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Chapter: 2701

Advancing to the Heaven Merging Realm

Chapter 2701 Advancing to the Heaven Merging Realm

The Nine-Headed Lion was dumbstruck. This was the technique he had been preparing all this time, and he had absolute confidence in it.

In his mind, no matter how powerful Long Chen was, he would definitely die to this move. Thus, the Nine-Headed Lion was already charging toward Long Chen when the latter suddenly broke free.

Based on his calculations, he would arrive just as Long Chen was killed by this technique, allowing him to take the karmic luck pearl.

However, in reality, his technique shattered, and what he saw was Long Chen’s eyes filled with killing intent. His fur stood on end, and a sensation of death filled him.

At this moment, Evilmoon was already raised high, and the Nine-Headed Lion was unable to stop his momentum at all.

Filled with terror, he roared, his nine heads unleashing nine kinds of divine abilities that merged into a giant divine sword that pierced toward Long Chen as his saber fell.


As a result, the divine sword exploded, and the Nine-Headed Lion was sent flying. A giant cut could be seen on his chest, with even his insides leaking out.

"What a pity. I used up too much energy. Otherwise, I would have killed him just now."

Long Chen sighed inside. His fight with Sovereign Yun Shang had exhausted too much energy. Although he had focused on recovering afterward, he had only recovered his spiritual yuan to sixty percent and his Spiritual Strength to thirty percent.

Without powerful enough Spiritual Strength, it was impossible to lock down the opponent, allowing them to slip away and dodge. This resulted in him missing the chance to kill the Nine-Headed Lion.

After being injured, the Nine-Headed Lion was actually happy. He shouted, "Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength is weak, and his spiritual yuan isn’t fully recovered. Now is the best time to kill him!"


Even before he finished speaking, Long Aotian was already charging over with endless killing intent.

"He’s fully recovered so quickly?!" People were stunned to find that Long Aotian’s nine dragon manifestation was fully restored, and his aura had returned to its peak. To recover in such a short time was practically heaven-defying.

"Long Chen, I will tear you into pieces today as vengeance for my father!" roared Long Aotian.

"That depends on whether or not you have that ability," sneered Long Chen. Although he hadn’t fully recovered, he wasn’t the slightest bit panicked facing Long Aotian.

As Evilmoon slashed onto Long Aotian’s spear, metallic ringing exploded along with sparks. Both the spear and Evilmoon were blown back at the same time.

Just at that moment, Long Chen’s hand smoothly struck Long Aotian in the face.


Long Aotian’s head exploded and his body collapsed.


Everyone was stunned. Was Long Chen not in a weakened state? How did he end up so much more powerful that he could kill Long Aotian with a simple slap?

Only sharp-eyed people saw that a dragon-shaped mark had appeared on Long Chen’s palm just as Long Chen’s slap landed.

Long Chen’s slap didn’t contain any killing power, nor did it contain any killing intent. This lack of threat was what allowed it to slip past an expert’s sharp senses.

Before this, his slap was mostly just a mental attack. But now it was different. Lei Linger would unleash her own berserk lightning power just as Long Chen’s palm was about to strike his enemy. The timing had to be perfect. Too early and it would be sensed; too late and the enemy would already be sent flying away. Hence, it had to erupt at the perfect time in an instant.

At this moment, Long Aotian quickly reformed within his manifestation, and his nine dragons were reduced to eight. In the very first exchange, one of his ancestral dragons was already destroyed.

Because of this, Long Aotian went crazy with rage. He had charged over so confidently, only for Long Chen to kill him again. What a complete humiliation!

"Long Chen!" Long Aotian roared. At this moment, his dragon spear shone, unleashing ten thousand spear-images that pierced toward Long Chen. After being slapped so many times, Long Aotian had finally learned his lesson. Even if he had to die, he refused to fight head-on against Long Chen again. If he did, his death would be even more sullen.

Suddenly, a strange sound rang out from the bodies of everyone within the beam of divine light. It was as if something inside of them had shattered. Following that, they suddenly felt themselves lighten, and their connection to the world’s energy became clearer. It was as if the mist had been torn away, and the world suddenly became clear.

"We’ve obtained the recognition of the Heavenly Daos!"

Mo Nian and the others cried out excitedly. The heavenly tribulation had finally ended. Having gone through the final baptism, they were finally true Heaven Merging experts.

Suddenly, the void exploded and one world gate after another opened, shooting beams of divine light at Long Chen. Different kinds of world energy were crushing the laws of the Martial Heaven Continent’s Heavenly Daos, and the pressure was absolutely suffocating.

At this moment, the sound of a sword being unsheathed rang through the air. After that, two beams of divine light were shattered and ice crystals flew through the air. When those crystals fell into the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, the water instantly froze and this area became a world of ice.

Daoist Heavenly Feather had finally taken action, blocking the experts from other worlds from attacking Long Chen.

Daoist Heavenly Feather blocked two of the beams, and the other three were continuing toward Long Chen. But all of a sudden, they turned and shot toward the High Priest.

At some point, a three-foot wine gourd had appeared behind the High Priest. Its lid was open, and those three beams of light were sucked inside.

The High Priest snorted. "As always, you shameless fellows are doing shameful things. If you want to fight, then fight openly."

Compared to his normal appearance, the current High Priest was far colder. He looked toward the world gates.

"A follower of the old wine ghost’s Dao also dares to be so arrogant? Instead of making your dogs piss wine, you come interfere here? You must be tired of living." A sinister voice rang out from one of those world gates. That voice was chilling, like the voice of a hellish fiend.

Although he spoke, he didn’t appear and continued hiding behind the world gate, seemingly afraid of something.

After that, the world gate flickered, like the gaze of a devil. The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts felt goosebumps. It was as if a fatal attack would come for them at any moment.

"Cowardly rat, come and fight," sneered the High Priest. Even in the face of so many world gates, even in the face of those terrifying auras, he wasn’t afraid.

"Fight? It still isn’t the time. First, let’s see who the karmic luck pearl goes to!"

The sky suddenly exploded and thousands of spatial gates opened, like sinister eyes.

Every single gate unleashed a whirlpool pointed at Long Chen. The karmic luck pearl above his head instantly began to shudder, causing Long Chen’s expression to change.

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