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Chapter: 2694

The Laws of Hell

Chapter 2694 The Laws of Hell

"He died?"

Long Chen was dumbfounded, not expecting the karmic hell flames to kill Long Qifeng. He hadn’t added any power to it, but Long Qifeng still died.

Moreover, the instant Long Qifeng died, Long Chen’s soul was wracked with pain. It was as if he was burning; his Yuan Spirit quivered.

"The backlash of the karmic flames?" Long Chen was confused.

"This isn’t a backlash but karma. You used the laws of the underworld, so your karma has been recorded. Be careful. With this karma planted, it will one day be reaped. Be prepared," said Evilmoon.

Long Chen had a vague, very bad feeling about this. It was as if something had set its gaze on him.

Long Qifeng’s Yuan Spirit had vanished. This behemoth of the divine families died just like that.

With his death, Long Chen’s resentment finally had a slight release. At least, one ringleader had paid the price for that matter back then. But this was just a start.

At this moment, Long Chen turned to Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen. The two of them instantly turned pale.

Despite all the fighting Long Chen had done, he still remained sharp. It was as if he was in his peak condition, as if his power was limitless. When he looked at them, they shivered in terror. They knew they weren’t Long Aotian. There was also no one to control the Central Plains Cauldron and save them.

"You should thank her. Otherwise, you two would be following Long Qifeng," said Long Chen coldly.

They truly had benefited from Feng Fei. By stopping the two of them, she had saved their lives. Long Chen couldn’t find a good reason to kill them although he truly disliked them.

Feng Fei looked at Long Chen with a somewhat complicated expression. She firmly said, "Long Chen, I didn’t do this to help you. It was merely to protect the divine families’ dignity. The divine families are most likely fated to be enemies with you, so let me make this clear to you. Even if you let us off this time, I will still take your life without hesitation next time. I won’t have mercy."

Feng Fei was surprisingly tough. When Long Chen was in trouble, she didn’t add to it. Now that Long Chen’s power soared, she didn’t try currying favor.

"A favor for a favor. Although you’re foolish, at least you’re better than the other four trashes. At least you know the difference between gratitude and enmity. I won’t kill them to return this favor to you, so we owe each other nothing. If we are enemies in the future, no one will have mercy on the other," said Long Chen.

Hearing that Long Chen wasn’t going to kill them, Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen relaxed. A heavy stone fell from their hearts. However, they still acted furious, clearly in an attempt to cover up their fear.

Feng Fei withdrew to the edge of the heavenly barrier, expressing that she wouldn’t disturb Long Chen. Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen followed her.

The Ye and Zhao family heads also sighed with relief. Ye Liangchen and Jiang Wuchen had essentially regained control of their lives.

Long Chen was simply too terrifying. Long Aotian was already so incredibly powerful, but he had still been defeated by Long Chen. Long Chen was simply the strongest monster.



Suddenly, the void exploded. The Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff that Hu Feng had summoned transformed into runes. It didn’t have a true body of flesh and blood.

At this moment, the dragon woman looked at Long Chen and then fled into the sea.

Long Chen slashed his saber, sealing her path.

In return, the dragon woman swung her dragon bone whip, only for it to be severed by Evilmoon. The scales covering her body exploded.

"You wanted to take my karmic luck, so I’m sure you were prepared to be killed in exchange." Long Chen shot down after her. He was surprised that Hu Feng had been able to fight her for so long and had also weakened her a great deal. Since her aura was clearly no longer at its peak, that Three-Eyed Ghost Mastiff he had summoned must have been extremely powerful.

"You want to kill me?! Keep dreaming!" sneered the dragon woman. She had a cold smile despite being covered in blood.

Her blood suddenly began to glow, and a giant golden circle appeared behind her. The entire Martial Heaven Sea-Ring shuddered.

"The aura of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet. Could it be…"

Long Chen was startled. Was that demon emperor not the true controller of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet? It was this dragon woman?

As if responding to his guess, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring shuddered. Divine light shot out from the depths of the sea.

Long Chen’s expression changed. He hastily swung Evilmoon, only to strike nothing. The dragon woman’s figure became illusory.

"I am the inheritor of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet. As long as the Heaven Devastating Bracelet is not destroyed, I cannot die. You will never be able to kill me!" sneered the dragon woman as she vanished.

The inheritor of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet? Everyone’s expressions changed. Was this to say that she could control the Heaven Devastating Bracelet?

It had to be known that back then, the five supreme divine items had joined forces to fight the Heaven Devastating Bracelet. In the end, both sides were wounded. The Heaven Devastating Bracelet fell, smashing into the continent and creating the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring.

The leader of the five supreme divine items, the Eastern Wasteland Bell, was fractured and its whereabouts were unknown. The other four divine items were also badly wounded and had yet to recover even to this day.

If the dragon woman could awaken the Heaven Devastating Bracelet, then considering that the Eastern Wasteland Bell had yet to reappear, how could they face the Heaven Devastating Bracelet?

Everyone looked down into the sea and could see golden light rising from down below. It was as if they could see the Heaven Devastating Bracelet pulsing.

All of a sudden, the void shuddered. Looking back up, they saw that the Central Plains Cauldron had vanished.

"Could it be…"

"Hahaha!" Mo Nian raised his head and laughed. "I, Mo Nian, am now the master of the Central Plains Cauldron. Little newbies, go ahead and cry beneath your daddy Mo’s feet!"

"He succeeded!" The Dragonblood warriors were delighted by this. The Western Desert Ax had taken Wilde as master, and now the Central Plains Cauldron was Mo Nian’s. Meanwhile, the Southern Sea Zither was in Zi Yan’s hands, and the Northern Source Sword belonged to Ye Zhiqiu.

Now four of the five supreme divine items were in their hands. If all four of them could master these divine items, then even without the Eastern Wasteland Bell, they should have some ability to fight off the Heaven Devastating Bracelet.

Right now, the heaviness from the appearance of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet was instantly relieved upon thinking of how four of the supreme divine items were right beside them.


At this moment, the heavenly barrier shuddered and balls of light appeared. Mo Nian and the others were suddenly sent outside of the barrier.

"This is…"

Mo Nian and the others were startled; even the Pill Fairy and Wan Qing were sent out. Now all that remained within the barrier of the heavenly tribulation were the five Sovereigns and Long Chen.

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