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Chapter: 2700

Ancestral Spirit Blood Offering

Chapter 2700 Ancestral Spirit Blood Offering

Four swords stabbed through Long Chen’s body, turning him into a hedgehog.

Everyone’s hearts stopped beating. How could this be? Victory had clearly been in sight. Was it still a failure in the end?

However, Sovereign Qing Xu slowly let go. With a slight smile to Long Chen, he faded away along with Sovereign Mo Li and Sovereign Zi Yan. As they vanished, they had gratified smiles.

Sovereign Han Wei looked at Long Chen with a sad smile. "Now do you understand? My good brother, goodbye… Wait! Remember, don’t listen to those four. Live your own life happily. You are more important to me than the world."

Sovereign Han Wei touched Long Chen’s cheek. She then kissed him on the forehead and dissipated into runes, returning to the world.

For a moment, everyone could only stare in silent confusion. They had no idea what had happened. The Sovereigns had vanished, but there were still four sharp swords stabbing Long Chen’s body. Fresh blood dripped down them.

Long Chen’s blood dripped into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, and everything was deathly silent. The very faint sound of the dripping blood had a strange cadence to it, just like the cadence of heaven and earth, the rhythm of all creation.

Long Chen was like a statue standing in the void, as though he had been nailed to it. The Sovereigns had vanished, but the swords continued to flicker.

"Boss Long Chen…" The dragon emperor was filled with shame. Only now did it react.

Long Chen raised his hand as if reacting to its call. His movement caused the Dragonblood warriors to erupt into cheers, while Meng Qi and the others wept tears of joy. Long Chen hadn’t died.

After that, the void shuddered, and the world grew dark once more. As the power of the heavenly tribulation faded, the haze of the dark era shrouded the world again.

However, Long Chen wasn’t paying attention to anything happening outside. His focus was entirely on his inner body.

The swords from Qing Xu, Mo Li, Han Wei, and Zi Yang were actually a display of their life’s greatest comprehension.

Every single one of them had created their own cultivation techniques and skills themselves, and they hadn’t transmitted those to the rest of the world. Due to their own specific comprehension, their self-created cultivation techniques were only suited to themselves.

Every Sovereign was an unmatched, unique existence. Hence, in order to unleash the greatest power, they created their own techniques.

Their previous attacks had left scars in Long Chen’s body and soul, almost like memories. As for these swords, they formed resonance with all the memories of those attacks. In that instant, Long Chen instantly comprehended all their techniques.

Only now did Long Chen understand. The Sovereigns had never been trying to kill him. They had been using their own power to display their individual paths to him.

Of the five Sovereigns, Yun Shang, Qing Xu, Mo Li, and Zi Yang were stone-hearted. They hadn’t shown the slightest fluctuation over this. Only Sovereign Han Wei had been unable to bear it.

This comprehension of their martial paths was the final gift the Sovereigns gave him. The heavenly tribulation had wanted to kill him, but the Sovereigns had used the tribulation to help him. They were truly existences that stood above the Heavenly Daos.

The swords slowly melted and were absorbed by Lei Linger. This was the purest divine lightning energy of the tribulation, and this was also sent to him directly by the Sovereigns.

Just at this moment, a giant pillar of light descended from the sky, enveloping Long Chen. Endless divine runes floated within this beam of light.

"The Heavenly Daos’ divine light! The runes for corroborating the Dao!"

These runes were like proof of passing to disciples. This was the recognition of the Heavenly Daos, an official acknowledgment of reaching Heaven Merging.

Mo Nian, Yun Tian, Beitang Rushuang, Nangong Zuiyue, Zi Yan, and the others all entered this divine light, receiving this baptism.

The Pill Fairy also entered with Wan Qing. This was the final step of the heavenly tribulation.

Suddenly, the void split open, and one figure after another appeared. The Nine-Headed Lion, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the dragon woman, Ye Ming, Long Aotian, and the others also appeared within the divine light.

"Long Chen, face your death!"

Suddenly, the Nine-Headed Lion attacked. His nine heads glowed at the same time. As a result, the air beneath Long Chen’s feet glowed, and then web-like runes appeared in the void around him, trapping him.

Clearly, the Nine-Headed Lion had been preparing this for a long time. He immediately attacked as soon as he appeared.

Long Chen snorted and swung Evilmoon, unleashing a saber-image. However, the web quivered but didn’t break. Instead, giant figures began to appear on the web.

Those were ancient lions, and a total of nine of them were emitting ancient auras.

"Ancestral Spirit Blood Offering!"

The Nine-Headed Lion roared along with the nine ancient lions. Their mouths all opened, and blood-colored rays of light shot at Long Chen.

Long Chen suddenly found that he couldn’t move. This attack contained a bizarre energy. It seemed that it was filled with curse energy.

"Die! This is the Nine-Headed Lion race’s strongest divine ability! I will offer you as a sacrifice to our world god, and your karmic luck pearl will go to me!" The Nine-Headed Lion laughed crazily.

He had been waiting a long time for this attack. This was practically an unbreakable, peerless killing art.

However, in order to activate this technique, he had sacrificed nine of the Nine-Headed Lion race’s heroic spirits that stood guard over him. This was an immense price, but the karmic luck pearl had to be his.

Long Chen felt like all his secrets were exposed in front of this blood light. It was like he was a prisoner, and everything he owned was about to be plundered by his jailor. He couldn’t hold anything back.

This was truly a strange and terrifying sacrificial art. The Nine-Headed Lion had actually turned him into an offering.

The moment the light pierced into his soul, the Divine Gate Star in his mind-sea lit up. However, it didn’t manage to force it out. Instead, the two ended up deadlocked.

After that, the light struck his Divine Gate. Long Chen was startled. There were signs of the Divine Gate Star being suppressed, and this was the first time such a thing had ever occurred.

"Hahaha, give up!" sneered the Nine-Headed Lion. He poured all his power into this technique, wanting to end things before anyone else could interfere.

At this moment, the light spread throughout Long Chen’s body, invading every inch of it, even pervading through his bones. As he couldn’t move nor resist, he was shocked and infuriated.

The light then entered his Dantian and stretched toward the primal chaos bead.


The primal chaos bead quivered and unleashed a wave of divine light. As a result, the web binding Long Chen exploded, and those nine giant lions also turned to dust.

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