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Chapter: 2790

Gods Kneel and Beg for Mercy

Chapter 2790 Gods Kneel and Beg for Mercy

With a furious roar, Long Chen shattered the heavens. Ye Ming, the Nine-Headed Lion, and the Alldevil Heavenwalker felt like a star had smashed into them.

With a muffled grunt, the three of them were smashed into the ground, and they hacked up blood. That was god blood that was instantly incinerated by the laws of the world.

"AHHH!" Long Chen suddenly roared. This roar contained endless grief, endless anger, and blood-chilling killing intent.

Right now, Long Chen’s six stars appeared behind him. The FengFu Star illuminated the Life Fate Star, and the Life Fate Star illuminated the Divine Gate Star. They formed a triangle.

The Alioth Star, Enlightenment Palace Star, and Nethergate Star also linked up, forming their own triangle. They superimposed on each other.

When the two triangles overlapped, they formed a six-sided star, and an unprecedented apocalyptic power burst out of Long Chen.

A ripple then spread on the battlefield, devouring the invaders before they even understood what was happening and blasting them into pieces.

Hence, the entire battlefield turned red. Millions and millions were instantly blasted into blood mist.

The complete Six Star Battle Armor had finally manifested after Long Chen became a Sovereign at the thirteenth Heavenstage. He finally stood at the peak of the martial path.

Endless power surged within him. But so what? The five Sovereigns were dead. Yun Tian was dead. Hu Feng was dead. Ling Yunzi was dead. Even the old man had died. All that power within him was useless.


With scarlet eyes, Long Chen unleashed a claw that raked through the ground, and a figure was pulled out of it. It was Ye Ming.

Ye Ming was horrified. He was caught by a giant astral hand, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to shake this astral power.

"You damnable invaders."

Long Chen looked at Ye Ming with utmost hatred and pain. His face was twisted, making him seem like a crazed devil.

"Divine flame ignition!" Ye Ming was so terrified that he ignited his own core. There was danger of his realm falling, but he could no longer bother with that.

"You want to ignite?" Long Chen suddenly squeezed. Ye Ming, who was now enveloped in a burning divine flame, was still unable to escape his fate. He was squeezed until he exploded.

Those flames were instantly extinguished. At this moment, a god from a higher plane was killed.

Suddenly, the Alldevil Heavenwalker and the Nine-Headed Lion charged out of the ground. However, they weren’t going for Long Chen but for the distant spatial gates.

Unfortunately, a saber-image swept through the air, destroying all four spatial gates.

Seeing this, the Alldevil Heavenwalker and the Nine-Headed Lion were instantly dumbfounded. The legends were true. Nine star heirs were all Heaven-Defiers, existences that fought across realms without effort.

This was why when they learned that he was a nine star heir, they did everything they could to kill him before he became a Sovereign.

Now that he was a Sovereign, with his Six Star Battle Armor, Long Chen wiped out all his enemies on the battlefield. With just one attack, all of them were killed except for the three of them. Moreover, with Ye Ming crushed, that just left the two of them.

Ye Ming had even ignited his own divine flame to temporarily multiply his power, but he still couldn’t escape his fate. As for the two of them, there was nowhere for them to go. Fight? They couldn’t win. Flee? They couldn’t get away. The two of them felt like they had been tossed into hell.

Long Chen held Evilmoon. Black qi swirled around it. At this moment, Long Chen’s killing intent merged with Evilmoon’s sinister aura.

Black qi swirled around Long Chen’s body as well when he stepped toward the Alldevil Heavenwalker and the Nine-Headed Lion. He was like a devil king from hell.

"Don’t kill us! We had to follow orders! I… I can tell you secrets regarding the nine star heir!" cried out the Alldevil Heavenwalker. In his fear, he actually knelt on the ground.

Seeing that, the Nine-Headed Lion also didn’t hesitate, kneeling and crying out, "That’s right, the nine star heirs are hunted throughout the nine heavens and ten lands, especially by the Nine Underworld Hunters! They are specialized in finding you! We know many secrets that can help you! Don’t kill us!"

Seeing these gods that looked down on all of them now begging for their lives, the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts were filled with scorn. These were gods? Such cowardly existences were gods?

Suddenly, in the distance, the ground erupted. The divine families’ Immortal Sealing Palace slowly rose into the air.

After the battle, the terrain had changed, and it had been buried beneath the ground. People had almost forgotten it until now.

At this moment, its gates slowly opened. Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, Jiang Wuchen, and Feng Fei all appeared.

Feng Fei looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression, seemingly with some kind of pity. But the other three were filled with delight.

All four of them had Sovereign crowns on their heads now. Long Aotian sneered, "Long Chen, so you are one of the nine star demons. You hid yourself quite well, but you are fated to be killed by my hands. Last time, the Immortal Sealing Palace’s item-spirit recognized your identity, so I’ve prepared quite a gift for you. Just so you know, I sacrificed all the immortal corpses and gave up their chances to become demigod bodies for this gift. It definitely won’t disappoint you, hahaha!"

Over thirty figures walked out from the depths of the Immortal Sealing Palace. These people were wearing black robes and had black chains around their waists. Every single one of them wore a blank face.

On their foreheads was an immortal character, Underworld, and it emitted strange fluctuations.


Dong Mingyu’s expression changed. She instantly recognized their profession. They were assassins amongst gods.

"The Nine Underworld Hunters!"

The Nine-Headed Lion and the Alldevil Heavenwalker cried out in shock and joy. Without hesitation, they fled toward them.

Without even glancing at these two, Long Chen swung his saber, blasting them apart.

But all of a sudden, clapping sounds rang out from within the palace. A middle-aged man walked out, looking at Long Chen.

"Not bad, truly not bad. You’re quite an interesting nine star heir. You seem a bit different from the others, but hopefully you can give me a pleasant surprise. Otherwise, killing you just like this would be quite regretful."

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