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Chapter: 180

u Ge took the steaming hot murky black bowl of medicine from Ji Ling Xue, drinking it up in one, he placed the bowl to the side, Ru Ge stared into Ji Ling Xue's eyes, waiting for her answer.

Her eyes were as bright as the first day he saw her, they held a bright starlight, they couldn't be replaced.

Ji Ling Xue pointed at the white head of hair scattered behind Ru Ge's back, "Why don't you tell me first, what happened with your white hair?"

Ru Ge calmly smiled, "I asked first, you ought to reply to me first, why did you come to Jiayu mountain pass alone by yourself to find me, why did prince Chen only send one secret guard to protect you, is he not afraid something will happen to you?"

Hearing this, Ji Ling Xue lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes obstructed the surging emotions in her eyes.

Ru Ge looked at Ji Ling Xue, continuing to say: "Could something have happened inside Dongqi capital?"

Ji Ling Xue still didn't respond.

Ru Ge continued to guess, "Is it related to me?"

The waves of continuous assassinations made Ru Ge realise, there was someone who didn't want him to come into Dongqi and make peace, apart from the ambitious and forceful Yuchi Gong Ru, also...Dongqi's emperor.

He had already made his way, he didn't give up halfway, even if Dongqi's capital city was the heart of the tiger's den, he still needed to go, not just because he was concerned about the people beneath him, wanting peace and less fighting, every time a war began, the people become destitute and homeless, soldiers fight on bloody battlefields, it made him think a lot.

Ji Ling Xue raised her head, putting on an indifferent smile, "Yes, it has a little to do with you, let's say I was implicated by you."

Her background was made an issue of by someone who wanted to plot against her, Xiao Yi Mo listened to the rumours, believing she would be harmful by Xiao Yi Chen's side, wanting a reason to kill her, in order to protect her, Xiao Yi Chen had issued seven types of grounds for a husband to cast off his wife in front of the entire prince Chen's residence and demoted her to concubine.

This was just one thing after the other, Xiao Yi Chen probably didn't expect someone to use Ji Yu Qing's death to frame her, she had no witnesses or evidence, it was hard to argue, even though Xiao Yi Chen locked her up in the prison for her own safety, she couldn't avoid being secretly attacked by the person behind it.

Now her and Xiao Yi Chen had come to a good conclusion, they were both well.

Ru Ge said: "I already guessed, Dongqi's emperor has been sending soldiers willing to die after me, I did send a letter to prince Chen asking about your safety, but afterwards I was being chased down by Yuchi Gong Ru, I fell to the bottom of the cliff and lost communication with prince Chen, while I was worrying over your safety I was still glad prince Chen was treating you so well, he would definitely protect you completely, I didn't think..."

Ji Ling Xue gave a light chuckle, "Sworn brother really is clever, I haven't said anything but you've already guessed it, don't blame Xiao Yi Chen either, I was the only one to decide on leaving the capital, he still doesn't know anything..."

Ru Ge looked like an elder brother, feeling resentful towards him for failing to meet his expectations, "You, how can you defend prince Chen like this?"

Ji Ling Xue shrugged, "I'm not defending him, it's a fact."

Ru Ge sighed, "Since you're here, stay with me, I will help you find a man who is worth entrusting your life to."

Ji Ling Xue: "..."

Ru Ge smiled: "Xue Er, are you being shy? Are you worried having married once before, you won't find a good man? Our Dayan enjoys marriages freely, there's a lot of women who remarry, you don't need to worry about that."

Ji Ling Xue eyes looked over Ru Ge's white hair, "Cough, cough, sworn brother don't tease me, tell me what happened to your hair?"

Hair turning white before turning old, most people attached great importance to appearance, he was one of those who actually didn't.

Ru Ge looked down at the few strands of white hair over his chest, raising his head he smiled: "I don't know when my hair turned white, maybe it was when I was in that pitch black cave?"

Ji Ling Xue, "..."

She had heard about people's hair turning white over night, she had thought it was an exaggeration, she didn't think it was true.

The two talked back and forth, in a blink it was already noon, An Ge knocked on the door: "Mistress."

Ji Ling Xue said: "Come in to speak."

Early this morning, she had sent An Ge out to listen to the news, see what was happening in Dongqi, then decide whether or not to enter the capital.

An Ge said: "Mistress, this subordinate heard some news..." The last word was dragged out, looking at Ji Ling Xue, his expression was one of helplessness as to where to begin.

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, "What news?"

An Ge arranged his thoughts saying: "Prince Chen forced an abdication..."

Forced an abdication!?

Ji Ling Xue's eyes grew wide, only after a long time did she say: "Was it successful?" If he wasn't it would mean beheading for a huge crime, Xiao Yi Chen had the guts!

Thinking of the gold mine at the border, the master blacksmith Xiao Yi Chen had found to design weapons, he had indeed had plans to rebel right? That's right, princes liked to steal the throne which represented the highest power.

An Ge nodded, "En, success, he ascended the throne as emperor three days ago, he posthumously conferred you as empress, the people are currently speculating, prince Chen got angry over a beauty, he conquered the country for his first wife, praising him for being a passionate and righteous man."

Ji Ling Xue's lips twitched, Ru Ge made a fist placing it by his lips, coughing.

An Ge gave a mischevious laugh, he was secretly delighted, mistress, you're happy right, prince Chen actually has you in his heart, he sought revenge for you so beautifully.

Ji Ling Xue changed topics asking: "There's no other news?"

Xiao Yi Mo had been dragged down from the throne, did it mean the assassination attempts against Ru Gee would stop?


An Ge nodded, currently no one else was looking for Ru Ge, it ought to be safe.

Ji Ling Xue turned to look at Ru Ge asking: "Where's your delegation?"

Ru Ge said: "The delegation entered Dongqi before me, after I was plotted against by Yuchi Gong Ru and forced down the cliff I lost contact with them, as for the matter of Yuchi Gong Ru, I have already sent a letter back to Dayan, I'm sure news will be received in a few days."

Yuchi Gong Ru had planned to destroy the peace negotiations with one stroke, let him reflect on himself in that miasma at the bottom of the cliff.

Two days later, Dayan's delegation found Ru Ge, after repeatedly praising and giving their regards, they surrounded Ru Ge to discuss whether they should carry on East to Dongqi or return to Dayan.

Ji Ling Xue stayed as Ru Ge's sworn sister, she heard the delegation split into two sides fiercely debating.

"Second prince, you know there's something behind the difficulties in travelling to Dongqi this time, we already reached the border but the assassinations continued, it seems the emperor of Dongqi is unwilling to negotiate, why don't we go home from here?"

"Second prince, we absolutely cannot return to Dayan, we have faced so many difficulties and dangers for the sake of peace and avoiding conflict for the people, if you give up, what will happen to the people of Dayan?"

Ru Ge lowered his head, playing with the bloody bandage on his hand, he didn't speak, the two groups began to fight over the topic again.

"Negotiating peace is good for all the people, Dayan can exchange necessary cloth and food with Dongqi, obstructing this in everyway, what's the point?"

"The second prince's life is related to the future of Dayan, why don't you consider that first?"

Ji Ling Xue turned to look at Ru Ge, he was still composed, lettingĀ  the delegation quarrel in a complete mess, the two groups were angry, if they weren't urged to calm down they would break into a fight.

Ru Ge smiled shaking his head, indicating these court officials were only all talk, they were filled with pompous words, if it came to fighting, they would run away quicker than anyone.

A quarter of an hour later, the two groups still hadn't argued a solution, they looked at Ru Ge, asking him to make a decision.

Ru Ge looked at Ji Ling Xue: "Return to Dayan with me."

Ji Ling Xue was stunned, since leaving prince Chen's residence, all she was focused on was rescuing Ru Ge, she still hadn't considered what path she would take in the future, now Xiao Yi Chen had become the emperor of Dongqi, the people who wanted to kill her were also wiped out, what did she want to do by staying in Dongqi?

It was at this moment, An Ge said at the door, "Second prince, mistress, someone has come from the capital!"

Ji Ling Xue turned to look at the door, she saw someone in palace eunuch outfit walk over holding a bright imperial edict up high, "Second prince of Dayan receive the imperial decree!"

Ru Ge looked profoundly at the bright yellow imperial decree in the eunuch's hand, it really was perfect timing, like it was scheduled.

The decree more or less stated we are very happy with Dayan's second prince's thoughtfulness towards the people, we heard you came to Dongqi, we are content, we dispatched our armoured horsemen to escort the second prince into the capital.

After receiving the grace, the eunuch cupped his hands at Ru Ge, giving him an inviting gesture, Ru Ge turned to look at Ji Ling Xue beside him.

Ji Ling Xue smiled, the two walked out side by side, sitting in the imperial carriage, the carriage was spacious, Ji Ling Xue touched a convex with her finger, it popped open, inside was a pot of tea leaves.

Ji Ling Xue took out the tea leaves, pouring it into the red clay teapot on the small table, then she added hot water, the smell of tea rose in spirals filling the carriage.

Ji Ling Xue smiled: "A carriage sent by the emperor is so comfortable, there's everything you want."

Ru Ge laughed, taking a jade cup he placed it in front of Ji Ling Xue, Ji Ling Xue filled his cup, she pursed her lips and he said: "The tea is rich and mellow, it's a good pot of tea," As he spoke he put the cup down and looked at Ji Ling Xue asking, "Coming to the capital with me, have you thought about how you'll face him?"

Ji Ling Xue raised her hand to touch her cheek, she smiled: "I'm currently Zhi Xue, your adopted sister, have I seen the Dongqi emperor before?"

Ru Ge gave a bright smile, "Zhi Xue, the name is very nice."

Ji Ling Xue stuck out her tongue, not paying attention to Ru Ge, she pushed aside the curtain and looked at the landscape outside.

The armoured horsemen protected the carriage, it was a pleasant journey, in less than three days they smoothly arrived at the capital, the last night they spent at the relay station outside the capital, after eating dinner, Ji Ling Xue felt sleepy, she returned to her room.

After Ru Ge and the eunuch who gave the imperial edict exchanged a few pleasantries they returned to their rooms, passing by Ji Ling Xue's room, Ru Ge tapped on it but didn't see Ji Ling Xue respond.

"Zhi Xue, are you asleep?" Ru Ge asked.

The room remained silent, Ru Ge pushed the door open and went in, the room was empty, the bedding was neatly placed, only Ji Ling Xue was missing, that girl disappeared as soon as she returned to the capital, where did she go? They were currently by the west city gate, could she have gone to Qingfengyashe?

Ru Ge coughed, a secret guard came down from the roof, respectfully kneeling in greetings.

Ru Ge said: "Do you know which direction Zhi Xue's secret guard took her in?"

The secret guard said: "East."

It was indeed Qingfengyashe, Ji Ling Xue did after all establish that restaurant by herself, there were a lot of memories there.

Ru Ge turned and jumped out of the window, his figure disappearing into the darkness instantly

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