then reformed again within his manifestation, and the eight dragons in his manifestation were reduced to seven.

Long Chen was like a phantom, appearing in front of Long Aotian once more, not giving him any chance of escaping. With another slash, Long Aotian blasted apart once more. Only six dragons remained.

In just a breath’s time, Long Aotian was killed three times. People were stunned by Long Aotian’s manifestation but even more amazed by Long Chen’s power. Who cared if you had nine lives? He would still cut you down one time after another. In the end, you would still die.

"Save me!" cried out Long Aotian. He was finally terrified. Even with nine lives, he wouldn’t last much longer.

Furthermore, with the death of every dragon, his power dropped. He didn’t even have any ability to dodge from Long Chen’s lock now. Once his nine lives were used up, he would truly die.

"Long Qifeng, you useless trash, save my son! Otherwise, I’ll definitely kill you!" shouted Long Aotian’s mother upon seeing her son in such a crisis.

Long Qifeng was rapidly forming hand seals, but the Central Plains Cauldron seemed to have already escaped his control. He was sweating.

Seeing his son in such desperate straits, he had no other choice but to shout, "Long Chen, as long as you let off Aotian, I’ll tell you where your parents are! They aren’t dead! But if I don’t tell you, you’ll never find them in this lifetime!"

In the face of this bait, Long Chen seemed deaf. It was Evilmoon who responded by blasting apart Long Aotian’s body. Now that Long Aotian only had five dragons in his manifestation, even his aura was growing unstable.

Long Chen sneered, "What, does it hurt? How does it feel to have your flesh and blood slaughtered by others? When you raised your blade against me, did you think about my parents’ feelings? There are always idiots like you who think themselves supreme, and so they have no respect for other people’s lives. Today, I’ll make you feel the pain you put my parents through."

Long Chen’s expression grew frightening, veins throbbing on his forehead. Suddenly, he stopped slashing his saber and slapped Long Aotian’s face instead. But in his current state, Long Aotian was no longer a match for Long Chen, so half his face exploded.

After that, Long Chen grabbed Long Aotian’s throat. And with his other hand, he pulled off Long Aotian’s arm. Long Chen’s methods were specialized to make Long Aotian endure the greatest pain possible.

"People need to know what respect is, in karmic retribution."

Long Chen tore off Long Aotian’s other arm and then both of his legs.

The current Long Aotian seemed as weak as a chicken in Long Chen’s hand now. All he could do was scream.

"Long Chen, release my son! I agree to any of your conditions!" shouted Long Aotian’s mother.

"I want the lives of everyone in your damn family. Will you give me that condition?" Long Chen looked at her sinisterly and then stabbed his hand through Long Aotian’s chest. Long Aotian let out his most twisted scream.

Considering that Long Aotian was a supreme expert who cared greatly about dignity, it could only be said that this pain was clearly not something a human could endure if it caused him to scream so wildly.

"Long Chen, your parents’ lives are in my hands! Release my son!" roared Long Aotian’s mother.

"Idiot, no one can lie in front of me. You really are naive," sneered Long Chen.

He cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art and was extremely sensitive to other people’s good or bad intentions. It wasn’t so easy for someone to lie to him. After hearing this, Long Chen reached into Long Aotian’s body and crushed his vertebra one by one.


Suddenly, Long Aotian exploded. That wasn’t due to Long Chen but to escape. He reappeared again in his manifestation.

However, Long Chen was already standing in front of him. A hand that caused him despair struck him in the face.

As a result, Long Aotian’s newly formed body instantly exploded. After being killed and reborn so many times, his aura had plummeted to the point that he couldn’t even endure a slap from Long Chen.

"Long Chen, you little half-breed!"

Long Qifeng suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood that condensed into a chain around him. His aura instantly plummeted from the late Heaven Merging realm to the mid Heaven Merging realm.

The Central Plains Cauldron shuddered and emitted a ray of light that enveloped Long Aotian. He then appeared beside Long Qifeng’s side.

Long Qifeng had made a huge sacrifice, causing his realm to lower in order to forcibly control the Central Plains Cauldron into sending Long Aotian out. Also, this sacrifice was permanent. At his age, there was no way he could restore his realm to its old height. In other words, his cultivation path had come to an end.

"Long Chen, I, Long Qifeng, swear that if I don’t kill you-!"

Just as Long Qifeng was cursing Long Chen, the light that had sent Long Aotian out pulled back and dragged Long Qifeng into the heavenly tribulation.

Long Qifeng was dumbfounded. After that, he saw Long Chen just a few feet from him for a brief moment before a large hand covered his vision.

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