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Chapter: 2793

Unparalleled Power

Chapter 2793 Unparalleled Power

Energy burst out of Long Chen’s body. A pillar of light soared into the cosmos, shaking the stars.

This was the ultimate form of his Six Star Battle Armor. When his two triangles revolved against each other, his stars ignited, unleashing all their power.

This was Long Chen’s new technique. Before, his battle armor was like a dam that only had a small opening for his power to pass through. Although that allowed him to fight longer, its instantaneous burst potential was limited.

His new Six Star Battle Armor was capable of opening the floodgates in an instant to unleash all his power.

The power of all his stars shattered the formation, and the resulting backlash killed the Nine Underworld Hunters. In front of this power, they appeared incredibly weak.

The middle-aged man could no longer remain indifferent. Long Chen’s saber was slashing towards him already. A chain appeared in his hand just like the others, but his chain was silver while the others’ had been bronze.


The entire continent sank. At the edges of the continent, the land began to collapse. This world was unable to endure a clash on this level.

The middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of blood and flew back. His eyes gleamed with excitement.

"Hahaha, excellent! I’ve actually found the destined nine star heir!" The middle-aged man laughed as if he had found a priceless treasure.

Long Chen ignored him, continuing after him. He put away Evilmoon and slammed a palm at him.

Long Chen gave up Evilmoon because in that previous clash, Evilmoon became covered in cracks. Even with the protection of his astral power, Evilmoon could not bear the power of that silver chain. If he continued with Evilmoon, Evilmoon would be destroyed.

This explosive state of his could not be maintained for long. He had to kill his opponent before his power ran out.


Long Chen’s palm landed on the chain. It once more sprouted countless barbs, but this time, his power was so overwhelming that the barbs were bent back, unable to pierce his body.

With one palm knocking aside the chain, a lotus image appeared on his other palm. He unleashed it right on the middle-aged man’s body.

A lotus flew out, piercing through his body. The middle-aged man was greatly shocked. He had never seen this kind of terrifying magical art. Wasn’t it said that the nine star heirs only fought with brute power and didn’t use magical arts?

Flames burned his chest, making him unable to heal the wound. Just as he was handling the flames, lightning exploded. A lightning spear appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

Another world appeared behind him. It was a world filled with lightning dragons. All the lightning domain’s power was now condensed into Long Chen’s hand.

After the World Extermination Flame Lotus, he unleashed the Wild Lightning Soul Battle Spear. This attack contained all of Lei Linger’s power, and all the power of the lightning domain.

The middle-aged man was appalled. All the Nine Underworld Hunters’ techniques were based on countering the nine star heirs’ astral power. That was because they didn’t use other techniques.

However, Long Chen first injured him with flame energy, and was now unleashing a lightning attack. He was filled with horror. This spear’s power made him feel fear.

At this critical moment, he took out a tortoise shell armor. It was white as jade and had ancient immortal characters on top of it. This was his protective immortal item.


The lightning spear landed squarely on the tortoise shell, instantly blasting it apart. But the middle-aged man also escaped with his life, even though the explosion badly wounded him. His own physical body was almost broken.

He had never dreamed that a nine star heir in a lower plane that hadn’t even grown up would possess such terrifying power. He was even capable of threatening his life.

Seeing Long Chen charging back towards him, he hastily formed hand seals. Flames appeared around him. He was igniting his divine energy.

Long Chen’s power had already terrified him. He had no choice but to unleash even self-damaging techniques to increase his power.


They once more clashed. The dome of the heavens vanished. Under the pull of their power, the cosmos was fully exposed to everyone.

This was a heaven-shaking battle. The people in the barrier could only watch in horror. They all knew that in this battle of the dark era, if Long Chen won, they lived. If he lost, everything would end.

The Dragonblood warriors clenched their fists, but they were too weak to participate in such a battle.

The experts of the Spirit World, Star Field Divine World, and the Immemorial Path also watched Long Chen. Xiao Fei clenched his teeth. "Big brother Long Chen, you’ll definitely win."

The High Priest and Ma Ruyun exchanged a glance. They sighed inside. Their admiration towards the five Sovereigns had reached a peak. This had clearly all been within the Sovereigns’ calculations. This was why the Sovereigns, Yun Tian, Ling Yunzi, and the others had all been fighting for time for Long Chen. Only once he became a Sovereign could he save the continent. Looking back, it seemed that everything was going according to the Sovereigns’ plan.

With every exchange, the continent shuddered intensely. The edges of the world were crumbling. The Eastern Wasteland, the Western Desert, the Southern Sea, the Northern Source vanished. All that remained was the Central Plains.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man took out another silver chain. He bound Long Chen with it, only for Long Chen to roar and shatter the chain. When the chain shattered, the middle-aged man coughed up a mouthful of blood. His aura plummeted.

That second chain was clearly his trump card. It was connected to his soul. He was already at a disadvantage. He wasn’t even able to temporarily bind Long Chen.


The middle-aged man suddenly ferociously turned and unleashed a ray of divine light towards the core of the Martial Heaven Continent.


The Dragonblood warriors roared furiously. Unable to beat Long Chen, this man was actually attacking the weak members of the continent. If this attack landed, these people would be instantly wiped out.


Long Chen’s figure vanished, reappearing in front of that attack before it landed. He knocked it aside, but his expression grew ugly.

"Hahaha, you can all die now!" The middle-aged man laughed. He had found Long Chen’s weakness. Multiple attacks rained down the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts and commoners.

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