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Chapter: 2695

Fighting the Sovereigns

Chapter 2695 Fighting the Sovereigns

"Has the time come?" Long Chen looked at the Sovereigns.

Sovereign Yun Shang nodded. "It’s much faster than what I anticipated. Furthermore, the scene that my Heavenly Fate Eyes foresaw hasn’t appeared. Everything has changed, becoming out of control. When my Heavenly Fate Eyes look into your past, I see mist. When I look to your future, I see chaos. We can no longer do much for you. This short revival due to your heavenly tribulation has allowed us to complete our life’s mission, so what comes next is up to you."

"I, Long Chen, am willing to fight to the last drop of blood for my family." Long Chen patted his chest.

He knew what Sovereign Yun Shang was saying. The latter was entrusting the life of the Martial Heaven Continent to him.

However, Long Chen was no Sovereign. He didn’t have the heart to care about those who didn’t believe in him or those who were his enemies. Those people’s life and death had nothing to do with him.

Sovereign Yun Shang seemed to understand this, but he didn’t say anything about it. With his white robes billowing, he appeared noble and majestic. "Time is up. We are going to attack. Are you prepared?"

Long Chen didn’t even have a chance to reply before Evilmoon howled, "Yun Shang, you bastard, come! I’ll kill you this time!"

Evilmoon had always had a grudge against Yun Shang. One moment’s carelessness had resulted in its current state.

Sovereign Yun Shang smiled. "That’s impossible. We are already dead. However, do you really hate me so much? If it weren’t for me, you would still be alone."

"Shut up. You really say too much. Come, Long Chen and I will defeat you today. No, we’ll defeat all five of you! Come, I’ll slay five Sovereigns today!" shouted Evilmoon.

"Hey, can you not brag so much? If we’re beaten like dogs in a bit, will your face not hurt?" transmitted Long Chen to Evilmoon.

Evilmoon was truly arrogant, to the point that even Long Chen got worried. He didn’t know where Evilmoon got this confidence. Long Chen almost told Evilmoon to go fight Yun Shang on its own.

"Coward. What are you afraid of? They’re in the same realm as you. If you can’t even beat them, how will you ascend to a higher plane to find your parents?" replied Evilmoon disdainfully.

"Alright, perhaps you’re right." Long Chen nodded and took a deep breath. The five Sovereigns represented the peak of the martial path in their eras. As long as he defeated them, he would stand at the utmost peak.

At this moment, Long Chen thought back to the mysterious person that had brought him to the Eastern Wastelands as a baby and entrusted him to Long Tianxiao. That person had left a warning not to look for his parents unless he stood at the peak of the martial path.

That mysterious person had even transformed himself into the Dao in order to sever all karma, making it impossible for anyone to track Long Chen down. He had sacrificed his very life to protect him.

Thinking of that, Long Chen understood that perhaps only by becoming a Sovereign would he be qualified to look for his parents. With Evilmoon’s reminder, he understood what it meant to stand at the peak of the martial path.

Right now, he only knew of the existence of his parents. The path to look for them would be filled with thorns. Perhaps it really was as Evilmoon said, and that without defeating the Sovereigns, it would be impossible to find them.

After thinking of that, Long Chen’s resolve strengthened. His black robes blew in the windless air, and a sharp aura began to rise. When the six stars in his divine ring flashed, a pillar of light soared into the sky.

"Even at this time, Long Chen is still in his peak state? Is he a demon?" People were stunned to find that Long Chen’s aura was still at its peak. Actually, it was even more explosive than at the start of the battle. His power seemed to be limitless.

Amongst the divine families, Long Aotian was rapidly recovering. His manifestation had been restored to seven dragons, which was shocking. If given another hour, his manifestation would be fully recovered and he would be in his peak state. That was the terror of the Nine Dragons Devour the Heavens Diagram. His manifestation rapidly devoured Heavenly Dao energy and gave him an undying body.

However, that was in theory. In truth, if he wanted to fully activate his manifestation, he had to use the combined power of his Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone.

However, his Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone were not fully his. There were some flaws with controlling them, resulting in a certain essence being consumed. This essence was rapidly depleted in a big fight.

If too much of this essence was depleted, it would affect the merger of his energy and cause his manifestation to become unstable. That was a large flaw.

Seeing Long Chen still in his peak condition even after such intense battles, Long Aotian was filled with jealousy. He viewed himself as the greatest genius. Even though he associated himself with Ye Liangchen and the others, he had never viewed them as real equals. He had always concealed himself to make sure that he didn’t expose his power.

He had originally thought that today, his fame would finally soar and he would shake the world beneath the heavens. However, he was defeated by Long Chen’s hands. Furthermore, this was a miserable defeat after he had taken Long Chen’s Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone.

It was like Long Chen was a mirror reflecting all his flaws and shortcomings, and then those flaws were magnified and shown to everyone. Compared to Long Chen, all his so-called pride was worthless. This defeat was truly a heavy one for him.

Just as Long Aotian was being driven crazy with jealousy, the Dragonblood warriors were cheering crazily in support of Long Chen.

"Boss will win!"

"Boss will win!"

"Boss will win!"

Following their cheers, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts began to shout as well.

"Long Chen will definitely win!"

The shouts of millions and millions of experts resounded through the air. The gates to the various worlds had been opened, and wars were going to crash upon them. Long Chen was the only hope for the Martial Heaven Continent.

Under this unprecedented pressure, everyone hoped for him to be able to defeat the five Sovereigns and become history’s strongest Sovereign. Only then could he possibly lead everyone to victory against the powerful enemies coming. Only then could they overcome the upcoming crisis.

Long Chen’s blood began to heat up as those cheers and encouragement rang in his ears. Facing the Sovereigns, he didn’t feel any fear, only a powerful battle intent.

"Sorry for the rudeness!"

Long Chen bowed slightly toward Sovereign Yun Shang, and then Evilmoon unleashed a heaven-shaking cry as it slashed downward. A black river of stars fell, cutting the world in two.

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