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Chapter: 2708

Heaven Merging Pill

Chapter 2708 Heaven Merging Pill

"I’ve made you worry."

Seeing Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others guarding his side worriedly, Long Chen felt a burst of emotions.

"It’s fine as long as you’re awake. Do you feel anything off?" Meng Qi sent her Spiritual Strength into Long Chen’s body, trying to detect any abnormalities.

Before waking up, his Spiritual Strength and spiritual yuan had been extremely weak, almost nonexistent. His killing blow on the dragon woman had borrowed the power of the heavens. However, Long Chen was not approved by the Heavenly Daos. Hence, it was not borrowing but forcibly snatching, resulting in the Heavenly Daos cursing him.

Fortunately, this Heavenly Dao curse was unable to pervade deep into his body, and it was slowly ground away by Long Chen’s energy. After it was wiped out, his body began to recover like normal. Even so, his current Spiritual Strength and spiritual yuan were only recovering drop by drop.

"I’m fine. I used one of the Sovereign’s techniques. The side effects aren’t that huge," said Long Chen.

"It really was dangerous. You have to rest this time. Keep an eye on your body to make sure no serious side effects will pop up in the form of hidden wounds. You can’t be careless," said Meng Qi.

During the tribulation, Long Chen had fought consecutive battles, accumulating countless wounds. His battle against the Sovereigns in particular had been desperate.

Long Chen smiled comfortingly. "I’m fine. The Sovereigns were actually carving their own Martial Daos and divine abilities into me during the battle. They wouldn’t truly harm me."

"Then you’ve learned all the Sovereigns’ techniques?" Tang Wan-er was delighted by this. Her eyes began to shine.

Long Chen reached out and intimately pinched Tang Wan-er’s nose. "Don’t set your sights on the Sovereigns’ techniques."

"Why not?" said Tang Wan-er disappointedly.

"The Sovereigns created their own unique techniques that are only suited for themselves. These unique techniques were made for them, and so others can’t use them. The technique that I used to borrow energy from the heavens is one of the few ones I can use, and I had to modify it a bit to make it usable for me."

Long Chen had had a similar thought to Tang Wan-er, but these techniques had extremely harsh requirements to use. It could be said that all the Sovereigns had blazed unique paths for themselves, and those paths were only traversable by them. Hence, others didn’t have the power to imitate them.

This was why the Sovereigns hadn’t left behind their inheritances. Their accomplishments could not be imitated by others. If they tried, all that awaited them was death.

However, while the techniques themselves couldn’t be used by Long Chen, he could gain enlightenment from them. His World Extermination Flame Lotus was created by himself, and it was also a technique that he couldn’t transmit to others.

If he recorded the technique on paper and passed it down, who knew how many people would die trying to use it? Passing it down would only harm them.

"What a pity. I really thought that the five Sovereigns have left their inheritances to you so that you could continue their legacy. That way, even if you don’t become a Sovereign, you can still fight the Blood Fiend Devil Lord and the others once they become Sovereigns," sighed Tang Wan-er.

"They can also become Sovereigns? How?" asked Long Chen.

Meng Qi explained the final words that the Blood Fiend Devil Lord and the others had said before leaving.

After hearing that, Long Chen’s expression grew grave. "So they are also people chosen by their worlds, destined to become Sovereigns. But since the Martial Heaven Continent is the core of the star-field, the levels of karmic luck are different. That is why their previous invasions have all ended in failure. It wasn’t that they didn’t have enough numbers, but that they didn’t have any experts capable of matching the Sovereigns of the Martial Heaven Continent."

"Long Chen, don’t overthink it. Even if they become Sovereigns, we will still be able to fight them. After all, the Martial Heaven Continent also has plenty of powerful experts. There are seniors like the High Priest, Daoist Heavenly Feather, and the Music Master. The Martial Heaven Continent is our home territory. Our chances of victory are still very high," said Meng Qi, not wanting Long Chen to feel too much pressure.

"That’s right, you still have us. We’ll protect you. Now that you’re awake, I’ll refine the divine bone. I’ll also merge my Spirit Bone, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Root. Then I’ll kill that bastard Long Aotian." Tang Wan-er clenched her fist furiously. All of them detested Long Aotian to the max.

"I’ll ask boss Wan-er to protect little brother in the future." Long Chen nodded solemnly.

Having just woken up, Long Chen’s face was still pale. The others decided to leave so that he could properly rest.

Once they were gone, Long Chen checked his body, confirming that other than being in a weak state, there were no problems. He was pleasantly surprised. The Sovereigns were practically gods. They were even capable of coming up with a technique to steal the power of the heavens. These techniques were stronger than those so-called divine arts.

It was no wonder that when Long Chen asked Sovereign Yun Shang whether the Sovereigns were stronger than gods, Sovereign Yun Shang merely smiled and did not reply. However, the latter’s expression clearly showed that he felt disdain for those so-called gods.

Long Chen’s battle against the Sovereigns allowed him to fully comprehend just how great the Sovereigns were. Even though his level of power was also extremely high, he was still lacking compared to them when they were alive. That distance was truly great.

The Sovereigns hadn’t been trying to kill him during his tribulation. If that was their actual goal, he would probably be nothing more than dust right now.

"The Sovereigns have displayed all their life’s comprehension to me. They must have some deeper meaning. They knew that I wouldn’t be able to cultivate those techniques but still transmitted them. What are they trying to tell me?"

The Sovereigns were wise and farsighted. Every single action of theirs contained deeper meaning. They definitely wouldn’t do something meaningless.

However, every single one of their techniques was amazing. Researching a single one would take a huge amount of time and effort. By the time he went through all of them, it would have been centuries, and the Martial Heaven Continent would have been destroyed. In other words, what the Sovereigns intended was not for him to cultivate or improve these techniques.

"Ah, I can’t figure it out. I’ll think about it later. Let’s see if I awakened the seventh star’s pill formula. If I can condense the seventh star, I’ll still be able to wipe them out even if I can’t become Sovereign."

Long Chen shut his eyes. After an incense stick’s worth of time, his expression grew ugly. He didn’t find the seventh star’s pill formula in his memories.

"If there’s no pill formula, does that mean that I haven’t reached the threshold for cultivating the seventh star?" Long Chen was a bit bewildered.

Long Chen once more scanned his memories and didn’t find the seventh star’s pill formula. However, he suddenly noticed another pill formula that made him jump up.

"Heaven Merging Pill!"

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