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Chapter: 2795

A Thousand Reincarnations

Chapter 2795 A Thousand Reincarnations

The middle-aged man that had clearly been killed by Long Chen had reappeared. Furthermore, he seemed to be in his peak state. Everyone’s hearts dropped.

"It’s not a fake death technique. Their auras aren’t the same. They aren’t the same person," said the High Priest. There was actually another member of the Nine Underworld Hunters remaining.

At this moment, Long Chen’s divine ring had vanished and his astral power had dimmed. He was in a weakened state.

This person looked almost identical to the one he had just killed. But their divine energy fluctuations were different.

He walked out of the palace, not going directly toward Long Chen, but simply standing at the entrance. It seemed that he was afraid of Long Chen.

"The one you killed was my big brother. Hehe, this big brother of mine spent a lifetime scheming against me. He always wanted to be first, but nobody is infallible. My luck really was good. I managed to tail him and disguise myself as his subordinate, but I didn’t expect to gain such a benefit. Now he’s dead, and you’re crippled. Those idiots of the divine families have long since fled to a higher world as well. By capturing you, I won’t even need the Long family’s favor. Haha, this world really is marvelous." This middle-aged man laughed, feeling very pleased.

Long Chen sighed inside. How was he so unlucky? There was actually another one hiding here. If he had been with his big brother, Long Chen could have killed them together.

However, now he had used up all his power, only for another powerful enemy to appear.

The middle-aged man seemed very cautious. He didn’t immediately attack. "Do you know just how valuable your life is? The destined one amongst the nine star heirs is a legendary existence. Whoever captures you will instantly become the master of a world. This lure is truly great…"

Long Chen suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and the stars around him faded. The side effect of his Six Star Battle Armor appeared. Long Chen’s body was still unable to endure the power of all his stars igniting.

"Hahaha, now I can finally attack." The middle-aged man seemed to have been waiting for this moment. His spear pierced toward Long Chen.

Even now, he was still cautious and didn’t use his full power, probing Long Chen’s condition first.

Unfortunately, Long Chen was already powerless to resist. He felt like his bones had collapsed, and just standing there was already difficult.

After that, a howl suddenly rang out and Little Snow appeared in front of Long Chen. A sphere of wind blades shot out of its mouth, knocking aside the spear.

"Oh?" The middle-aged man stared at Little Snow in disbelief. "The Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race?"

After recognizing Little Snow’s origin, his shock was replaced with a snicker. "The Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race isn’t an existence that the Nine Underworld’s side can provoke. However…"

The middle-aged man’s chain twisted, shooting toward Little Snow. Seeing this scene, Little Snow howled furiously and slammed its claw down.

Suddenly, the chain curled around Little Snow’s claw, binding it. It then wrapped around Little Snow’s body like a python.

"Little Snow!" Long Chen shouted, but just stepping forward almost caused him to collapse.

"However, it’s not as if we can’t just hide from the Moon Howling Heavenly Wolf race." The middle-aged man laughed and pulled on his chain, flinging the bound Little Snow into the immortal palace.

At this moment, everyone saw that a channel had appeared at the gates of the Immortal Sealing Palace. The experts of the divine families had long since vanished within it. As for Little Snow, it was wrapped by spatial energy, and despite its struggles, it also faded.

The middle-aged man’s spear then whipped back toward Long Chen. Countless sharp barbs appeared on its head.

Long Chen clenched his teeth, but he couldn’t even raise his arms. His body wasn’t listening to him.

As a result, a certain someone’s blood splashed, dyeing a white dress red. Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, and the others cried out in shock, unable to believe their eyes.

The Pill Fairy had appeared, using her body to block this attack. Her white dress instantly turned red, and time seemed to stand still.

"No!" Long Chen let out a beast-like roar. He already knew what the Pill Fairy had done for him in this battle.

Hence, he no longer had any hatred toward the Pill Fairy and even felt guilt for misunderstanding her. She had never wanted to harm him.

That was the attack from a god. As a result, the Pill Fairy’s divine manifestation slowly faded, and the fire of her soul slowly extinguished.

The Pill Fairy rubbed Long Chen’s face with a bitter smile. "Long Chen, the reason I became a divine daughter… was to protect you. The goal of Pill Valley was to keep an eye on this world and see if there are any nine star heirs. The only way I could protect your secret was to become a divine daughter. But I didn’t expect your status to still be exposed…"

"Qingxuan, I’m sorry… I misunderstood you…" Long Chen wept, feeling a mix of remorse and hatred.

"Long Chen… I understand… I understand…" The Pill Fairy suddenly began to pant, and her entire air changed. A new light flashed within her beautiful eyes. It was as if she was lost in endless memories.

"So that’s what it was… that’s what it was…"

The Pill Fairy suddenly wept. "No wonder I had a strange feeling when I first saw you. I’ve already fallen in love with you for a thousand reincarnations. Every time, I will die like this in front of you. These thousand reincarnations are all to wake you up from the red dust. But this time, I know that I won’t have to reincarnate again. I can feel that you’ve already awakened. With every reincarnation, I am unable to awaken my memories while alive. It is only before my death that I can remember. Long Chen, I’ve loved you for a thousand lifetimes. You must find me. In life and death, you must find me…"

The Pill Fairy slowly faded and a blooming flower appeared suddenly. That was the Jewel Blood Jade Orchid that Long Chen had once given her. It possessed its own sad and beautiful story.

The Pill Fairy had always carried it with her. The Jewel Blood Jade Orchid then absorbed the Pill Fairy’s remaining Blood Qi in the air, giving off a faint burst of light before it vanished along with its owner.


Long Chen suddenly roared. Black lines rapidly spread through his eyes until they were pitch-black, and his aura instantly transformed, becoming dark, bloodthirsty, and wild. It was as if a devil had awakened inside of him.

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