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Chapter: 2796

Hidden Power

Chapter 2796 Hidden Power

Within a mix of regret and hatred, dark energy exploded from deep within Long Chen’s soul, completely out of his control.

Long Chen’s eyes instantly became two black holes, which looked as if they could devour all things between heaven and earth.

With a single roar, the void exploded and stars fell. A sinister aura enveloped the entire world.

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man was alarmed. Was this really a nine star heir? How did Long Chen suddenly become such a terrifying monster? Hence, he immediately fled back into the immortal palace. However, just as he was about to enter the spatial gate, Long Chen’s hand reached out. With a startled cry, his body was pulled back out by Long Chen.

The middle-aged man attacked in horror, but when his chain struck Long Chen, black light burst out of Long Chen’s body, instantly blasting the chain apart.

Long Chen then grabbed his throat with one hand and held his arm with the other hand.

"Just why…."

The middle-aged man screamed as his arm was forcibly torn off by Long Chen. His divine blood sprayed through the air.

"Why… why must you force me…"

Long Chen howled, seemingly insane. He tore off the middle-aged man’s other arm and then his legs.

All of his struggles were meaningless. Any immortal items he took out shattered on contact with Long Chen. The current Long Chen was an unmatched devil god, and this middle-aged man was unable to pose any threat to him at all.

With his limbs gone, Long Chen struck his body, blowing it to pieces. All that remained was his head.

After that, Long Chen stabbed a finger through his head. Black qi then swirled out of Long Chen’s forehead. He seemed to have already lost his mind.

"Reverse to the Origin, Heaven Defiance Immortal Slayer."

This was a technique that Long Chen had never used before. But in this state, he used it naturally.

The middle-aged man’s head then exploded, and his blood transformed into a chain that shot into the Immortal Sealing Palace.

After that, Long Chen looked at the channel and saw countless figures at the end. He saw Feng Fei, as well as the half-dead Long Aotian being carried away.

However, Long Chen ignored them. His Spiritual Strength burst forth, making the Immortal Sealing Palace creak and crack, and fragments of spacetime flew past him. He saw countless Nine Underworld Hunters and also countless nine star heirs being killed.

Within those scenes, he also saw a certain figure.


Long Chen let out a heaven-shaking roar when he saw that figure. When he looked at Lord Brahma, he saw the person he wanted to kill the most in his life.

His image was not quite the same as Pill Valley’s divine statue, but his aura was the same. He was definitely Lord Brahma.

After that, the figure moved and his gaze fell on Long Chen. In that instant, the palace exploded and divine energy unfurled.


The Martial Heaven Continent’s experts despaired as this sudden attack was too much. The entire world was just one blow away from breaking. It now collapsed, disintegrating, turning into nothing along with all of them.

"Long Chen!"

Meng Qi and the others cried out. When that wave of divine light spread, Long Chen used his own body to receive it for everyone.

However, that divine light possessed an unimaginable destructive power. When it fell, Long Chen vanished along with the Martial Heaven Continent.

Darkness, endless darkness. Long Chen felt like he was sinking and was filled with resentment. With a single attack, Lord Brahma had destroyed him along with the Martial Heaven Continent.

"I’m sorry, Sovereigns. I’m sorry, Martial Heaven Continent. I’m sorry, everyone… I’ve disappointed you…"


Long Chen suddenly let out a scream. Dead. Everyone was dead. He was a failure who had let down everyone’s trust.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You scared me!"

Long Chen’s shout drew countless looks of scorn and angry chiding. Hearing this, Long Chen realized that he was at the bottom of a mountain, sitting on the side of a road. There was a long line of people stretching far into the distance.

"Ugh, why are you arguing with someone who failed? Don’t you see how pitiable he is?" said one person.

That person helped Long Chen up and comforted, "Little brother, a failure is a failure. It’s not the end of the world. You can try again thirty years later. Just look at me! I’ve taken the trial four times. I’m already one hundred and fifty years old, but I haven’t given up. Just take some tips from me and get over this failure. Go home and properly cultivate some more, and you’ll have another chance."

At this moment, Long Chen looked around and saw that everyone around him was wearing extravagant clothes. Those materials did not exist on the Martial Heaven Continent.

These people’s auras were extremely powerful. They had all reached the level of the thirteenth Heavenstage of Heaven Merging, but they all looked very young. Furthermore, their auras contained immortal qi.

"Uh, brother, where is this place?" asked Long Chen.

That person stared at him in confusion. "Oh, you’ve been beaten stupid. Brother, you should go back to wherever you came from."

That person patted Long Chen’s shoulder and left to his own place in line, seemingly not knowing how to comfort Long Chen.

The surrounding people then looked at Long Chen, some with sympathy and some with scorn. Also, some were pointing and laughing at him.

Long Chen’s head was dizzy, so he walked in the opposite direction of the line. He walked over to an empty mountain to calm himself down.

"Nine star heirs truly are admirable."

Suddenly, a voice rang out in his mind and made him jump.

"You… you’re back?"

Long Chen was happily surprised. This voice was one that he would remember forever. It was that expert from the dragon race that had helped him out once before. This dragon expert had even passed the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art to him.

"How could I not return? If you died, how would I collect on your debt? Are all the nine star heirs stupid? You don’t think about the consequences of your actions? For a little mortal like you to dare to peer at Lord Brahma, you’d have been blown to smithereens if it wasn’t for me," said that dragon expert.

"Senior, are you saying that they’re also not dead?" Long Chen’s voice shuddered.

"Of course they’re not dead. The instant Lord Brahma’s attack fell, I sent you all away. Those who reached the tenth Heavenstage and were qualified to ascend were sent to the immortal world, while those below that level were sent to an isolated star. The conditions there are far better than on the Martial Heaven Continent."

"Then what about my brothers and sisters in the Dragonblood Legion?" asked Long Chen. If everyone was still alive, he wanted to see them.

"Them? It will probably be a long time before you ever see them again."

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