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Chapter: 183

 Ru Ge's clear voice came from the side palace hall, "Younger sister you lost! Quickly bring your head over here."

Ji Ling Xue shook her head, "No, I already said I didn't know how to play but you didn't go easy on me, this round doesn't count, play again."

Ru Ge helplessly said: "Fine, this time how many pieces should I give you?"

Ji Ling Xue counted her fingers and stuck up four.

Ru Ge raised an eyebrow: "Four pieces?" Just now he had given her three pieces, she had hesitated for a while just for another piece, she'll still lose, can one piece allow her to win?

Ji Ling Xue's lips lifted, she waved her hand: "Forty."

Ru Ge: "..." Was there any point to play, he regretted a little playing with Ji Ling Xue. 

Ji Ling Xue looked at Ru Ge: "Brother, what is that expression?"

Xiao Yi Chen who walked to the side palace door was shocked, this did it sound like Ji Ling Xue? He couldn't help speed up, he pushed open the door and rushed in, inside Ji Ling Xue was standing up, stooping over to face Ru Ge, the two looked very intimate, hearing the noise from the door, the two turned to look at the same time.

Xiao Yi Chen looked over Ji Ling Xue, his happy heart sank, the more hope the greater the disappointment, the woman's skin in front of him was very tanned, thick brows and colourful makeup, how could she be Ji Ling Xue.

The disappointment in Xiao Yi Chen's eyes was seen by Ji Ling Xue, she couldn't help sigh in relief on the inside, she was almost found out.

Ru Ge smiled as he stood cupping his hands at Xiao Yi Chen in greetings: "Greetings emperor of Dongqi." Estrangement and civilities in his tone.

Xiao Yi Chen waved his hand, he was more preoccupied by the business of Ji Ling Xue, "Ru Ge, you're Xue Er's sworn brother and our brother, you don't need to give such greetings."

Ru Ge smiled, "The courtesy between a minister and his ruler cannot be disregarded."

Xiao Yi Chen said: "We need to apologise to you, we also felt angered by Xiao Yi Mo sending assassins after you, now on seeing you're safe, we can be at ease."

Ru Ge nodded, "The journey to Dongqi this time was very dangerous, luckily it's in the past, for the safety of the people of Dayan, both countries should trade, start a friendship, this was worth it."

Xiao Yi Chen smiled: "Ru Ge it's great that you declare such virtuous things."

"I almost forgot to introduce, this is this prince's younger sister Zhi Xue." Ru Ge introduced.

"We had something to deal with just now, neglected you and the princess, we are very sorry, we have arranged for a banquet in the imperial garden to welcome you and the princess."

"Many thanks Donqi emperor." Ji Ling Xue bowed, smiling.

Xiao Yi Chen's fingers trembled and heart shuddered, why did he feel like Ji Ling Xue was speaking to him? He stared at Ji Ling Xue with suspicion.

Ji Ling Xue smiled calmly, showing two black teeth, Xiao Yi Chen looked away, making an inviting gesture to Ru Ge.

Imperial garden, a lantern was placed every five steps, lighting the garden up like it was daytime, the sound of qin was heard, threads of it wafting through the air, it made people feel relaxed and unburdened.

Ji Ling Xue looked left and right, when Xiao Yi Chen was still prince Chen, there were two imperial concubines, one concubine, now that he was the emperor, there would at least be ten beauties in the harem if not a hundred? This was also another reason why she didn't want to reveal herself to Xiao Yi Chen, even though she also liked Xiao Yi Chen, but Xiao Yi Chen couldn't give her what she wanted, she would only feel wronged being together, it was better to be apart and be well.

Xiao Yi Chen walked in front of Ji Ling Xue, when he turned his head he saw Ji Ling Xue look around, he couldn't help ask out of curiosity: "Zhi Xue princess what are you looking for?"

Ji Ling Xue smiled: "It's said there are three thousand beauties in the emperor's harem, why haven't a single beauty been seen on this walk."

Xiao Yi Chen's lips twitched, he didn't think Dayan princess would be so nosey, what did he matter to her how many beauties he had?

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Our imperial concubine died a month ago from illness, we are very sad, we are now on the throne, we have no mood to deal with other matters."

After his trip to Guanyin temple today, he suspected Ji Ling Xue hadn't died, thus he only used the excuse of Ji Yu Qing's death to not be in the mood to bring in other daughters of officials into the palace.

When Ji Ling Xue heard these words she however felt something else, not bringing beauties into the harem because of his sadness over Ji Yu Qing's death, such an emotional emperor.

At first she had felt a little guilty towards Xiao Yi Chen, because her fake death had brought him pain, now this had disappeared like bubbles.

Ru Ge glanced at Ji Ling Xue, changing topics he said: "I haven't been able to contact Xue Er for a while, I wonder if she is doing well?"

Xiao Yi Chen lowered his eyes: "Xue Er has caught a cold, it's not convenient for her to have visitors."

Ji Ling Xue's lips twitched, such an excuse, why didn't he already announce she was dead, why did he send troops to look for Mo Xiang last night? Could he really suspect she wasn't dead?

"Your majesty, it's found!" A sudden resounding and excited man's voice was heard, Ji Ling Xue and Ru Ge turned to look at the same time, they saw the commanding guard from last night striding over to Xiao Yi Chen in armour.

Xiao Yi Chen smiled apologetically at Ru Ge, he turned and led the commanding guard in armour to the corner to talk, the eunuch politely invited Ru Ge and Ji Ling Xue to sit, a maid presented delicacies to the small tables in front of Ru Ge and Ji Ling Xue.

Ji Ling Xue ate without tasting the food, she poked the food in front of her with her chopsticks, at this moment Xiao Yi Chen had slowly returned to his seat, raising a toast to Ru Ge: "Ru Ge, we drink a toast to you, you've suffered travelling to Dongqi."

Ru Ge said it wasn't bad, holding a cup he drained it in one.

Xiao Yi Chen continued to say: "Just now our trusted commander told us, a maid was found inside your carriage, she looked very much like Mo Xiang, we wanted to ask her a few questions but without any pressure she began to beg for forgiveness."


Ru Ge's hand stopped, he smiled: "This prince travelled pass the west of the city, I rested at the relay station on the outskirts overnight, I took in a girl, at that time she had concealed her face, I didn't know she was Mo Xiang."

Xiao Yi Chen gave an oh like if that's the case, seeing Ru Ge didn't appear to be lying, he didn't carry on.

Ru Ge however continued with this subject: "Mo Xiang is the personal maid of sworn sister, you just said sworn sister caught a cold, Mo Xiang wasn't taking care of her but left the palace?"

Xiao Yi Chen raised his head draining another cup of wine, saying stiffly: "We were lying just now, Ji Ling Xue died from poisoning half a month ago..."

Ru Ge's hand trembled, the chopsticks in his hand fell to the floor with a clatter, "What did you say?"

Ji Ling Xue had to secretly praise him: His acting really is amazing.

Xiao Yi Chen let out a deep sigh, "It's a long story..." He spoke  from Ji Ling Xue being framed, how he was worried for ji Ling Xue so locked her up in prison, but discovered she had taken poison herself.

"We ascended the throne to avenge her, imperial uncle's group has been cleanly destroyed by me, no one can hurt her, but no matter how I seek revenge, our heart is still empty, yesterday we announced to the world that Ji Ling Xue is the empress, the reason we looked for Mo Xiang was also because she was Xue Er's personal maid, we were planning to move Xue Er's grave to the imperial tomb, let Mo Xiang observe mourning there, but we didn't expect her to just disappear."

Ru Ge nodded, indicating he understood Xiao Yi Chen's sorrow, "How can sworn sister not think clearly...unless there was something else going on, maybe someone killed her?"

Xiao Yi Chen rested his forehead on his hand and shook his head, "We wish this was all a lie, we are very sorry to bring up such painful things, I'm afraid this welcome banquet cannot continue, we have to take care of the matter of Mo Xiang." As he spoke he stood up storming off in a huff.

Ji Ling Xue's followed Xiao Yi Chen's back with her eyes until all the palace maids had followed him out, only two maids remained to serve their dinner, Ji Ling Xue angrily said: "That person, how can he be like this?"

Just because he's the emperor why did he arrest Mo Xiang? 

Ru Ge used a new pair of chopsticks to pick up some food placing it into his mouth, smiling he said: "This meat was roasted quite well, try it."

JI Ling Xue picked up a piece but felt it was tasteless, she put her chopsticks down: "I'm done."

Ru Ge smiled shaking his head, eating so little, her mood was so easily affected by Xiao Yi Chen. How was Mo Xiang found, there were many suspicious points, before he and Ji Ling Xue left the carriage he told Mo Xiang to not leave for no reason, Mo Xiang was a cautious person, she wouldn't easily expose herself.

He could understand why Ji Ling Xue looked nervous, on one hand she was concerned Xiao Yi Chen would personally punish Mo Xiang, on the other hand she was worried Mo Xiang wouldn't be able to withstand it and tell him about her.

Ru Ge still calmly ate, this calmness was cultivated from years of living in an imperial family.

An incense stick later, he put down his chopsticks and said to the maid standing to the side: "It's rather late, the palace gates have already closed, where will this prince and his sister stay tonight?"

The maid responded: "In response to prince, a side palace hall has already been prepared, please follow this servant."

Ru Ge turned to wink at Ji Ling Xue, Ji Ling Xue's fidgety mood finally settled down a little.

A calming incense had been lit in the side palace hall, Ji Ling Xue looked at the way the side palace was arranged, she vaguely felt like she had returned to prince Chen's residence, the side palacce was arranged in the same way as the prince's residence.

After sending the maids away, Ji Ling Xue turned and walked into the room next door, Ru Ge sat in front of the short table, a chess piece in his hand as he played against himself, he knew Ji Ling Xue would come to find him.

Ru Ge smiled: "It's so late, why hasn't younger sister gone to bed yet, did you feel you didn't get too badly defeated today?"

JI Ling Xue halted in her steps, could someone be watching them?

Ji Ling Xue sat opposite Ru Ge, picking up a piece she said: "Yes, I played several rounds with older brother today, suddenly I'm addicted, you said you'll give me forty pieces and have yet to pay up."

Ru Ge laughed, Ji Ling Xue was really clever, he was worried Ji Ling Xue would expose herself.

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, using her eyes to ask Ru Ge if this was his meaning, Ru Ge said next to Ji Ling Xue's ear: "Xiao Yi Chen sent secret guards to watch us, you, keep calm, don't act blindly without thinking."

Ji Ling Xue's lips curled, what was Xiao Yi Chen still suspicious about?

Ru Ge said: "He still thinks you're Ji Ling Xue, that's why he used Mo Xiang to test you."

Ji Ling Xue pursed her lips, saying softly: "Mo Xiang and I have been mistress and servant for many years, I believe she won't betray me," she said this but couldn't help lack confidence, " you think he'll punish Mo Xiang?"

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