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Chapter: 186

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Do you think she's like Ji Ling Xue?" The flapping sound of the flag on the wall drowned out Xiao Yi Chen's words, he seemed to be asking Chi Feng beside him, but also seemed to be talking to himself.

It was confirmed, her face hadn't been altered, she also had no reaction to Mo Xiang being locked up in the imperial prison, it seems she really wasn't Ji Ling Xue, but why was there still unwillingness and wanting in his heart, it seems Ji Ling Xue was still alive, he wanted to be where he could see her, he didn't want to lose her without reason, those people who hurt her no longer existed, no one could threaten them again, but why did Ji Ling Xue leave him?

Chi Feng said: "Your majesty also has such suspicions, the same as this subordinate."

Xiao Yi Chen turned to look at Chi Feng, he heard Chi Feng smile as he said: "This subordinate went to the relay station outside the city to welcome the second prince on imperial orders, the first time I saw princess Zhi Xue beside him, I felt like I had met her before, this subordinate has investigated, there is only one Dayan princess, that Dayan princess had already married far away."

Xiao Yi Chen nodded, "Maybe it's a princess the Dayan emperor bestowed the title on."

Chi Feng nodded and didn't say anymore.

That night, on the second floor of the relay station, Ji Ling Xue pushed open the window and looked at the full moon, several clouds slowly floated under the moon, it was now spring, the spring wind blowing on her face held some warmth.

Ji Ling Xue's forehead showed anxiety, memories rushed her mind like waves, Xiao Yi Chen's face gradually became clearer, what they experienced together only felt like yesterday.

Ji Ling Xue muttered: "In the morning, you'd worry about losing the shine in your hair and your youthfulness, Taking to poetry at night I wonder if you could feel the chill I sense of moonlight."

Ji Ling Xue looked away, she could see the very busy night market, red lanterns hung up on high, the sound of people peddling their wares came from afar, a rush of wind went by, Ji Ling Xue raised her head to see a corner of black cloth jumping onto the wall, the wind picked up a few strands of white hair.

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, in the depth of night, where was Ru Ge going?

"An Ge!" Ji Ling Xue softly called out.

An Ge dropped from the roof to the treetop like a ghost, greeting Ji Ling Xue with a bow, "Mistress!"

Ji Ling Xue said: "Ru Ge has left, I'm afraid he'll be in danger, follow him."

An Ge was rather hesitant, "If this subordinate left, who will protect mistress?"

Ji Ling Xue gave an indifferent smile, "What are you afraid of, this is the emperor's land, the emperor has sent quite a few elite soldiers to protect me."

Having heard what was said An Ge also felt Ji Ling Xue's words made sense, he turned and followed after Ru Ge.

Ji Ling Xue shut her window, stretching her waist she turned to sleep in her bed, the moonlight was stopped by the window, it was dark inside the room, Ji Ling Xue didn't feel like lighting a candle, Ji Ling Xue relied on her memory to feel her way to the bed.

The next moment, her heart squeezed, she hid behind the screen, a tall shadow was projected onto the window, the window was quietly and little by little opened, Ji Ling Xue's didn't have time to be scared, An Ge's crow's beak, he actually predicted it right, a flower thief dropped by.

The black shadow quietly jumped through the window and entered, Ji Ling Xue who was behind the screen relied on the weak rustling sound of clothing to figure out the other person's movement, she shook her sleeve, a pack of poison powder fell into her hand.

A breeze came in through the window, the familiar smell from outside came wafting in, Ji Ling Xue frowned, how can it be him!?

She only thought this for a mere moment, Ji Ling Xue scattered the powder onto the floor, then she picked up the vase from beside the screen and smashed it on the head of the black figure who had already walked to the bed!

The sound of breaking porcelain that she imagined didn't manifest, that figure had sensed her, what's more he had discovered there was no one in the bed, the sound of the vase moving through the air, made him aware of the direction, he caught it with one hand, his other hand forming a claw aiming for Ji Ling Xue's neck.

Ji Ling Xue leaned back, avoiding the black shadow's claw, raising her foot she kicked up the powder on floor, a faint aroma lingered in the air, the shadow was stunned, throwing the vase in his hand backward, the vase accurately landed on the table, in perfect condition.

The shadow became a figure, throwing themselves at Ji Ling Xue like a hawk, Ji Ling Xue sneered, sticking up three fingers, very confidently she said.


The shadow frowned, worried it had been lied to, it flew over Ji Ling Xue's head, falling over Ji Ling Xue, she was unable to escape pushed down by him.

The two of them stared into each other's eyes in the dark, Ji Ling Xue's face turned red, out of anger she raised her hand to the shadow's face, the shadow avoided it out of instinct, he was stunned to find his body was frozen, he couldn't move at all, he looked helplessly at Ji Ling Xue.

Ji Ling Xue's palm landed as planned, "Pa!" it echoed in the room.

The shadow's right cheek was burning from the pain, he opened his mouth, discovering he couldn't actually speak, a soft cloth had already been placed in it, it was probably a silk handkerchief, only the scent of rouge on it was rather heavy, he couldn't help roll his eye.

Ji Ling Xue used all her strength to push the shadow on top of her away, she resentfully patted the dust from her hands, taking out a belt, she tied the shadow who was powerless up.

The shadow didn't think he would be treated in such a way, he couldn't help boohoo, but there was a cloth in his mouth, his words, Ji Ling Xue didn't bother understanding, she raised her foot and placed it onto the shadow's stomach, Ji Ling Xue angrily said: "Damn you, you dare to steal this princess's flower!" She punched the other person in the face while she spoke, after letting out this anger she turned and left.

The bound up shadow unable to move was left behind, he could only make little cries, after two hours, Ru Ge returned to his room through the window, he was rather surprised to see Ji Ling Xue sitting with a light flicking through a book in boredom.

Ru Ge's lips twitched, "This is..." She had not gone to bed in the middle of the night but came to his room, it made him think too much.

Hearing movement, Ji Ling Xue raised her head: "You've finally returned, I waited so long for you."

Ru Ge took off the head covering and mask sitting opposite Ji Ling Xue, picking up a cup of tea he drained the cup in one, "You waited for me to bring you news of Mo Xiang?"

Ji Ling Xue nodded, "How is Mo Xiang?"

Ru Ge said: "She's not locked up in the imperial prison, I entered the prison but didn't find her."

Ji Ling Xue gave an oh not out of disappointment, she guessed it right, he wanted to use Mo Xiang to force her to show herself, how can she be easily taken from the prison.

Ru Ge comforted her: "The palace is so huge, as long as we're in the capital we'll find her."


Ji Ling Xue nodded, "I know, thank you Ru Ge."

Ru Ge smiled, "I ought to do this, I'm your brother, your matter is my matter."

Seeing Ji Ling Xue had no intentions to leave, Ru Ge raised an eyebrow looking at her, "It's already late, why are you going to bed?"

Ji Ling Xue smiled: "Let's swap rooms tonight, you sleep in my room." She headed towards the large bed after speaking, "I've already asked the waiter to change the bedding in here."

Ru Ge helplessly shook his head, without objection he left the room and went next door, as soon as he pushed the door open, he only already smelled there was a stranger in the room.

Ru Ge smiled, so this was why she swapped rooms with him, this girl, actually wanted him to clean up her mess.

The shadow was almost asleep on the floor, the poison which froze him up had already dispersed, the only reason he stayed was to ask a question.

"Pei!" He spat the cloth in his mouth onto the floor, he asked: "Don't pretend, I know you're Ji Ling Xue..."

Ru Ge stood in front of the shadow, looking at him strangely, "Where did this flower thief come from!"

The shadow: "...."

E...why was it Ru Ge, where's that horrid woman?

Ru Ge bent over to grab the collar of the shadow, saying: "Apologies!" With a toss of his hand, there was the sound of a window breaking, the shadow flew right out of the window.

"Yuchi...Ru Ge..."The sound of gnashing of teeth came from outside the window, the earth seemed to move with it, afterwards everything returned to peace.

The sunlight rose on the horizon, Ji Ling Xue comfortably stretched, she turned and got out of bed, Ru Ge knocked on her door: "Younger sister, are you awake? I've brought breakfast up for you."

Ji Ling Xue opened the door, Ru Ge looked relaxed and alert carrying the tray, "I got the kitchen to specially make you bird's nest congee."

Ji Ling Xue took it and entered the room, Ru Ge rubbed his nose following her, giving a cough: "Do you know who the flower thief in your room was last night?"

Ji Ling Xue blinked, spooning a mouthful of congee she asked: "I didn't light the candle yesterday, it was only a flower thief, how should I know who he is."

Ru Ge nodded, sitting opposite Ji Ling Xue, changing topics he said: "Do you want to walk around today, I'll keep you company?"

Ru Ge had just spoken when he heard a shout outside: "Order from his majesty!"

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, Ru Ge smiled: "I wanted to walk about with you, it seems we won't be able to."

Ji Ling Xue smiled, "Another time."

Xiao Yi Chen's orders were: The weather is very good today, the beginning of spring is warming, it's the perfect time to walk around, we have already gone to the imperial courtyard outside of the city, please come together.

Ji Ling Xue: They say the emperor is the busiest, everyday they have to deal with tens of thousands of unending memorials, but how can Xiao Yi Chen this emperor be so idle, and be in the mood to go walk around?

Ru Ge said: "It's windy outside the city, younger sister, you should wear more."

Ji Ling Xue nodded, returning to her room she called for An Ge, telling him he didn't need to follow her today.

Once Ru Ge and Ji Ling Xue had left on fast horses and arrived at the imperial courtyard it was already noon, in front of the courtyard was a lotus pond, on the patio Xiao Yi Chen sat wearing a conical bamboo hat with a fishing rod in his hand, quietly fishing, the eunuch behind him held an umbrella for him, covering the scorching sun.

Ji Ling Xue jumped off the horse and greeted him with Ru Ge: "Greetings your majesty!"

Xiao Yi Chen languidly said: "Rise, no need for the formalities, come and sit beside me, we are quite lucky today, catching two fishes, they can be cooked later."

Ji Ling Xue walked to the bamboo basket, there were indeed two fishes inside blowing bubbles.

Ru Ge said: "Your majesty is really amazing."

Xiao Yi Chen turned to look at Ru Ge, Ji Ling Xue saw under the hat, the rim of Xiao Yi Chen's eye was rather purple, "Your majesty, what happened to your eye?"

Xiao Yi Chen stroked it with his hand sighing: "Last night the candles were not lit in the sleeping palace, we woke up in the middle of the night wanting water but accidentally hit something."

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