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Chapter: 2801

Opportunity Lies Up Ahead

Chapter 2801 Opportunity Lies Up Ahead

"Big sister Meng Qi, where are we?" Cloud looked at the mountain gate ahead of her and clenched Meng Qi’s hand.

Just this gate alone gave off terrifying spiritual fluctuations. It was like a heavenly wall blocking all life outside.

Meng Qi nodded. "According to that senior, the Soul Dream Immortal Venerate’s inheritance is here, and we can get stronger by cultivating here. I no longer want to see Long Chen bleed and cry. Next time, I’ll be the one protecting him."

After that, Cloud returned to Meng Qi’s spiritual space, and Meng Qi staunchly walked toward the mountain gate.

"Disciple Tang Wan-er greets master!" Tang Wan-er properly kowtowed toward a beautiful woman who looked as if she had walked right out of a painting. She was surrounded by swirling immortal qi.

That woman pulled Tang Wan-er up and nodded approvingly. "Starting today, you are the final disciple of the one known as Feng Xinyue. Remember, starting today, it is no longer permitted for anyone to bully you, or it would be a loss of your master’s face. If you can’t beat someone, you can find your senior apprentice-brothers and sisters. If they also can’t beat them, you can come find me."

In a land of white snow and black ice, two women stared at each other. Both of them wore clothes as white as snow, and they were peerlessly beautiful. However, they were both completely expressionless, like two statues of ice goddesses.

One of them was Ye Zhiqiu. The other was an equally icy woman looking to be in her thirties.

The two of them stared at each other within the ice and snow. They were silent for a full two hours, neither of them moving.

Finally, it was that woman who said, "Are you willing to be my disciple?"

Her voice was completely emotionless. Furthermore, it sounded a bit off, as if she hadn’t spoken in so long that she had forgotten how to.

"I am willing."

Ye Zhiqiu nodded.

"Let’s go."

The woman turned and walked away. Ye Zhiqiu then silently followed behind her, both of them not saying another word. Just like that, they vanished into the world of ice and snow.

"Xiaoqian, you have strong karma tying you to the nine star heir. You must work hard if you wish to help him. We have managed to preserve our complete inheritance along with the strongest divine abilities of the original devil race here. This is the best place for you to cultivate…"

In a divine palace, an old crone holding a cane was speaking to Yue Xiaoqian. In front of her was a mountain-sized pile of bone books, and divine light flowed from them. Countless techniques of the original devil race were recorded within.

Yue Xiaoqian ended up in the original devil race’s ancestral land upon being sent to the immortal world. After that, she was shocked to find the original devil race’s complete inheritance.

"Long Chen, I’ll go all-out cultivating. I won’t let you bleed or cry again." Yue Xiaoqian bit her lip and swore inside.

Yue Xiaoqian had never expected someone like Long Chen to howl and weep like he had. His shoulders had held up the heavens, but that didn’t stop the ones he cared about from dying.

Seeing him in that state had cut her heart. Now that she had a chance to get stronger, she didn’t waste a single second. She would not permit such a thing to repeat itself.

"Xia Chen, bring the line drawing liquid."

"Xia Chen, there’s not enough magic adherence hides here."

"Xia Chen, what are you doing? You’re so slow. Hurry up."

Xia Chen was covered in sweat. He hastily brought over the things that those people were requesting.

"Little fellow, let me tell you, I only let you become a worker here because I pity you. I’m taking the risk of being scolded for this. Thus, you have to be clever. Treat these people well. These are future respected Formation Masters. We can’t offend them. Although our work is tiring, we still get paid a lot. Cherish this chance," murmured a somewhat fat disciple beside Xia Chen.

"Yes, yes, I understand. Thank you, big brother. I won’t cause you any trouble," said Xia Chen hastily.

Future Formation Masters? Bullshit. He was capable of using his feet to draw better formations than them. If the Spirit Rune Pavilion didn’t need a fee to enter, would he need to bend to them?

It was said that this Spirit Rune Pavilion was a first rate college even in the entire immortal world. However, due to some management problems, it had declined. But it still had several supreme treasures, existences that could be considered immortal canons in the formation world. So even if there were problems with management, countless people still came here for those immortal canons.

Xia Chen was working like a dog here as he researched the materials and techniques of this place. After all, this was the immortal world, and their study of the Immortal Dao’s runes was incredibly profound. The Martial Heaven Continent’s formations were like a cup of water compared to a giant sea here.

However, Xia Chen was the most outstanding formation master of the Martial Heaven Continent. Compared to these newly entered disciples, his fundamentals were a hundred times better.

These divine runes were instantly memorized with just one look from Xia Chen, while these disciples could spend half a day to remember part of it, only for a distraction to cause them to completely forget it.

In their anger, they would vent at Xia Chen and the other workers.

"Even these pigs can learn formations? Just wait, you’ll only have this one chance to shout at me. Hehe, let’s switch places." Xia Chen looked at those irritable disciples and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Back to the mountain, Long Chen was filled with gratitude to learn that the dragon expert had sent everyone to their own opportunities.

This battle of the Martial Heaven Continent had been a huge blow to him. He hadn’t managed to protect the continent, and it had been ultimately destroyed. The hopes of the five Sovereigns were let down. If it weren’t for the dragon expert, he would have been destroyed along with the Martial Heaven Continent.

In his hands, everything had been smashed apart. Thinking of how he had promised the five Sovereigns, he was filled with guilt.

"Long Chen, you have to work hard. Don’t think that being a nine star heir is so great. Those brothers of yours are like seeds who will sprout after this experience. If you don’t work hard, it really will fall to them to protect you. In the past, nine star heirs were all solitary figures without a single friend, but you’re different. Perhaps it’s because of this that I took the risk of saving you. I want to gamble, and a portion of those chips are placed on you. I hope that you can grow up a bit faster. Perhaps you will be able to help me at that time, but the current you is too weak. Don’t be defeated by this failure. Recover and find your confidence again. Return to the fearless you," said the dragon expert.

"Senior, don’t worry. It can be said that I have been reborn today. In the immortal world, I will create my own slice of heaven and earth. I won’t allow the disaster of the Martial Heaven Continent to repeat itself." Long Chen clenched his fists.

"Good. Then your chance has come. It’s just up to you if you can grasp it," said the dragon expert.

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