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Chapter: 2789

Injury and Pain

Chapter 2789 Injury and Pain

"Alliance head, retreat!"

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples tried to charge through the tide of invaders. Some of them even directly self-detonated in order to open a path.

However, there were too many enemies, and they were charging forward recklessly with no regard for their own lives either. Ye Lingshan was also repelled before she could reach Qu Jianying. She could only watch as her master was drowned by the enemies. At this moment, her vision darkened and she almost fainted.


A giant blade swept through the air, blasting apart the crowd of invaders. The old man had charged over, but he was one step too late. Without the support of the Martial Heaven Virtue Tablet, Qu Jianying’s soul was unable to endure the power of a divine Dao. She fell limply.

"No!" The old man grabbed Qu Jianying’s body, and he howled like a beast, repeatedly shouting her name.

However, her soul had already vanished. No matter how he called her, she wouldn’t wake up.

"No, this can’t be real… We had an agreement to marry after this battle. Jianying, don’t scare me. Wake up. You can’t die…"

The old man shook Qu Jianying’s body, but she didn’t reply at all. His crying broke people’s hearts.

The two of them had spent a lifetime fighting and had missed out on their springtime of youth. After continuing to fight for so many years, when they finally prepared to marry, Qu Jianying would never wake up again.

When the two of them fought, the old man was so angry that it felt like he might explode. But Qu Jianying always remained in his heart. Now, he wished she would wake up. Even if she angered him every day, he would consider it a blessing.

"No!" The old man cried out. He had missed out on many blessings in this lifetime. Now that he finally grabbed hold of one, it was mercilessly taken away. This was the world’s cruelest torture.

"Old man, get back! Our own support is running out!" Bao Buping, Chang Hao, and the other disciples were doing their best to protect the old man, but he was lost in his pain. He didn’t hear them.


Just at this moment, the Nethergod seal was broken. As a result, Ming Cangyue and Leng Yueyan vanished. They had used up all their energy.

"All of you can die now!"

Ye Ming, the Nine-Headed Lion, and the Alldevil Heavenwalker descended from the sky, their divine energy exploding out of them. This apocalyptic power was enough to instantly wipe out everyone.

"Long Chen, wake up!"

In that instant, everyone despaired. They had nothing they could use to face the power of gods and could only wait for death. Meng Qi turned back to look at Long Chen before painfully shutting her eyes.


Suddenly, an astral barrier appeared in the air, repelling all three waves of divine energy. This barrier appeared to be made of stars, and not even the power of a divine Dao could shake it.

"Long Chen!"


This astral barrier appeared just as everyone fell into despair. They then looked toward Long Chen to see that he was standing.

His black robes fluttered without any wind. Countless stars revolved in his eyes as if there was an entire cosmos within them. Standing there, he appeared like the ruler of gods, an incomparably domineering existence that caused worlds to shake.

Long Chen had woken up at the most critical moment. When he came to his senses, he almost didn’t recognize this world.

As the stars revolved in his eyes, he seemed to be able to see into the past. Everything that had happened on the battlefield slowly flowed into his mind.

The five Sovereigns passed away. He saw Sovereign Han Wei’s longing look and Sovereign Yun Shang’s guilt. He also saw Yun Tian using his life to maintain the barrier to protect him.

After that, Hu Feng’s aura vanished, Ling Yunzi’s aura vanished, and Li Tianxuan’s aura vanished. Many familiar auras were gone.

He then saw the old man weeping and the fiendish experts from other worlds. At this moment, killing intent exploded out of Long Chen’s eyes.

"No, the old man has gone crazy!" Suddenly, Bao Buping slammed a hand on the old man’s back. With the final dregs of karmic luck of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, the old man had actually forced his spiritual yuan to flow backward. It was a suicidal act.

Long Chen directly rushed over. Looking at the old man, he couldn’t help but cry. There was a pair of eyes saying that he had nothing holding him back from leaving any longer.

The old man looked at Long Chen and nodded. "Good child, you’re finally awake. Now the Martial Heaven Continent is saved. Don’t blame me. I cannot wait long enough to see you wipe out all these fiends. I must accompany Jianying, so don’t stop me."

"No, old man, you can’t do this! We still need you!" cried out Chang Hao.

The old man shook his head and then looked at Qu Jianying in his embrace. He gently stroked her cheek. "You’ve all grown up. You no longer need me, but Jianying does. Although she put on a strong act, she’s actually scared of many things, especially the dark. If she’s all alone on that black path, she’ll be afraid. So, I have to accompany and protect her… If there was another lifetime, I’d be willing to be a mute. I’ll just listen to whatever she says. If she’s right, then good. If she’s wrong, then so what? Is fighting over such things worth it? I fought with her for a lifetime already."

The old man once more reversed the flow of his spiritual yuan, but Bao Buping kept his hand on the old man’s back, preventing him from killing himself.

"Bastard, let go! Otherwise, it will be too late!" roared the old man.

"Old man…"

People could only weep. The old man had made his decision, and no one could change his mind.

"Good children. I’ve never begged anyone for anything in this life, but you can take this as me begging you…" The old man looked at his disciples and sighed.

With this, Bao Buping could only pull back his trembling hand and close his eyes. The old man then wore a smile of release, and the fire of his soul slowly extinguished. He left while holding the one he loved the most.


Bao Buping, Chang Hao, Boss Bao, and the others wept. Although they normally fought, their feelings for each other were strong and sincere. They couldn’t accept this.

Long Chen’s eyes were also filled with tears. Even as boundless astral energy flowed within his body, he couldn’t save the old man. That feeling of powerlessness stoked his rage.


The astral barrier shuddered as Ye Ming, the Nine-Headed Lion, and the Alldevil Heavenwalker assaulted it. Only then were they startled out of their pain. The battle had not ended, and now was not the time to grieve.

"We’ll kill them all as vengeance for the old man!" roared Bao Buping.

"Let me avenge this enmity."

Long Chen’s figure suddenly vanished, reappearing outside of the barrier just as the three of them once more attacked.


Long Chen roared, his voice like thunder. As stars revolved around his body, the ten thousand Daos were collapsing. He then unleashed a single punch at the three of them.

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