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Chapter: 187

Ru Ge gave a smile which didn't show any judgement, cupping his hands together: "Your majesty should take care of your dragon body."

Xiao Yi Chen smiled calmly, nodding: "Ru Ge, are you interested in competing with us to see who catches the most fish."

Ru Ge: "Deference is no substitute for obedience." He sat down next to Xiao Yi Chen as he spoke, naturally someone from the palacce prepared a fishing pole for him and handed it over.

Ji Ling Xue began to have her suspicions, last night she had just haphazardly beaten up a flower thief, now Xiao Yi Chen was fishing with her and Ru Ge with a bruised face, what was the connection between the two.

What's more, Xiao Yi Chen's martial arts wasn't bad, and he was the emperor, even if there was no one serving him in the sleeping palace, the possibility of tripping over when waking up in the middle of the night to drink tea was very small, clearly he was lying, your majesty, always needed to maintain their ego, she could understand, but what she couldn't understand was why Xiao Yi Chen invited them over to fish with such a purple face, could it be he wanted her to see her "masterpiece", he already found an excuse for his injuries, could he want to deliberately make things difficult for her?

While Ji Ling Xue was thinking, Ru Ge's fishing rod moved, he lifted it up smiling: "A fish has taken the bait!" As he spoke he hurriedly began to reel it in, a small fish as big as a thumb hung from the hook which swung with the fishing line.

Ru Ge's face turned black instantly, did it have to be so bad, he had clearly put a lot of bait on, how could he catch such a small fish.

Xiao Yi Chen smiled: "Congratulations, this fish can probably only be eaten half a year later."

Ru Ge's lips twitched, looking over at Ji Ling Xue, but she looked vacant, her thoughts already far away.

"Zhi Xue?!" Ru Ge called out, Ji Ling Xue then returned to her senses and blankly looked at Ru Ge, "Brother...what is it?"

Ru Ge sounded disappointed: "I caught a small fish."

Ji Ling Xue nodded, giving him a "I understand" look, taking the fishing rod from Ru Ge's hand, she patted her chest saying: "Don't worry, leave it to me."

Xiao Yi Chen raised an eyebrow, he saw Ji Ling Xue fling her sleeves, sitting on the chair heroically, she tossed the fishing rod in the direction of the pond, staring at the pond motionlessly.

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Princess Zhi Xue is interested in fishing?"

Ji Ling Xue shook her head: "You can't eat pork without seeing a pig run, isn't it the same as fishing?" She didn't believe, she couldn't catch a big fish with her rod.

Xiao Yi Chen gave a bright smile, he didn't say anymore, silently staring into the pond, time passed gradually, the spring warm sun made Ji Ling Xue sweat from her forehead, Ru Ge waited to the side anxiously, there wasn't any movement with the fishing pole.

Ru Ge touched his stomach frowning, he turned and asked the eunuch to take him to the toilet.

Xiao Yi Chen looked over at Ji Ling Xue, the sun fell on her face, sparkling beads of sweat on her forehead, like they were the brightest pearls in the world, Xiao Yi Chen raised his hand, a handkerchief was placed in his hand, "Wipe your sweat."

Ji Ling Xue looked at the handkerchief, then when she raised her head she saw a trace of amusement in Xiao Yi Chen's eyes, the trace of hatred towards Xiao Yi Chen disappeared instantly, she had beaten him up last night?

"Thank you!" She took the handkerchief, looking away, she missed the slight smile on Xiao Yi Chen's face.

Ji Ling Xue blinked, yawning, "Half a day has passed, there's no movement with the rods, there's no fish in your pond?"

Xiao Yi Chen raised an eyebrow, the rod in his hand sank, Xiao Yi Chen smiled: "Look, aren't fishes being caught?"

Ji Ling Xue's lips twitched, her hand moved, a thin blade appeared, with a flick of her finger, the thin blade travelled through the air at Xiao Yi Chen's fishing line. The fish had been caught by a bait it shouldn't have taken, it ought to get back into the waters!

Xiao Yi Chen's eyebrows trembled, his eyes looking everywhere, he had seen Ji Ling Xue's actions, the moment her hand moved, he raised his foot kicking a stone beside him flying out, there was the sharp sound of blocking, Ji Ling Xue's blade entered the pond with a splash.

Xiao Yi Chen very quickly placed the fish into the bamboo basket, smiling: "Another big fish, hurry up and put it away in case someone gets jealous and steals it!"

Ji Ling Xue curled her lips and rolled her eyes, who was jealous, it was only a fish, he spoke like she hadn't seen one before.

Xiao Yi Chen was really angry, he put up two fingers at Ji Ling Xue: "One against one."

Ji Ling Xue smiled and gave an unwilling praise, "Your majesty is really amazing."

Xiao Yi Chen again threw the rod into the pond and began to relax with his eyes closed, the maid beside him began to fan him more gently, the sunshine was just right, it was the perfect time to have a little rest.

Ji Ling Xue used her sleeve to fan herself, a trace of fragrance wafted from her sleeve, it floated into Xiao Yi Chen's nose...

After a quarter of an hour, Ji Ling Xue turned to look at Xiao Yi Chen, he still had his eyes closed, there wasn't any movement at all, right now his rod was drooping slightly, ripples rose from the surface of the water, it seemed like there was a fish.

Approaching Xiao Yi Chen she said softly: "Your majesty?"

Xiao Yi Chen had his eyes shut, looking like he was deep asleep, Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, quietly picking up Xiao Yi Chen's rod she pulled on it, she thought it would be easy to bring it to shore, she didn't think the rod would bend at an unimaginable angle, the fish didn't show itself.

Ji Ling Xue: It can't be, the pond is so small, there can't be a fish so big that it won't even move a little?

Ji Ling Xue gritted her teeth, she didn't believe she couldn't even pull a fish up, with a little strength, her body leaned back, the fishing line was lifted high by her, she couldn't help but fall backwards into a warm embrace.

Ji Ling Xue's gaze had always been fixed on the black thing hanging from the hook, it wasn't until the thing fell down that she saw it clearly, her lips couldn't help twitch, where was the big fish, it was only a huge tortoise.

Ji Ling Xue felt there was something wrong with her body along with disappointment, the pair of big hands around her waist only got tighter, she turned her head, stunned her and Xiao Yi Chen's eyes met.

They looked at each other, a strange atmosphere between the two, time seemed to stop, only they existed.

"...You...this..." A sudden voice broke this awkward ambiguous atmosphere, Ji Ling Xue returned to her senses and like a little deer she leapt away.

Xiao Yi Chen had a smile on his face, turning to look at Ru Ge, explaining: "Just now we accidentally fell asleep, princess helped us pull a fish up...oh. That isn't a fish..." Only then did Xiao Yi Chen see clearly the very slow moving tortoise, his lips twitched.

Ru Ge hurried over to pull Ji Ling Xue to his side, like a mother hen protecting her chick, "Younger sister doesn't know manners and alarmed your majesty, please can we atone."

Xiao Yi Chen waved his hand: "No need! It's no longer early, let's go, let's roast the fishes we caught." As he spoke he got up first and walked into the courtyard.

Ru Ge looked inquisitively at Ji Ling Xue, Ji Ling Xue looked innocent, a trace of pink on her cheeks.

Ru Ge said: "Keep your distance."

If a loose tongue person spread what happened, Ji Ling Xue was held by the Dongqi emperor, she couldn't avoid marrying him.

Ji Ling Xue said: "It was an accident." She didn't want it to happen, she just wasn't resigned that after half a day of fishing  she didn't catch a single fish, seeing Xiao Yi Chen was already deep asleep, she wanted to steal a fish from him, the result...she tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.

She had seen a rooster jump over a wall, a rainbow after the rain, she had never seen the emperor of Dongqi personally roast fish.

Ji Ling Xue blinked, silently watching Xiao Yi Chen roll up his sleeves, under the gaze of dumbstruck eunuchs and maids, he skewered a fish onto a bamboo stick and placed it over the coal basin to roast, he was really earnest.

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Don't look at me with such surprise, we are used to the days we did everything ourselves, you are fortunate today."

Ji Ling Xue added in her mind: Your majesty, you are really irritatingly very idle, that's why you can think of roasting fish to eat, you just ascended the throne, not worried about the affairs of the country, aren't you afraid of being impeached?

Ru Ge said: "It looks really fun, I also want to try." Saying this he also rolled up his sleeves, copying Xiao Yi Chen's actions he also began to roast fish.

Xiao Yi Chen raised his head, seeing Ji Ling Xue watching impatiently at the roast fish in his hand, he smiled: "Princess is hungry, don't worry, when ours is ready we'll give it to you to taste."

Ru Ge said: "No need to bother your majesty, I will look after my own sister." Ru Ge placed emphasis on his own identity, reminding Xiao Yi Chen not to have any thoughts about his sister.

Xiao Yi Chen didn't seem to hear him, he continued: "It's only a roast fish, she can see which is better."

Ji Ling Xue: The two of you just eat your own, I'm not particularly picky about how fish is roasted.

Ji Ling Xue turned to order the maid behind her: "Go help me prepare some vegetables and meat." She then turned to Xiao Yi Chen, "Your majesty, it's not just roast fish which tastes nice, roast vegetable is also good."

Xiao Yi Chen's eyes shone, he did this today to test if Zhi Xue knew how to cook, Ji Ling Xue's cooking couldn't be described, it was constantly on his mind, if Zhi Xue also knows how to cook, then it was proof she was definitely Ji Ling Xue.

Vegetables and meat were very quickly delivered, Ji Ling Xue used the other bamboo sticks to skewer them, she passed one to Ru Ge, another to Xiao Yi Chen, smiling she said: "Thank you for your hard work!"

With two labourers, she didn't have to get her hands dirty.

Xiao Yi Chen looked the tanghulu style of vegetables and meat skewer in his hand, he looked up at Ji Ling Xue, this girl actually dared to trouble him with cooking for her.

Ru Ge was in a very good mood, he was roasting fish in one hand and vegetables and meat with the other, he would occasionally say a few words to Ji Ling Xue, the smell of meat overflowed, Ji Ling Xue sprinkled some condiments over it, pleased she took the skewer offered by Ru Ge and began to eat.

Ru Ge looked with adoration at Ji Ling Xue eating his food perfectly satisfied, he had to urge: "Be careful don't burn yourself!"

Xiao Yi Chen on hearing his looked up at Ji Ling Xue, in his carelessness, the fish in his hand was burnt, when he realised, the roast fish had already turned into charcoal.

Ru Ge coughed: "Your majesty, the fish is burnt!"

Xiao Yi Chen lifted his hand, placing the fish to the side, not discouraged he skewered another fish and continued roasting, a while later the meat was done, Xiao Yi Chen had enough of the brother-sister love scene, he wasn't sure if he should give the roasted fish in his hand to Ji Ling Xue.

Ji Ling Xue rubbed her belly in satisfaction: "Brother, the fish you roasted was very good, I'm so full!"

Ru Ge smiled: "If you like I'll roast more food for you in the future!"

"Bang, cough, cough, cough..." Xiao Yi Chen began coughing, Ji Ling Xue and Ru Ge turned to look at him, they saw him holding his throat coughing painfully.

Ji Ling Xue said: He didn't choke on a fishbone did he, really so pitiful!

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