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Chapter: 2706

Taking Out Capital

Chapter 2706 Taking Out Capital

On the Martial Heaven Continent, the peak experts of the continent were gathered in the Martial Heaven Alliance’s palace. The High Priest, Daoist Heavenly Feather, the Music Master, Qu Jianying, the old man, Li Tianxuan, and other living fossils that had been hidden on the continent were all present.

These experts weren’t born in the great era. In order to survive to such a time, they had sealed themselves, which extended their lifespan but resulted in their combat power dropping.

Amongst these experts was an old-timer that hadn’t participated in any of the Martial Heaven Continent’s issues for a long time. It was the Huayun Sect’s sect master, Ma Ruyun. He had also come today.

The air was heavy, and no one spoke for a long time. Eventually, it was the old man who said, "Why do you all look so miserable? Isn’t it just a fight? We’ll just go all-out. Even if we can’t win, killing one means you go even, and killing two means that you’ve profited. No one in this world lives forever. What are you afraid of? When the battle starts, I, Wu Guangyuan, will be the first to charge out! Aiya, why are you pinching me?"

Qu Jianying had glared at the old man several times throughout his speech, but he didn’t even notice, causing her to pinch him.

"Your bravery is commendable. However, you have no sons or daughters. You don’t know what we’re feeling. At our age, dying is just dying. But what about our descendants? There are babies that have yet to realize how beautiful this world is. They will also be destroyed if we lose. If we can increase our chance of them surviving by even the slightest, it’s worth it. Just bravery isn’t enough," sighed a mid Heaven Merging elder.

At their age, they had long since seen the changes of the world and gotten tired of it. But they still had ties to this world. Even if they didn’t mind their own deaths, they still cared about the life and death of their descendants.

The reason why Qu Jianying was so angry was because the old man had essentially insulted all of them as cowards afraid of dying, as if he was the only one with the courage to fight.

"I never would have thought that the Heaven Devastating Bracelet was simply in slumber for so many years. I thought that it was destroyed in that battle back then. Furthermore, it seems that its aura is greater than that of the four supreme divine items we have, and the Eastern Wasteland Bell is still missing. It truly is worrisome. The Eastern Wasteland Bell is the leader of the five supreme divine items, the only one capable of facing the Heaven Devastating Bracelet’s attack directly back then. Moreover, we are surrounded by enemies both from the outside and inside. The karmic luck pearl has now been destroyed as well. To break out of our current predicament… even though it might be discouraging to say it, it is truly, truly difficult," said another elder.

That elder’s words might be suspected to be destabilizing everyone’s morale, but he was correct. The current Martial Heaven Continent was under attack from the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Nine-Headed Lion, and Ye Ming, who represented an entire world of their own. They would all become Sovereigns of their worlds.

Furthermore, their worlds were completely unified. In other words, their path to Sovereignty was completely smooth.

In the past, every time a great tribulation descended, the continent would have a Sovereign to push back the invading experts, protecting the continent.

However, this time, the karmic luck pearl was destroyed, so this generation would not have a Sovereign. How would they stop the invading experts then?

To use the old man’s words, in front of absolute power, any trick was meaningless. These words once more proved their unchanging truth.

"Sect master Li, do you have any ideas?" People looked to Li Tianxuan. He had been the alliance’s brain this entire time. Everyone was extremely convinced by his intelligence.


Li Tianxuan spread his hands with a faint smile.

"No? Then why are you smiling?" asked the old man.

Li Tianxuan laughed, surprisingly at ease. "I don’t have any plans, but that doesn’t mean that Long Chen doesn’t. With him on our side, it’ll be fine."

Long Chen hadn’t died in this tribulation, and this fact made Li Tianxuan’s confidence in Long Chen rise to a new level. The current Li Tianxuan couldn’t even form a desire to use his brain against these invaders.

"How do you know that Long Chen has a plan?" asked the old man.

"Don’t ask me. In any case, I’m extremely confident in Long Chen. This confidence comes from the five Sovereigns who have entrusted the continent to Long Chen. I feel like there is absolutely no need for any of us to worry so much. The Heaven Devastating Bracelet was forcibly activated and gave the karmic luck to the dragon woman, but even with the Heaven Devastating Bracelet’s protection, she was still killed by Long Chen. I feel like that already proves it. At this most critical juncture, the only one capable of flipping heaven and earth is Long Chen. Thus, rather than feeling so anxious here, it would be better to go comfort your descendants. Successive generations have placed their faith in the Sovereigns, entrusting their lives to them. Why were they capable of doing so, but we aren’t capable of fully trusting Long Chen? Is it simply because he isn’t a Sovereign?" asked Li Tianxuan.


Everyone could only stare at him. His words were very reasonable. If they couldn’t believe in Long Chen, then they could come up with their own solutions. If not, why not sincerely trust Long Chen? Even the five Sovereigns trusted him. What was there to question?

"I feel like little Li is right. They are this era’s main characters. What does it have to do with us? We can just do what Long Chen wants us to do," said the old man.

The High Priest shook his head. "It also can’t be put like that. We can entrust our hopes to Long Chen, but that doesn’t mean we can stop caring about anything. After all, Long Chen is young and doesn’t care about many details. We have to prepare everything in advance to support him better. Now that they’ve all advanced to Heaven Merging, it would be best for them to advance through this realm as quickly as possible. We cannot care about unstable foundations, as every single level that they can advance is another bit of hope. We have to prepare things for our children. All the foundations that everyone has built up can be taken out to support our talented descendants. Now isn’t the time to be stingy. We must do our utmost to use everything we have before the next battle begins. Once it starts, Long Chen and the others will be the main force. But if they don’t have enough assistance, this battle will still be lost. Every bit of power is important and will affect the final outcome."

"Understood!" Everyone nodded. Whether or not the continent would survive would depend on the next battle. Being selfish and hiding any wealth at this time was purely courting death.

Amongst these experts were powerful chiefs of their own ancient powers. They normally weren’t even under the administration of the Martial Heaven Alliance, but they had been gathered here by the alliance to discuss things. As for other powers belonging to the Martial Heaven Alliance, the orders had long since been passed down.

The High Priest suddenly turned to Ma Ruyun. "In the next battle, is the Huayun Sect planning on bringing out their capital?"

Ma Ruyun smiled and profoundly said, "Senior, don’t worry, we have long since prepared our money."

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