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Chapter: 184

Ru Ge smiled, "This question...I think you know the answer better than me, those two are the people closest to you."

Ji Ling Xue fell quiet for a moment, she was in a state of confusion out of concern, even though it was the person she was closest with, she no longer had the confidence from before, to believe them.

Ru Ge poured a cup of hot tea pushing it in front of Ji Ling Xue with a smile, "I will step in for you about this, even though you don't want to have any relationship with him anymore, don't so easily expose yourself."

To avoid falling deeper and deeper, Ji Ling Xue picked up the tea and drank a mouthful, sighing lightly.

In the imperial prison, Xiao Yi Chen sat in white on a chair, looking at Mo Xiang hanging on the wooden frame calmly and  unaffected.

The new emperor had ascended, he was the only one who didn't wear a dragon robe but a white robe, even though the officials had cautiously urged Xiao Yi Chen to wear the dragon robes to have the demeanour of an emperor, Xiao Yi Chen however sneered and refuted, "We are wearing white, one as memory to my deceased wife, second is to commemorate emperor father and empress mother, what is wrong with that?"

The officials were silenced by his retort, they didn't know what to say for a moment, you're the emperor, as long as you're happy.

Xiao Yi Chen stared into Mo Xiang's eyes, asking word by word: "We will ask you one more time, where is your mistress?"

Mo Xiang's mistress, of course was Ji Ling Xue.

Until today when he opened Ji Ling Xue's coffin, when she saw it was a cenotaph, he began to be sceptical as to whether Ji Ling Xue was dead, suddenly taking poison to kill herself, being hastily buried, he wasn't even able to see her last appearance, it made him very angry.

"Mistress is where she ought to be." Mo Xiang realistically answered, this answer was very standard, it wasn't lying to the emperor, her words carrying an implicit meaning, making Xiao Yi Chen pick up a mistake.

Xiao Yi Chen's lips gradually raised into a smile yet not a smile, he spread out his hands, someone delivered him a cup of tea.

He calmly blew on the tea, Xiao Yi Chen's words were colder than the wind in the middle of the winter, "It doesn't matter, the night is long, you can slowly recall where your mistress is for us?"

If the elite troops had not passed by Ru Ge's carriage and felt something was wrong, they wouldn't have found Mo Xiang who had changed her appearance, Mo Xiang had a guilty conscience anyway so she was very quickly caught by the experienced guards, a pail of cold water was splashed over her, the makeup on Mo Xiang's face was completely ruined, this made the elite guards very excited, they had found Mo Xiang, they can finally report back to the emperor.

Mo Xiang said: "This servant has already said."

The eunuch standing beside Xiao Yi Chen smiled coldly, "Your majesty, some people's lips are very stiff, do we need to use some device that can only pry open a very closed lip."

Xiao Yi Chen raised a finger, indicating the eunuch can do as he wished.

Mo Xiang's lisp trembled, there was a whip, pliers, short blade, truncheon carried over by the jailor, some even still had bloodstains on them, the previous person who was fortunate enough to have them used on them must have suffered a lot.

Mo Xiang's heart trembled, but she didn't dare give Ji Ling Xue away, her mistress's happiness was more important than her life.

The eunuch picked up the whip walking to Mo Xiang, "Miss Mo Xiang, you better tell the truth, avoid suffering pain, you also know, the emperor cares about the empress the most."

Mo Xiang said with a determined expression: "I already said, mistress is where she ought to be."

The eunuch shook his head in disappointment: "Since you're so stubborn, don't blame this old servant for being impolite." As he spoke he raised the whip in his hand brandishing it onto Mo Xiang's body, which a tear, her clothes were ripped by the whip, a long wound split open, it was so painful Mo Xiang's face paled, she couldn't help take in a cold breath.

She had only taken in half of this breath when the second and third whipping had already been brandished, Mo Xiang bit her lip open but still didn't cry out in pain, the eunuch issuing the punishment kind of admired her perseverance. 

After waving the whip ten times the eunuch stopped turning to look at Xiao Yi Chen, this was after all the empress's personal maid, if the empress was still alive she would blame the emperor for being so merciless towards her person.

Xiao Yi Chen stood up saying: "This will be all tonight." He walked out.

The moment he stepped out of the imperial prison, a guard came to report the movements at Ru Ge's side.

Xiao Yi Chen was rather disappointed, could he be wrong, that woman by Ru Ge's side really wasn't Ji Ling Xue?

Xiao Yi Chen returned to the imperial study not tired, he stared blankly at the painting of Ji Ling Xue hanging on the wall, the memories floated into his mind, suddenly he felt he couldn't breath properly.

Ji Ling Xue had what kind of temper? He remembered when he married her he had neglected her for a year, at that time Ji Yu Qing would often go to bully her, the maids and old maids in the residence also didn't like them, they were completely abandoned in the side courtyard to perish, she had endured all this suffering without taking poison to commit suicide, until that night when she married Ji Yu Qing and in their bridal room...

Xiao Yi Chen's hand tightened like he had grabbed hold of something.

He gradually was attracted to her and valued her, she entered his line of sight step by step, until she entered his life. Yet when he raised the issue of consummating their marriage, Ji Ling Xue could always find an excuse to refuse, they would argue then part on bad terms, it wasn't because it wasn't welcoming or unwanted, but to seek revenge on him, now she had done this, she faked her death to escape, disappearing from his life, An Ge was the same, what using death to apologise, it was only a smokescreen.

Ji Ling Xue, this is your plan?

The more Xiao Yi Chen thought, the more fidgety he got, pushing the door he walked out, he once again came to the imperial prison, this time it was different, he came by himself, he didn't put on the airs of an emperor.

Inside the prison cell, Mo Xiang leaned against the cold prison wall in so much pain she couldn't sleep, she raised her head looking at the limestone above her thinking about what Ji Ling Xue was doing right now, did she know she had been caught, would she rescue her?

As she was thinking about this, with a glance, Mo Xiang was shocked to see a white figure standing on the other side of the iron bars, it was really Xiao Yi Chen who had left and returned, he silently stood there, like a shadow was staring at her, making her scalp feel numb.

"Your majesty..." Mo Xiang muttered.

Xiao Yi Chen asked after a long period of silence, "Ji Ling Xue is still alive."


Mo Xiang was startled, a drop of cold sweat broke out on her forehead, her pupils shrank, she wanted to ask "how did you know?"

Xiao Yi Chen said: "You're nervous, it seems we guessed right, Ji Ling Xue isn't dead, that explains why the tomb by Guanyin temple only had a few items of clothing..."

Mo Xiang only felt her head go numb, for the first time she struggled to breath, just now he really was testing her, but she hadn't said anything, how could he confirm it's true?

Xiao Yi Chen asked: "Mo Xiang, your mistress did all this because she was disappointed in us?"

Mo Xiang lowered her eyes not willing to face Xiao Yi Chen anymore, afraid he would see through her thoughts, what's more her mistress's thoughts, how did she know?

Xiao Yi Chen asked again: "Our last question..." He deliberately dragged out the last word, he didn't continue speaking, waiting for Mo Xiang to raise her head he then continued, "An Ge isn't dead."

Mo Xiang nodded, since Xiao Yi Chen had already guessed, there wasn't much difference if she did or didn't answer.

Xiao Yi Chen nodded in acceptance, he turned and walked away, the white figure disappearing at the end of the prison.

Mo Xiang uttered: Mistress, I didn't betray you, it's prince...the emperor is too clever, he already guessed it all."

"Ahchoo!" Ji Ling Xue wiped her nose, who was talking about her behind her back, causing her to sneeze.

Ru Ge knocked on the table: "It's not early anymore, younger sister ought to go and rest, tomorrow...someone will come to test you."

Ji Ling Xue curled her lips, "You still haven't told me, what are you going to do about Mo Xiang?" She had after all committed the crime of deceiving the emperor, Xiao Yi Chen was still in a fit of anger, how can you easily save her.

Ru Ge laughed, "Xiao Yi Chen wouldn't do anything to Mo Xiang because of you, at most she'll only suffer some physical pain."

Ji Ling Xue sighed, "I've wronged her...I didn't protect her well..."

Early next morning, Yi Yun sent someone to send word to Ji Ling Xue on imperial orders to invite her to walk around the garden, a banquet was being hosted today at the palace, the unmarried girls of the official's families would attend, and could be considered covertly having a blind date with Ru Ge.

Since Dayan wants to negotiate peace with Dongqi, naturally a marriage of peace couldn't be left out, if Ru Ge saw someone he liked then that was great, if not he needed to continue to try and pick someone to marry, Xiao Yi Chen had just ascended the throne, there were no princesses of appropriate age, only a girl could be picked from the officials.

When Ji Ling Xue opened the door to see Ling Lan dressed in a palace maid uniform, her mood soured.

Ling Lan smiled and bowed: "This servant greets Dayan princess, princess has travelled so far to come here, my mistress has especially prepared breakfast for princess, please princess follow me."

Yi Yun was indeed still in the harem, she was the winner in the end, her and Ji Yu Qing had fought for so many years, yet were defeated by her the latecomer, now Yi Yun ought to be very pleased.

She heard there was a princess of Dayan in the palace, she was afraid she couldn't keep her imperial concubine status, therefore she found an excuse to take a look at her right.

Ji Ling Xue's lips raised into a cold smile: "Thank you maid, please lead the way."

Ling Lan led Ji Ling Xue through the garden, passing under layers of flowers, through a rockery pavilion, to Yi Yun's peony pavilion.

Yi Yun wore a sea blue gorgeous palace gown, her makeup was heavier than before, hearing footsteps, Yi Yun put down her tea cup and raised her head, meeting Ji Ling Xue's assessing gaze.

Their eyes met, they immediately looked away, Yi Yun smiled waving her hand at Ji Ling Xue: "Princess hurry and take a seat."

Ji Ling Xue had no intentions of kneeling and greeting Yi Yun, she walked opposite Yi Yun and sat down, impolitely picking up the chopsticks and began eating, doing what she wanted like she was eating in her own home.

Yi Yun's lips twitched, she was after all the mistress of this palace right?

Ji Ling Xue raised her head: "This petal cake is ok, this bird's nest has been stewed for too long, it doesn't taste good, this papaya..."

Yi Yun's face was covered with black lines, she coughed saying: "Princess has a picky taste, the imperial chef's skills are shunned by you, it seems you have eaten even better food."

Ji Ling Xue nodded.

Yi Yun continued: "Oh right, did princess come to my Dongqi for a marriage of peace?" The answer to this question was obvious, Yi Yun wanted to know if this princess of Dayan on seeing the peerlessly talented Xiao Yi Chen, was moved.

Ji Ling Xue smiled yet not a smile looking at Yi Yun, "Dayan and Dongqi are negotiating a long-lasting alliance, marriage of peace of course is natural."

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