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Chapter: 2800


Chapter 2800 Help?

Studying how to build the best battle armor was a money-burning process. Without a profound foundation of wealth, there was no way to carry it out. Guo Ran’s poor appearance didn’t appear to be one with money, causing these disciples to look down on him.

"Don’t look down on others. If you want, we can bet who can create the best armor on paper right now! If I win, you let me attend the trial. If I lose, I’ll immediately leave and never bother you again!" raged Guo Ran.

It was tough to be poor. On the Martial Heaven Continent, Guo Ran had as much money as he wanted, and Long Chen was always there to support him. Now he was powerless though, so he had to enter this college.

Quite a few people side-eyed Guo Ran with some surprise. Did he really have some skill to dare to challenge the college’s disciples? Or was he simply crazy?

"Scram! Who has time to bet with you? Do you not see how many people are lined up?!" barked that disciple. He sent a palm at Guo Ran.

Seeing this, Guo Ran instinctively raised his arm to block, but he didn’t expect that just as that person’s palm was about to meet his arm, thin lines would appear over his hand, transforming into a refined glove.

Guo Ran then felt a powerful force send him flying, and he tumbled through the air before smashing into a wall. Blood dripped out of his mouth.


Quite a few disdainful laughs rang out from the crowd. Guo Ran furiously cursed, "Just wait, I’ll remember this! Once I find my boss Long Chen, I’ll come back!"

When Guo Ran thought about vengeance for these wrongs, the first thing he thought of was Long Chen, and his boss’s name randomly popped out of his mouth.

"Long Chen? Who’s that? Is he very famous? Have him come find me," said that disciple disdainfully.

"You know Long Chen? The Martial Heaven Continent’s Long Chen?"

Suddenly, a sharp voice rang out. Only now did people notice that a war chariot had appeared in the sky.

The war chariot was covered in magical symbols. When those disciples saw it, they hastily bowed.

"Greetings, Earth Master!"

The symbols on the chariot were a token of the owner’s status. In the Heavenly Dragon Divine Armor College, only those who had reached the level of an Earth Master were qualified to sit in such a chariot. Furthermore, the current speaker was one of the female Earth Masters.

"Who are you?" Guo Ran wiped the blood off of his mouth. He cautiously looked at the war chariot.

"Rude brat, properly respond to the Earth Master’s question!" barked the disciple.

After that, the front doors of the chariot opened to the side, and a woman walked out, looking to be in her twenties. Her legs were longer than a normal person’s legs, and her black hair fell to her waist. Her bright eyes stood out on her face. She then smiled at Guo Ran.

"Is Long Chen well? Has he ascended yet?" she asked.

"You know my boss?" asked Guo Ran in disbelief.

"First answer me. Did you come from the Martial Heaven Continent?" When Guo Ran nodded, she asked again, "Does he have a pair of sword-like eyebrows? When he’s not smiling, he looks very fierce, but when he does smile, it looks a bit evil? He also has a pitch-black dragon bone saber that looks extremely ferocious…"

"You… you really do know my boss!" Guo Ran was startled. How could someone in the higher plane know Long Chen?

Most importantly, since Long Chen was a nine star heir, Guo Ran didn’t dare to recklessly expose Long Chen’s identity. However, this woman knew so many details about his appearance and even Evilmoon, so she had definitely met him before.

"Hehe, good. So has he come to the higher plane? Where is he?" she asked.

"He should also be in the higher plane, but we were separated. I don’t know where he is," said Guo Ran, feeling aggrieved. Without Long Chen, it felt like he had lost the lantern lighting his way. That was because ever since he had encountered Long Chen, it could be said that Long Chen had been looking after the Dragonblood Legion. Hence, for Guo Ran to go from a second-rate hoodlum to his current level was all thanks to Long Chen holding his hand.

He sighed inside. He was worried for Long Chen, but he also realized that he had been too dependent on Long Chen for too long. In the face of this foreign world, he felt powerless and afraid. He, Guo Ran, had never been a strong person himself.

"How regretful. This world is so big. The nine heavens, ten lands, hundred domains, thousand prefectures. Finding one person within this world is too difficult." The woman was disappointed, but she quickly smiled. "That’s alright, such a powerful fellow doesn’t need to be worried about. As long as we keep him in our hearts, we’ll definitely receive news from him sooner or later. So, just now, I heard that they were fighting with you…"

"Earth Master, it wasn’t like this! He was messing around rudely! He didn’t pay the fee for the test, so we were just following the rules!" cried out that disciple hastily.

"He is right. The main thing is… I’m broke," said Guo Ran, ashamed.

"It’s not embarrassing to be poor. I was also poor back then. That’s the only reason I took the risk of making money in the Netherworld, and it was due to this that I met your boss. I could reach this level thanks to your boss’s help… Alright, I’ll pay for your fee. Even if you fail, it’s fine. I can arrange other things for you. I’ll look after you."

"Thank you, big sister!" Guo Ran was ecstatic to the point that he almost wept. In the end, he still was benefiting from his boss.

Just like that, Guo Ran swaggered into the testing region with that woman. She directly sent him through.

"Ah, that’s right, I still don’t know your name, big sister!" said Guo Ran.

"I am Xie Qianqian."

In a dark world filled with the air of rot, menacing trees gave off a pressuring and frightful feeling. One could see giant vines curling around them like dragons.

"Big sister, don’t worry. This is my race’s land. I’ve awakened my inheritance, so no one here will dare to touch you. Just treat it as your own home."

Liu Ruyan held Chu Yao’s hand as they stood within this terrifying forest. Chu Yao was a bit pale from this place’s aura.

Suddenly, the giant trees parted, forming a path for them. Just like that, Liu Ruyan walked through with Chu Yao. This place was one of the immortal world’s lands of great danger: the Corpse Devil Demon Forest.

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