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Chapter: 2806

Heaven Defyingly Difficult Exam

Chapter 2806 Heaven-Defyingly Difficult Exam

Just like that, Long Chen became a probationary worker and received his status plate hung on his waist. The new workers had three days to learn their duties and rights.

With Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength, he memorized everything in just an hour. Normally, every new worker was given nine immortal crystals as a benefit, and it could be considered a gift to the newcomers. But Long Chen didn’t receive them because they were deducted from his salary. Long Chen’s vision was quite good to see that the teapot was not bad, resulting in him successfully entering.

Workers were only able to do some unskilled labor within the academy. Furthermore, their range was very limited.

After understanding the basics, Long Chen quickly found his opportunity. The workers here had a chance to take an exam to advance every five years. After passing this exam, they could obtain an even higher worker status and would then be qualified to participate in the disciple trials. If they made any outstanding achievements, they could become official disciples of the academy.

"Hehe, the chance has come."

Long Chen found where the examination was and walked in. Over ten people immediately shot up and stared at him nervously.

He was confused at first but quickly realized that his robes were different from their worker clothes. Based on their nervous expressions, they probably thought that he was the examiner.

"Sit, sit. No need to be nervous." Long Chen waved his hand.

Those people instantly sat, but their nerves were as tense as ever.

Long Chen said, "I’m not the main examiner but the assistant examiner. The main examiner suddenly had something coming up and told me to tell you that today’s examination is temporarily canceled. The exam can be made up next time. We will inform everyone of the details later."

Those people instantly relaxed. After that, they bowed to Long Chen and walked out. Once they were gone, Long Chen immediately sat in their place.

Less than an incense stick’s worth of time later, a slightly chubby middle-aged man walked in. Seeing that there was only one person present, he was confused. "Why is it just you?"

"I don’t know either." Long Chen shook his head.

The examiner looked around and then said, "Since it’s just you, let’s get right to it. I’m sure you were told the rules in advance."

"Yes." Long Chen nodded. Even though he didn’t actually know them, it didn’t matter.

"Good. You’re smart, unlike those fools who are short-sighted. Although you lose out on ten years of salary, you’ll get a chance to become a true disciple! This chance can allow you to soar high and far, and this chance is just around the corner for you! Little fellow, I look favorably upon you," praised the examiner.

At this moment, Long Chen realized why those people who had left looked as if they were relieved of a heavy burden. It seemed that this entire exam was a con.

Ten years of salary? In other words, just for this single chance, they would need to work for free for ten years. It went without saying that these ten years of salary would enter this fatty’s pocket.

These workers were already old and their talent was only average. What kind of joke was that? If their talent really was good, who would be a worker? Without any talent, how could they pass the trials and become a disciple? It was a giant joke.

The guilt he had felt due to tricking those people vanished. Now it seemed that he had saved them.

Presumably, those people were forced to take this exam whether they wanted to or not. Those that this fatty set his gaze on were all unlucky. Once they became the higher level workers, ten years of their salary would enter his pocket.

It was no wonder he was so fat. He was a master of eating other people’s profit. Long Chen didn’t know how many years it had been since he had encountered this kind of dark battle at the bottom class. Upon looking at this, it seemed that these battles were even more sinister and shameless than the battles of the cultivation world.

"Hehe, exactly. Their vision is short, and they don’t understand the importance of opportunities. Those are things that money can’t buy," chortled Long Chen.

"That’s right. They are fools. Little brother, you’re the smartest. Let’s go. I’ll handle the procedure for you. Although the next ten years of your salary will be mine, don’t worry, I won’t mistreat you. If your pockets are tight, just tell me. I’ll offer you the cheapest interest," promised the fatty.

Inside, Long Chen paid his respects to every woman in this fatty’s family. Not only did he con others, but he was even a loan shark. Once you borrowed money from him, would you ever be able to pay it within your lifetime?

This fatty’s guts were quite big. As soon as Long Chen asked, he directly lent Long Chen two thousand immortal crystals.

High level workers could obtain a hundred immortal crystals a month, but this fatty directly lent him two thousand. As for the so-called interest, Long Chen directly said that he trusted the fatty, delighting him.

What he didn’t know was that the money that Master Long San borrowed was never repaid. The fatty even enthusiastically treated Long Chen, letting him quickly receive the jade plate for the trial.

The rest of the time was just waiting for the trial. Three days later, Long Chen finally entered the place where the trial was being taken.

When he arrived, he was completely dumbfounded. Each person had a small table with a scroll on it, and there were various questions on the crystal wall.

Upon seeing those questions, Long Chen’s head buzzed. All his previous confidence evaporated.

These questions were about the times of ancient battles, the locations of wars between gods and devils, and amazing figures that had changed the battlefield. Long Chen didn’t know the answer to even one of them. These were all things that had happened in the immortal world, so how could he possibly know?

"Cheating! You used Spiritual Strength to peep at others. You’re disqualified."

A bark rang out, and an examiner picked up a participant like a chicken and tossed him out.

Long Chen began to sweat. He had just been planning on using his Spiritual Strength to stealthily check other people’s answers. But someone was caught before him.

There were all kinds of exam questions. History, geography, music, forging, formations, cultivation, alchemy, soul arts, healing, and dozens of other studies. The ones that made Long Chen feel the most speechless were the ones like divination, carving, and fengshui. He felt like he was going to go crazy.

Long Chen ended up handing over blank responses for most of the questions. He was only able to write a bit for cultivation, forging, and formations. But fortunately, he was confident in getting full marks on the alchemy section.

Once the examination was over, Long Chen returned to await news. Even as a high level worker, his range of movement was limited, so he still couldn’t enter the true academy.

However, Long Chen was already quite satisfied. This path of his was already much faster than others. Those people were still in line, while he had finished the examination. He also had two thousand immortal crystals.

Even high level workers couldn’t enter the academy to buy and sell things, so they could only buy things from the fatty. It went without saying that the fatty would increase the price. However, that was fine. Long Chen directly bought three Mortal Ascension Pills from him to force out his mortal aura.

Only once his mortal aura was forced out would the immortal spiritual qi be able to enter his body without impediment. Three Mortal Ascension Pills cost Long Chen all his immortal crystals, so Long Chen borrowed some more from the fatty. In the end, he borrowed from him five times to buy thirteen Mortal Ascension Pills. That forced out less than half of his mortal aura. After that, the fatty refused to lend him any further money.

Perhaps he thought that the money that Long Chen owed him would already take three hundred years of work to repay, so any further lending would be too dangerous.

On this day, the results of the examination were posted, so Long Chen hastily rushed to check the results.

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