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Chapter: 2692

After Beating the Son Beat the Dad

Chapter 2692 After Beating the Son, Beat the Dad

Long Chen also didn’t know why Long Qifeng had suddenly come in, but with his face right there, Long Chen instinctively swung his hand.

As a result, Long Qifeng was struck cleanly in the face and coughed up blood. He was like a gyroscope spinning away.

He then smashed into the heavenly barrier and was flung back. His cultivation base had been suppressed to the initial Heaven Merging realm.

"What is going on?!" Long Qifeng stared in terror at Long Chen and then also stared in confusion at the Central Plains Cauldron.

He had used a secret technique to reduce his own cultivation base in order to force the Central Plains Cauldron to send Long Aotian out. But how could he be drawn in?

"I didn’t realize that you had some guts. You even sacrificed your own life to save your son. You’re at least a bit better than an animal." Long Chen stepped toward Long Qifeng, not knowing why the latter was here. But his panicked expression clearly showed that it was an accident.

The current Long Qifeng was now reduced to the initial Heaven Merging realm. In this place, he was no threat to Long Chen.

"What is going on?!" roared Long Qifeng with a sobbing tone.

"I heard that you were the number two genius of the divine families back then, ranked only behind my father? Thank you for the pointers." Long Chen slashed Evilmoon down on him.

Long Qifeng was absolutely horrified. Only upon entering the scope of this heavenly tribulation did he gain a true sense of how terrifying Long Chen was. Hence, this crushing pressure made him feel despair. Long Chen was even more terrifying than the Long Zhantian of back then.


Long Qifeng’s sword shattered along with his arm. Hacking up blood, he tumbled back.

As Long Chen was too powerful, the current Long Qifeng didn’t even have the power to retaliate. In the same realm, he was practically an ant.

At this moment, Long Qifeng formed hand seals and spat out more blood, once more condensing the same blood chains he had used to control the Central Plains Cauldron.

The Central Plains Cauldron had been refined by him for many years, so he had a definite level of control over it. Using his essence blood to control it and send him out of this heavenly tribulation was his only hope of surviving. If he stayed here, his only fate would be to be killed by Long Chen. In fact, a quick death would be a dream.

The Central Plains Cauldron buzzed. Suddenly, a majestic voice rang out. "Many thanks for the years you spent nourishing me with your essence blood. You let me recover quite a bit."

The Central Plains Cauldron had spoken, surprising everyone.

"If you want to thank me, why would you con me like this?! Send me out!" Long Qifeng was also startled at the Central Plains Cauldron’s awakening. He had a bad feeling.

"I didn’t con you. Although you used your essence blood to nourish me, it was also to control my slumbering self. You had your own sinister intentions, but I still owed you a debt for this. Thus, I sent your son out to return this favor. Now we owe each other nothing," said the Central Plains Cauldron indifferently.

Now everyone came to a sudden understanding. So the Central Plains Cauldron had sent out Long Aotian due to karma.

"What nonsense! You’ve clearly conned me! Send me out!" roared Long Qifeng. He was green with terror. Long Chen was walking toward him.

"Sorry, but I’m not the one who brought you in here. You were brought in by the heavenly tribulation due to interfering in the karma of the tribulation. It has nothing to do with me," said the Central Plains Cauldron.

"Bastard!" Long Qifeng cursed. At this moment, more and more blood chains condensed and streamed toward the Central Plains Cauldron. He was sacrificing a huge amount of essence blood to control it.

"The Heavenly Divine Blood Curse truly is powerful, but when I find a new master, this blood curse will be useless." The Central Plains Cauldron suddenly emitted a ray of light that swept through Yun Tian and the others, as if it was appraising them.

"You want to choose a master? Am I not the best option? Let us work together." Mo Nian immediately jumped forward.

Light swept through Mo Nian, but the Central Plains Cauldron hesitatingly said, "Your character isn’t steady enough, and you look a bit wretched…"

"Senior, senior, let us discuss this! My character can be changed! As for looks, my parents passed those on to me so I can’t change them. I’ll wear a mask! What kind of character do you want? What kind of mask should I wear? Senior, take a look, we clearly have a destiny, truly…!" Mo Nian went on a long rant. Just how glorious would it be to be the master of one of the five supreme divine items?

"Fine, I don’t have the time to find someone better. I’ll accept you. But let me first say, if we don’t mesh well, I’ll choose someone else," said the Central Plains Cauldron helplessly.

Perhaps Mo Nian wasn’t the one it wanted, but it needed to escape Long Qifeng’s Heavenly Divine Blood Curse. Hence, with no better choices, it accepted Mo Nian.

The Central Plains Cauldron focused its light on Mo Nian. As a result, Mo Nian’s clothes exploded, and his flesh was left a bloody mess. It was like countless maggots were burrowing into his body. The pain twisted his face, but he endured it without saying a word.

Due to having seen Wilde accepting the Western Desert Ax, Mo Nian was mentally prepared for this. Moreover, in order to show off how heroic he was, he didn’t even frown.

"Not bad. You’re pretty tough." The Central Plains Cauldron was satisfied with this reaction.

Long Qifeng panicked. Those maggots were actually the Heavenly Divine Blood Curse. The Central Plains Cauldron had transmitted it to Mo Nian.

This curse was only for use against divine items. On the body of a human, other than causing some pain, it didn’t have any threat.

Long Qifeng’s hand seals changed, but just at that moment, a hand slapped him across the face, sending him flying back.

After that, his arms were severed with a slash of Long Chen’s saber. This way, he wouldn’t be able to interrupt this process.

A thought finally arose in Long Qifeng’s heart: It’s over.

Long Chen grabbed his throat and raised him up.

"Speak. Where are my parents?"

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