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Chapter: 185

 Yi Yun's smile froze on her lips, the plates placed in front of Ji Ling Xue were empty, this Dayan princess could really eat!

Yi Yun however didn't forget about her important mission today, early this morning, Xiao Yi Chen came to find her, telling her to test this Dayan princess and check if her face was a disguise.

Collecting her thoughts, Yi Yun stood up saying: "Has the princess had her fill?"

Ji Ling Xue nodded her head, Yi Yun took out a handkerchief putting it in front of Ji Ling Xue: "Princess, there something dirty on your face, let this imperial concubine wipe it for you."

Ji Ling Xue avoided in annoyance, how can anyone touch her face?

"I don't dare to trouble you imperial concubine, I'll do it myself." She raised the corner of her sleeve, removing the pastry crumbs.

Yi Yun's expression stiffened, the two words "imperial concubine" made her very upset. Ji Ling Xue and Ji Yu Qing were dead, she had accompanied Xiao Yi Chen through his toughest days yet he still won't give her a position as an honoured concubine, now he was the ruler of the country, he however bestowed the title of empress on that dead Ji Ling Xue, she really didn't know what he was thinking.

The unwillingness only flashed through Yi Yun's eyes for a moment but it didn't escape Ji Ling Xue's notice.

Yi Yun put on an appropriate smile, "This imperial concubine will take you for a walk around." Conveniently let the country bumpkin princess of Dayan admire the flourishing palace.

Ji Ling Xue had no opinion about it, she walked side by side with Yi Yun in the garden, idly talking. Yi Yun only really wanted to know what the Dayan princess looked for in a husband, to help her choose someone.

Ji Ling Xue said exactly what she wanted, she liked a man who was a peerless talent, with incomparable power, great at martial arts to protect her.

Yi Yun processed this, why did it sound like Ji Ling Xue was talking about Xiao Yi Chen.

The more Yi Yun listened the worse her expression appeared, she was so ugly but she still wanted Xiao Yi Chen, the two of them had just arrived at a rockery, Yi Yun raised her foot to trip Ji Ling Xue.

Yi Yun: Why don't you look in the mirror at your face, you dare to think about my man, let me give you a little lesson, let you know how many levels there are on this earth!

She was really inappropriate, even if she offended Xiao Yi Chen, she would only blame this Dayan princess for failing to look where she was going, she could avoid responsibility.

In Yi Yun's mind Ji Ling Xue had already fallen over, falling forward, her originally ugly face would be scratched by the rockery, dripping with blood it would look horrifying, the more Yi Yun thought about it the more pleased she was, she couldn't help laugh aloud.

"Imperial concubine...are you alright?" Ji Ling Xue's calm cold voice came from beside her, it was like a basin of cold water had been poured over her, Yi Yun came back to her senses, looking at Ji Ling Xue's inquisitive expression in embarrassment.

Yi Yun smiled awkwardly: "That...I just thought of a joke, thinking about it I laughed..." Precisely it was because of that, she retracted her foot as she spoke.

Ji Ling Xue gave an oh, "I wonder what joke it is, why don't you share it with me?"

Yi Yun laughed, randomly telling a joke: "A long time ago, there was a blind person, even though he couldn't see, his nose was very sensitive, when he smells something he'll know what it is, a handsome scholar didn't believe it, so he gave books for him to smell, first he too out a . The blind man sniffed it and said it's . The scholar asked, how did you know? The blind man said, it has a little feminine quality, the scholar took out another book , the blind man smelled it and said this is . The scholar again asked, how did you know? The blind man said, this book has some weapons and soldiers smell. The scholar was very surprised, so he took out his own work for the blind man to smell, the blind man said, this is your work. The scholar asked, how did you know again? The blind man said, it has a bit of a rapeseed oil smell. Haha, isn't it funny."

Ji Ling Xue chuckled slightly, "I wonder if you're laughing about the scholar or the blind man, even though some people are indeed blind, the heart isn't."

Yi Yun's smile became rigid as she looked into Ji Ling Xue's eyes which held some deeper meaning, she didn't know if it was an illusion, but looking at the bright black eyes, Yi Yun felt they were rather familiar, where has she seen them before, she couldn't recall at that moment.

Yi Yun said: "Princess is right, let's go, through the water pavilion ahead we'll reach the banquet, those young ladies of officials are waiting there."

Ji Ling Xue nodded and slowly followed behind Yi Yun, preventing her from the opportunity to once again trip her up.

To Ji Ling Xue whatever imperial banquet was boring to her, the young ladies of influential families gathering, they only spoke about which man was handsome, which jewellery store had nice jewellery, or what was the current trend in clothing.

Ji Ling Xue who didn't know anyone was very soon left alone in a corner drinking tea and enjoying the breeze, a young eunuch hurried over to Yi Yun whispering in her ear, Yi Yun shook her head, turning to look in the direction of Ji Ling Xue.

She had missed her opportunity, she couldn't possibly test if the Dayan princess's face was a disguise.

The eunuch took his leave, before he left he glanced in Ji Ling Xue's direction.

 Ji Ling Xue held a small stick to pick up a piece of fruit from the platter placing it into her mouth, her gaze swept over the water pavilion, she turned then walked out, she stood at the corner of the railing, sprinkling crumbs of the pastries into the water, watching those koi swim about, a slight smile on her face.

Suddenly from behind her she heard "His majesty has arrived!" The originally bustling water pavilion immediately quietened down everyone prostrated themselves to welcome Xiao Yi Chen, Xiao Yi Chen turned, standing she bowed in greeting, she didn't think of kneeling to greet Xiao Yi Chen.

Xiao Yi Chen walked beside Ru Ge, the two handsome men walked shoulder to shoulder, each of their appearances had their own merit.

Ji Ling Xue walked to Ru Ge's side, Ru Ge said: "I didn't see you early this morning, I was so worried."

Xiao Yi Chen replied for Ji Ling Xue: "It's was we who asked Yi Yun to take the princess around, their both ladies so they must have something to talk about."

Ru Ge looked at Ji Ling Xue inquisitively, Ji Ling Xue shook her head, indicating she was alright.

Xiao Yi Chen raised his hand: "Everyone get up, today the second prince of Dayan and the princess of Dayan personally came to negotiate peace, the entire country celebrates, do as you wish."

Xiao Yi Chen's words were these, but he was a dignified emperor, who dared to act as they wish in front of him.

The beginning of spring sun was warm, the peach blossoms were blooming, the corridor of water pavilion was a elegant scene, Xiao Yi Chen began to compose a poem, then several younger generations of the imperial family also composed a few verses, others all echoed saying it was good.

Ji Ling Xue yawned, Ru Ge passed a piece of already peeled orange to Ji Ling Xue, saying quietly; "An Ge told me, Mo Xiang has been locked up in the imperial prison, before I asked Xiao Yi Chen for her, he however didn't agree, it seems he wants to use Mo Xiang to lure you out, your relationship is deep, he knows for sure you won't overlook Mo Xiang's life or death."

Ji Ling Xue lowered her eyes, "I understand."


Ru Ge said: "You need to think about it carefully, Mo Xiang is only a maid, she doesn't compare to your happiness, he is the lofty ruler of a country, you will face him adding beautiful women involuntarily into his harem, the harem door's are deep, you only see new people smiling and not old people crying."

Ji Ling Xue pursed her lips, stuffing the piece of orange into her mouth without tasting it, she swallowed the tasteless orange, Ji Ling Xue said: "Ru Ge, don't you know, Mo Xiang isn't a maid to me, she was born of a lowly status, but she is the last companion my mother left me, when I was poisoned, it was Mo Xiang who slowly pulled me back from death's door."

Ru Ge was shocked, the hand holding the wine cup stiffened, he didn't know about this, Ji Ling Xue also never mentioned it, so Mo Xiang was this important to her.

Ru Ge placed his hand on Ji Ling Xue's shoulder, Ji Ling Xue's body stiffened, she turned to look at him, Ru Ge smiled: "Stupid girl, I'm your brother, I can do anything for you, I said I'll deal with this matter, I won't disappoint you."

Ji Ling Xue blinked, she was at a loss, could there be an even better method?

Ru Ge said: "Of course."

Not far away, Xiao Yi Chen languidly leaned against the back of his chair, looking in Ru Ge's direction from time to time, a young eunuch came running over with tiny steps to Xiao Yi Chen's side, saying in a whisper: "Your majesty, imperial concubine Yun said there's nothing strange."

Nothing can that be?

Because Mo Xiang had used makeup to change her appearance, he thought by luck Ji Ling Xue would be at Ru Ge's side, maybe she had also changed her appearance to avoid being recognised by him, it turns out he was wrong?

Seeing the way Ru Ge looked at Zhi Xue was filled with endless adoration, it was definitely the feeling between a brother and sister.

Disappointed Xiao Yi Chen propped up his chin with a bewildered gaze, half a day had already passed, the news of Mo Xiang being held in the imperial prison had been spread, if it was Ji Ling Xue she would definitely have made a move.

Xiao Yi Chen looked at the sky, he really wanted to ask Ji Ling Xue why she left him, is it because he didn't love her enough? He had named her as the empress, was that not enough?

After the banquet ended, Ji Ling Xue and Ru Ge headed towards the palace gates, from time to time Ji Ling Xue would turn to look at the tall red walls with gold tiles doorway, she couldn't help sigh lightly.

Ru Ge said: "Zhi Xue, why are you sighing, don't tell me you don't want to leave after staying for one night?"

Ji Ling Xue looked at Ru Ge in distain, "Do you think I'm someone who craves wealth and splendour?" She was a rich woman currently, she had enough that she couldn't spend it all.

Ru Ge gave a bright laugh, teasing him Ji Ling Xue said: "His majesty hosted a banquet today to choose a beautiful woman for you, tell me which young lady did you like, I'll help you get her?"

Ru Ge coughed, "Cough, cough, cough, let's walk quickly, the palace gates are about to close."

He actually avoided the question, Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, suddenly her spirits rose, grabbing Ru Ge's sleeve she said: "Why are you so embarassed as a grown man, tell me what kind of woman do you like, I'll help you choose, there are tens of thousands of beautiful Dongqi women, there must be one right for you."

Ru Ge turned to look at Ji Ling Xue who was tugging on hi sleeve and questioning him, a warmth on her face from the sun, those pair of black eyes glowed gorgeously, her long black hair blew in the wind, someone's heart was moved...

Ru Ge: Stupid girl...the person I like is so far to the edge of the world but also in front of me...only that woman doesn't know...

Ru Ge looked away, he turned and walked off.

Ji Ling Xue picked up the edge of her skirt and ran to catch up, "Ru Ge, wait for me."

On the wall behind her, a coloured flag fluttered in the wind, Xiao Yi Chen and Chi Feng stood side by side following Ru Ge and Ji Ling Xue with their eyes as they walked away.

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