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Chapter: 2693

Karmic Flames Incinerate the Yuan Spirit

Chapter 2693 Karmic Flames Incinerate the Yuan Spirit

Long Qifeng was caught in Long Chen’s hand. The divine families’ experts, especially those belonging to the Long family, all had ugly expressions. Only Elder Long, hidden amongst the crowd, still had a calm expression. He looked at Long Qifeng’s terror with a touch of disdain.

Long Aotian was ashen. Heavenly Dao energy circulated as he did his best to recover as fast as possible. However, he didn’t say a word even though his father was in Long Chen’s hands.

As for his mother, she didn’t even glance at Long Qifeng. She had her hands on Long Aotian’s back and was helping him recover. It seemed that she only cared about her son and not her husband.

Killing intent raged in Long Chen’s eyes. He wanted to crush Long Qifeng right now, but that would be letting him off too lightly.

This bastard had split up his family. Now it was unknown where his parents were, or if they were even still alive.

In comparison, Long Chen was much more fortunate. Although his Spirit Root, Spirit Bone, and Spirit Blood were taken, at least he didn’t remember that occurring. That pain was forgotten. By the time he started to form memories, he was blessed and already brought up by his adoptive parents. Mrs. Long had given all her motherly love to him, viewing him as more important than her own life.

However, what about his biological parents? They had lost their son after learning that his Spirit Root, Spirit Bone, and Spirit Blood were excavated. Perhaps they were tormented with every passing day.

As he thought of that, the vein on his forehead almost popped. He almost clenched Long Qifeng to death.

"Unless… you swear… to release me after I tell you… I…" Long Qifeng still continued with his final struggle despite knowing that he was definitely dead.

As a result, Evilmoon stabbed through his chest. Following that, countless hooks grew out of Evilmoon and pierced throughout his body.


Long Qifeng screamed. This was a torture from the dark evil dragon race. Even Evilmoon couldn’t bear it and helped Long Chen.

"If you want to know, you have to release me! Otherwise… you will never find your parents! AH!"

Long Qifeng managed to spit out some final words before continuing to scream. At this moment, blood was pouring out of his orifices, and even his eyes popped out. It was as if he had already exploded.

"Long Chen, if you’re a man, then come at me!" roared Long Aotian from outside the heavenly tribulation.

"Cowardly trash. If you have the guts, come into the heavenly tribulation and save your father. Don’t bray like a donkey," sneered Guo Ran.

Long Aotian’s act was far too fake. Even now, he acted like he was filled with righteous indignation for others to see.

"Shut up!" cursed Long Aotian. Guo Ran’s words had struck him right where it hurt. Although he had been pulled out of the heavenly tribulation, lightning still flickered around him. His heavenly tribulation hadn’t come to an end. Others couldn’t enter the heavenly tribulation, but he could because his tribulation wasn’t over.

Now that his act was exposed, countless people sneered at him. "Your father’s going to be killed and you’re just going to watch?"

"His father? Maybe not. Look at that woman’s expression. It’s clear that he isn’t someone so important."

"What a good family. They must have been drawn together by fate. How else could there be a family of such complete trash?"

Long Chen was a truly unrivaled hero who had risked his life countless times for those he cared about. In comparison, Long Aotian simply wailed while his father’s life was in someone else’s hands. That hypocritical shouting was truly contemptuous. He wasn’t even a man.

Although Long Aotian was powerful, his character was trash. This was many people’s first time seeing such trash in their lifetime, disgusting them. Their impression of the divine families also changed.

"If you don’t swear, I won’t speak! I have a Heavenly Dao seal on my soul! Don’t even think about gaining the information from my soul!" Long Qifeng was no longer able to speak and could only communicate spiritually. This was his last hope.

"You bastard, you split up my family for so many years, yet you think you can live after making us endure all that pain? I was thinking of giving you a quick death if you spoke the truth, but you’ve really disappointed me."

Long Chen suddenly stabbed his finger through Long Qifeng’s forehead, digging out a three-inch miniature version of him. That was his Yuan Spirit.

Long Qifeng’s physical body was being controlled. He could have destroyed his physical body and escaped with his Yuan Spirit in that case, but he hadn’t done so. That was because this was within the heavenly tribulation. A Yuan Spirit was even weaker than a physical body and wouldn’t be able to break out of the barrier of the heavenly tribulation.

Long Qifeng howled, "Long Chen, you unfilial trash, you don’t even want news about your parents?! Are you a brute?! Do you want to bear the name of such disgrace for the rest of your life?!"

However, Long Qifeng’s body exploded with a kick from Long Chen. Flames burst into existence within Long Chen’s hand, wrapping around Long Qifeng’s Yuan Spirit.


Long Qifeng let out a miserable scream, and it was hair-raising like a devil’s wail.

"These flames came from Purgatory. They’re karmic hell flames. I’ve heard that all the evil that you’ve done to people will come to burn you. The more evil you’ve done, the more painful it will be. Let’s see if that’s true," said Long Chen indifferently.

Karmic flames reached deep into a person’s soul. The more bad things that someone had done, the more terror they would feel in front of these flames. That terror would then become fuel for the karmic flames to burn even hotter.

However, Leng Yueyan had also warned him about this effect. He could use these flames against enemies, but he couldn’t use them to force out the truth, or it would invoke karma.

Yet, Long Chen didn’t care about this warning when it came to Long Qifeng. He wanted to see the latter in pain. He wanted him to taste the price for his sins.

"Release me… release me… I’ll tell you…" Long Qifeng finally couldn’t endure it any longer. "Your mother has a huge background… We couldn’t touch her, so we sent her away. Your father committed grave sins, but due to his outstanding talent, he was sent to the divine world to be imprisoned. Neither of them died… AHH! Release me! I can’t hold on any longer!"

"Bullshit! The Martial Heaven Continent has been cut off from the divine world. How could they still be sent over?!" demanded Long Chen.

"The divine families… are the Martial Heaven Continent’s… protectors… We have the prerogative to… AHH!"

Suddenly, Long Chen was startled, and he hastily dispersed the flames. But it was too late. Long Qifeng’s Yuan Spirit had been fully incinerated.

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