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Chapter: 2702

The Fight for the Karmic Luck Pearl

Chapter 2702 The Fight for the Karmic Luck Pearl

As the karmic luck pearl above Long Chen’s head shuddered, he could clearly feel its energy being slowly absorbed by those whirlpools.

This karmic luck pearl contained the spirit of all life on the continent, the foundation of all Daos. It was something that supported the life of the Martial Heaven Continent.

However, it couldn’t be directly absorbed. Instead, it would passively support whoever refined it. Long Chen estimated that with his full power, it would take around three days for him to refine it all.

While fighting the Sovereigns, Long Chen had sensed just how amazing it was to have the support of the world’s karmic luck. Every one of their blows contained power resonating with heaven and earth. It was as if they represented the world, and the Dao had to listen to them.

Having also used this power, Long Chen understood what it meant. It meant having the approval of the Martial Heaven Continent and having the ability to use all the continent’s power.

This karmic luck pearl was what made someone a Sovereign, someone in command of all Daos of the world. It was the ultimate power to protect the continent.

At this moment, countless spatial gates opened, and it was unknown what power they were using. They were like blood-sucking ghouls, greedily consuming the karmic luck pearl’s energy.

The High Priest’s expression also changed, while Daoist Heavenly Feather repeatedly attacked. With every slash of his sword, a dozen spatial gates crumbled. However, they quickly reformed and continued absorbing the karmic luck pearl’s energy.

"It’s useless. We went all out to take this era’s karmic luck pearl. The destiny of the Martial Heaven Continent has come to an end, and no one can save you." A mocking voice came from one of the spatial gates.

Clearly, these invaders had long since made their preparations. Perhaps tens of thousands of years of preparation was spent just for today.

"Scram!" Long Chen roared, slashing Evilmoon. As a result, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, and Long Aotian were all sent flying. However, Long Chen himself spat out some blood.

The three of them had spent all this time resting and were now in their peak state. As for Long Chen, he was weakened from his fight against the Sovereigns.


Just at this moment, the Dragonblood warriors charged over. However, they were suddenly forced back by an invisible power.


Guo Ran’s expression changed. There was clearly no barrier, but they couldn’t fly through.

"They set up an invisible barrier condensed of energy from their worlds. They really did come prepared." Xia Chen’s expression was extremely ugly. He looked at his formation disc.

As a formation expert, he was the first to realize that there was an invisible barrier. Moreover, this barrier was nothing ordinary. It was composed of the energy from the spatial walls of multiple worlds. In other words, it was backed by the power of multiple worlds, so there was no way that they could break it.

At this moment, Daoist Heavenly Feather formed a sword seal in her hand, and her manifestation appeared behind her, unleashing a tide of Ice Qi. Just as she was preparing to unleash an attack to shatter the barrier, the High Priest appeared in her path. "You cannot. The core of that barrier is Long Chen, and he will receive the majority of your attack. You will only harm him like this."

"So what else can be done?!" demanded Daoist Heavenly Feather. Even she could no longer retain her calm.

These invading experts were truly sinister, having calculated every step against Long Chen and the others. They had long since laid down a heaven-encompassing trap.

"There is no way for us to break this board. The only one that can do anything is Long Chen. Right now, they don’t dare to come out of their world gates and can only interfere from the other side. So we just need to stop the divine families from interfering," said the High Priest.

They didn’t just need to worry about the invaders but also the enemies amongst their midst, especially the divine families. They were unpredictable.


Suddenly, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring exploded, unleashing a giant wave into the sky. At this moment, an immense illusion appeared before them.

It was a giant bracelet that covered the sky. Although it was just a projection, it gave them endless pressure. Humans felt like ants before it.

"The Heaven Devastating Bracelet!"

The spatial gates suddenly froze, unable to absorb energy any further. After that, Long Chen’s body shuddered and the suffocating feeling reappeared. The karmic luck pearl above his head was instantly sucked away.

Now he understood why the Heaven Devastating Bracelet had been able to so easily take the karmic luck pearl at the beginning.

It had been choking the life out of the Martial Heaven Continent for tens of thousands of years. Like a leech, it had extracted the continent’s energy, so it was capable of using a trace of the continent’s power now.

"Long Chen, the karmic luck pearl cannot be lost! If they obtain it, they will awaken two Sovereign stars. The Martial Heaven Continent will then be powerless to resist," shouted the High Priest.

The karmic luck pearl concerned the life of all things on the continent. If taken, this world would be doomed.

Right now, the karmic luck pearl appeared on top of the dragon woman’s head. Light sprinkled down, protecting her.

"Hahaha!" The dragon woman laughed. "I am the heir to the Heaven Devastating Bracelet. This karmic luck pearl is mine!"


As she laughed, Long Aotian pierced her sword at her. However, when he struck her barrier, he was sent flying.

Ye Ming, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Nine-Headed Lion, and the Alldevil Heavenwalker all attacked as well and were forced back by the protective light. They didn’t know what the dragon woman had done, but she had somehow activated the power of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet. All their attacks were useless against her.

"Hahaha, so what if the five Sovereigns chose you? The karmic luck pearl is still mine. I will be the Martial Heaven Continent’s sixth generation Sovereign. When I become Sovereign, I will lead the sea demon race in wiping out the human race, hahaha!" The dragon woman laughed arrogantly, feeling extremely pleased with herself.

A Sovereign was an existence with a world’s karmic luck supporting them. Upon becoming a Sovereign, the dragon woman would be the ruler of this world. No one would be able to fight her.

"Split the Heavens 9!"

Long Chen furiously attacked. The Heaven Devastating Bracelet was the enemy of the Martial Heaven Continent. If the dragon woman became the continent’s Sovereign, it would be the end of the continent.

Hence, Long Chen had no choice but to exhaust every last scrap of his energy in this attack. He didn’t know what would happen afterward, but he couldn’t afford to care about that.


The light barrier did not manage to force back Evilmoon and shattered instead, instantly severing the dragon woman’s laughter.

Being impacted by the leftover energy, the dragon woman coughed up a mouthful of blood, cracks covering her entire body. As for Long Chen, he also coughed up blood.

However, ignoring the immense backlash in his body, he charged toward the shocked dragon woman.

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