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Chapter: 182

Seeing Mo Xiang's pale face, Ji Ling Xue patted her on the shoulder, smiling: "What are you afraid of, would I, your mistress lead you into a trap."

Mo Xiang's lips twitched: Mistress, the emperor definitely wouldn't blame you, us small fries would be the ones to suffer...

An Ge sympathetically looked at Mo Xiang, him and the mistress had fled through death, the emperor could only take it out on Mo Xiang in his anger, "Mo Xiang, why don't you do what I did, die once before the emperor?"

Ji Ling Xue shook her head: "The same trick, its fine once or twice, but three times, do you think Xiao Yi Chen is an idiot?"

An Ge lowered his head in silence, Ji Ling Xue turned to pick up a box of rouge and applied it onto Mo Xiang's face, on half her face was a red birth mark, under such a cover, the first thing people notice would be Mo Xiang's birth mark, and wouldn't notice anything else.

Ji Ling Xue then picked up a brush and drew a mole on the other side of Mo Xiang's face, with this, even less people would look at Mo Xiang's face.

"Success!" Ji Ling Xue put the brush away, proudly admiring her own work.

Mo Xiang blinked, picking up the bronze mirror she took a look, she almost cried at her ugliness, mistress, you're really talented!

When Ru Ge returned to the relay station, the elite troop had just searched the place, Ji Ling Xue had already been prepared, after the elite troops finished their search and found nothing they left, as soon as the elite troop disappeared, Mo Xiang let out a long breath.

The room door was knocked on, scaring Mo Xiang to gasp and choke, coughing several times, Ru Ge said: "Younger sister, are you asleep?"

Having spent the last few days with Ji Ling Xue, he called Ji Ling Xue from "Xue Er" to "younger sister", it was a very intimate way of addressing her, he liked it.

Ji Ling Xue opened the door, Ru Ge stood at the  door with bright eyes, even though he smelt of alcohol, he wasn't drunk at all.

Ru Ge glanced at Mo Xiang, smiling at Ji Ling Xue: "Younger sister is indeed smarter than others."

Ji Ling Xue mocked: "Brother flatter me, is there something fun going on?"

Ru Ge shook his head, he just wanted to take a look at her, knowing she was here he could be at ease.

Once Ru Ge left, Mo Xiang said: "Mistress, prince Ru Ge is really great." If it wasn't for his guidance, she would have been taken to the imperial prison for interrogations.

The next day, Ji Ling Xue woke up later than usual, Ru Ge also hadn't come to rush her, letting Chi Feng and the others who came to welcome them wait outside in the wind.

When Ji Ling Xue went downstairs, she felt there was something wrong with the atmosphere, Ru Ge sat at a table, the food laid out was everything that she liked, Chi Feng sat opposite him with his arms crossed, using his actions to show he was dissatisfied.

Hearing sound of footsteps, Ru Ge turned to Ji Ling Xue and waved his hand: "I knew you would wake up around this time, the dishes were just served and are still hot."

Chi Feng looked at Ji Ling Xue strangely, "Is this the princess for peace?"

"No." Ji Ling Xue and Ru Ge spoke at the same time.

Ru Ge: I don't mind a marriage of peace, but I won't allow Ji Ling Xue to be in Xiao Yi Chen's arms again, he needed to find a heroic Dayan husband for Ji Ling Xue, Dayan men were very protective of their wives, one man could only marry one woman, not like Dongqi's wife and concubines.

Chi Feng gave an oh, fortunately this wasn't the case, based on this princess's appearance, even he couldn't accept her, let alone the honourable emperor.

Ji Ling Xue didn't know what Chi Feng was thinking, she turned to smile at Ru Ge, Ru Ge was still the one who understands he.

After eating breakfast, Ru Ge got into the carriage pulling on Ji Ling Xue's hand and was escorted into the city by Chi Feng, the streets were noisy, the citizens of the city stood on either side of the street stretching their necks to see who was inside the carriage, supposedly this was the second prince of Dayan, coming for a peace marriage, sadly the curtains of the carriage remained closed, their curiosity couldn't be satisfied.

Chi Feng sat on a high horse, ocassionally looking in the direction of the carriage, this was the first time the Dayan princess came to Dongqi's capital city, her accent just now sounded very local? Even though she only said a word, but he felt there was something strange about it.

Inside the carriage, Ru Ge said: "I'm going to the palace to pay my respects, do you want to come with me or rest at the relay station?"

Ji Ling Xue said: "Enter the palace, I'm still more familiar to the palace than you."

Ru Ge gave a light chuckle, "You're probably unable to forget a certain someone so you want to take a look." It was such a bad excuse, it was easy to see through at a glance.

Ji Ling Xue coughed, covering it up only makes matters worse: "That's not it, I'm worried brother will be in danger in the palace."

Ru Ge laughed, not saying anymore.

Chi Feng's voice came from outside the carriage, "Second prince, princess, do you want to take a rest at the relay station first, or enter the palace with me to see the emperor?"

Ru Ge said: "No need, we rested enough last night, it's more important to see the emperor."

Chi Feng nodded, "Fine, then I'll listen to the second prince." He changed the direction of the carriage and spoke to the imperial guards leading the way, the group slowly headed in the direction of the palace.

Inside the imperial study, Xiao Yi Chen held a memorial as he listened to his subordinate report Ru Ge had already entered the city, there was also a princess with him.

Xiao Yi Chen nodded, "Has Mo Xiang been found yet?" A girl with no martial arts, he had sent so many elite troops, spending an entire night they couldn't even find a trace of her.

The commanding guard said: "In response to the emperor, Mo Xiang has yet to be found, the elite troops has searched the eight hundred lis surrounding Guanyin temple, there was nothing, it's reasonable to say the empress's body has yet turned cold, she was supposed to keep watch beside her tomb, how can she suddenly disappear? Did imperial uncle use his remaining opportunities to take revenge?"

A cold smile appeared on Xiao Yi Chen's lips, the temperature dropped, the commanding guard lowered his head, fingers trembling slightly, the coldness was formidable, the current emperor angered easily.

Xiao Yi Chen said: "We only want to move the empress's tomb to the imperial tomb, how can nothing be successful, continue to search."


The commanding guard raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat, "Yes, this subordinate shall leave."

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Has the empress's tomb been dug up and placed inside the temple?"

"Yes your majesty." The commanding guard bowed even lower.

Xiao Yi Chen stood up ordering: "We're going to Guanyin temple!"

The commanding officer's face was filled with black lines, "But the second prince of Dayan is almost at the palace?" It wasn't good to leave the city now?

Xiao Yi Chen waved his hand: "When he enters the palace just let him wait."

Ru Ge cared about Ji Ling Xue, he should understand how he was feeling right now.

Thus, when Ji Ling Xue and Ru Ge entered the palace they were informed by an eunuch that the emperor was currently resting, resting was a lie, leaving the palace was the truth, but the imperial family needed to keep their honour, of course they wouldn't say it outright, there had to be a pretty excuse.

Ru Ge and Ji Ling Xue was settled into the side palace hall to rest, the eunuch also left.

Ru Ge saw there was a chess board on the table, his spirits suddenly lifted: "Younger sister are you willing to play chess with me? Since the emperor is resting, he won't see us for a while, it's still early, why don't we pass the time by playing chess." As he spoke he sat on the mat placed in front of the table.

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, sitting opposite Ru Ge, pointing at the chessboard she said: "I don't know how to play Go." Don't be hard on me, it isn't honourable to win against someone who can't play.

"No problem, I'll teach you." Ru Ge looked extremely patient, making a please gesture, he indicated for Ji Ling Xue to pick a piece.

Ji Ling Xue picked white, placing a piece down on the board, looking relaxed.

Ru Ge smiled, picking up a black piece he placed it beside Ji Ling Xue's white: "Why don't we guess, what he went to do?" Of course he meant Xiao Yi Chen.

Ji Ling Xue: "Aren't you asking a question you already know, the eunuch already said he was resting."

In the middle of the day, he was resting precisely when they entered the palace, it was clearly intentional, fortunately it was a different emperor, otherwise she would have started to suspect leaving them alone was to hide a plot.

Ru Ge said: "You believe such words, I don't."

Ji Ling Xue shrugged, continuing to play, she looked around, making sure no one could hear she then said: "Even if exposed, he won't find Mo Xiang and could only be angry at himself."

Ru Ge played a piece and looked at Ji Ling Xue: "Do you think he'll suspect you?"

Ji Ling Xue lowered her head to look at her Dayan style clothes, shaking her head: "I won't expose myself." If she didn't want to leave Xiao Yi Chen, she wouldn't have faked her death to leave him.

"Then I'm relieved." Ru Ge smiled, Xiao Yi Chen had hurt his younger sister, he will protect her to the death this time.

Ru Ge's guess was correct, Xiao Yi Chen couldn't bear not to open the coffin inside Guanyin temple, even though he knew it wasn't reasonable, not respectful to the dead, his longing for her over the last half a month, he knew the coffin would contain an ugly and strange body, but he still wanted to see.

However he didn't expect the coffin to contain a secret, apart from a few items of clothing Ji Ling Xue previously wore, he couldn't even see a single bone, it was only a cenotaph at the Guanyin temple.

Mo Xiang had mysteriously disappeared, the clothes inside the coffin, made him question this matter.

Xiao Yi Chen got more and more angry as he thought about it, he sent someone to dig up the random grave, sure enough, it was exactly as he thought, An Ge's body was not inside.

Could Ji Ling Xue still be alive, she was good at poisons, as a person who invented poisons maybe she made one which could fake death.

Xiao Yi Chen felt he had been played, in an extremely bad mood he went to prince Chen's residence, even though he had moved into the palace, the furniture in the residence remained the same as before, they were cleaned thoroughly by the servants.

The guards watching over the prince's residence were all his trusted men, Xiao Yi Chen came to the side courtyard with a heavy heart, this was the last place Ji Ling Xue lived at, after the side courtyard had been struck by lightening, he found a skilled craftsmen to repair it, the arrangements were exactly as when Ji Ling Xue previously lived there, only the old fashioned furniture had been swapped with brand new ones.

Under the large bed, inside the large wooden box was Ji Ling Xue's poisons, he had gotten Bai Mo to look over them, everything inside them were poisons, there were no less than three hundred types.

They however couldn't find the poison Ji Ling Xue had taken, Xiao Yi Chen found a chair to sit on, he sat their motionlessly, the sun gradually set, dusk enveloped the land.

"Your majesty...your majesty?" The eunuch standing at the door cautiously called Xiao Yi Chen.

Xiao Yi Chen collected his thoughts and asked: "Has Mo Xiang or An Ge been found?"

The eunuch knelt on the ground with a bang and kowtowed, "Your majesty please punish me!"

Xiao Yi Chen stood up looking at the sky where a few stars hung: "Since it's so late...the two of them are probably in hiding, how can it be easy to find them..."

The eunuch didn't dare to even breath, until Xiao Yi Chen said to return to the palace, then did he slowly get up, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

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