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Chapter: 2802

High Firmament Academy

Chapter 2802 High Firmament Academy

"What opportunity?" asked Long Chen.

"This is the High Firmament Academy. It is the academy with the deepest foundation within the hundred domains and thousand prefectures. Although it has declined, it will be of immense help to you. If you want to stand out within the immortal world, this is the best stepping stone. There are also records of nine star heirs in the academy. If you want to understand yourself, that will be a good start. I sent you here because I feel like the High Firmament Academy is best suited to you. However, no one can change the fate of a nine star heir. You are the only one who can decide what to do. In the end, you’ll have to rely on yourself," said the dragon expert.

"Since senior thinks that this is the best place for me, I’ll muddle around here for a while. However, senior… can you help me see where my friends from the Martial Heaven Continent are?"

Long Chen knew that this expert had saved him and also the others. But he still wasn’t completely at ease when it came to his father, his mother, his little sister, and the others that had helped him.

"No problem. Close your eyes. I will share my sight with you."

After Long Chen closed his eyes, stars appeared in his vision. They were like grains of sand in his view, startling him.

Looking up, he saw larger clusters of stars. There were nine of them in total, and below each cluster was a giant star. These giant stars were even bigger than the nine clusters.

Long Chen wanted to keep looking when the dragon expert’s voice rang out in his mind. "Don’t look around randomly. Do not invoke karma for nothing."

Long Chen’s vision then passed through countless stars. It was like he was walking the corridor of spacetime, and he quickly arrived at one particular star. This star was constantly growing.

At the same time, he saw broken stars lying all around. They were closer, so he could see the scars of battle. Some were fractured and floating within the starry sky.

Everything he saw was ruined, and countless stars were broken. Some battlefields still had blood staining them.

He also saw some faint chains at the bottom of these stars. They were translucent, almost like spider webs. He didn’t know where they stretched off to.

"In this tribulation, the Martial Heaven Continent was just one battlefield. So it’s a far greater plot." Seeing those broken stars infuriated Long Chen. Just what had caused enough hatred for someone to indiscriminately slaughter innocent lives? Was there such a thing as justice in this world?

"Don’t look back!"

Long Chen followed those lines. It felt as if those threads led back to right behind him, but when he wanted to turn back, the dragon expert stopped him.

"Some things are not for the current you to touch. That will only expose you more quickly," chided the dragon expert sternly.

"Junior understands," said Long Chen.

"You’ve already awakened the Purgatory Eyes. Once they are activated, it will also activate the specific Hegemon Qi of the nine star heirs. That is the other entirely different power of the nine star line other than their astral power. It can be considered a condensation of all negative emotions within this world. This power far surpasses your astral power. But once it is used, you will lose all reasoning and become a berserk devil. That is why you were so crazy when you activated your Purgatory Eyes that you directly chased the source all the way to Lord Brahma’s image. You were a fool who only wanted to kill without thinking about the consequences. There is simply no way to describe the difference between the two of you with words. That Purgatory power will ignite the suppressed emotions in your heart, and you will become so crazy that you won’t even recognize your friends. You will only kill. The Nine Underworld Hunters are very sensitive to this aura. They have special tools for tracking this aura down, so I’ve temporarily sealed your Purgatory Eyes. They won’t activate again for at least a short time."

The image of the Pill Fairy dying in front of him suddenly hit him with full force. His grief and fury had devoured him in an instant. After that, everything went dark. By the time he came back to his senses, he thought that he was already dead.

He didn’t recall anything about the time the Purgatory Eyes activated. He didn’t even know what kind of power that was. It was like it hadn’t happened.

"There was a time in hell when your life was in danger. Your Purgatory Eyes might have been activated by how deep within hell you were. It was Evilmoon who knocked you unconscious and stopped the Purgatory Eyes from consuming you. Evilmoon didn’t know what your Purgatory Eyes were, but as a member of the dark race, it was far more sensitive toward that sinister and domineering power. It did this because it didn’t want you to be the same as it, a solitary killer. It had been changed by you and liked your life, your world," said the dragon expert.

Another wave of grief washed over Long Chen. The companion that he had depended on all this time had also left him.

The dragon expert continued, "However, the Purgatory Eyes are actually the dark side of your inner heart. The more you suppress it, the more you feed it. That is also why this seal is simply temporary. This kind of power cannot be stopped for too long. If too long passes, it will be completely uncontrollable. This is why all members of the nine star line are solitary existences. But you are a strange variant of the nine star heirs. As for how you overcome the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, it will be up to you."

Long Chen nodded inside. No one could help him with such a thing. He could only rely on himself.

Suddenly, a certain star appeared within his eyes. This was a star filled with life, and there were no chains connected to this star.

"This is a pure land that has escaped the battle. Their lives are all good here."

Long Chen saw the Martial Heaven Continent’s people in this world. They were exploring the new world. Although there were no indigenous people here, there were many fierce beasts. Hence, they had to gather all their power to fight the fierce beasts.

Long Chen then saw people begin excavating ores and refining weapons to fight their enemies.

After that, he quickly saw his father and mother. He also saw Xiaoyu. Upon seeing that they were safe, his heart was finally at ease.

As for the center of where they were gathered, they had built a giant plaza. The center of this plaza had a giant statue erected with countless people constantly kowtowing to it. This statue was him.

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