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Chapter: 189

In the depth of night, a black cloud floated by enveloping the bright moonlight, the land suddenly fell into darkness, a black ghost like figure flashed by the courtyard, disappearing in a moment.

Xiao Yi Chen placed his ear against the door listening carefully to the movements inside the room, just now a maid had reported everything had been properly prepared, a calming incense had been lit in every guest room, now an hour had passed, it ought to have taken effect.

He who had a great inner martial arts, even with such a huge gap, he could clearly count the breathing of the person lying on the bed, slowly pushing the door open, Xiao Yi Chen shook his head in regret, he was a majestic ruler of a country, he was actually reduced to being a thief in the middle of the night.

After the room door was opened, he didn't enter the house immediately, he was careless last time, after being poisoned by someone he was unable to move at all, he fell inside a pit, of course he was on greater alert now, he jumped up quickly, avoiding the string on the floor, avoiding the bag of powder which swung down from the beam, he turned in midair, falling to the bedside, the white curtains hung down to the floor, he couldn't see who was sleeping inside.

Xiao Yi Chen patted the dust from his body, waving his hand, a light breeze from his sleeve blew the curtain aside, a faint fragrance of flower wafted through the room, Xiao Yi Chen looked at the person lying on the bed, Ji Ling Xue was peacefully sleeping with her eyes closed, Xiao Yi Chen stopped over to lean close to Ji Ling Xue.

His fingers slowly reached across to Ji Ling Xue's cheek, the reason he came today, he wanted to check if this Dayan princess was wearing a human skin mask, from the first time he saw her he felt an unexplainable familiarity, this face was obviously new, he had never seen her before, the only explanation is that she was someone he was already familiar with, he had heard there was a extremely refined human skin mask in the world, it could change the shape of the face.

Xiao Yi Chen's touched Ji Ling Xue's face, but couldn't tell that it was a human skin mask, lowering his long eyelashes, Xiao Yi Chen gave a bitter smile, what exactly was he expecting...

Xiao Yi Chen turned and left alone, quietly the same way he had come.

Xiao Yi Chen's figure had just disappeared, Ji Ling Xue who was sleeping peacefully on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, the brightness in them was no where like someone had just woken up, sitting up, Ji Ling Xue's gaze fell on the tightly closed doors, she raised her hand to touch her face, not knowing what the feeling was in her heart.

Ru Ge had deliberately given her a human skin mask which went down to the neck before he slept, the reason was to prevent a certain someone from checking on her again, now Xiao Yi Chen wouldn't think she was Ji Ling Xue, why did she feel a bit upset?

Ji Ling Xue clutched her chest, muttering: Did I put Xiao Yi Chen in my heart already?

She hit her head in annoyance, Xiao Yi Chen that scoundrel attracted women, he has a large group of wives and concubines at home, and made use of her many times, he would always sweet talk her, all of these things were his shortcomings, her brain still worked, she wouldn't be cheated by his sugar-coated words.

Ji Ling Xue covered her face with the quilt in frustration, getting angry at herself.

The second day, Ji Ling Xue woke up and went to the reception pavilion to eat, she only saw Ru Ge eating by himself, Ji Ling Xue looked around, but couldn't even see Xiao Yi Chen's maid, she said confused: "Yi, Xiao...where's his majesty?"

Ru Ge said: "He left last night, he left a message for me, if you like the hot springs here, we can stay for a few more days before leaving."

Ji Ling Xue picked up a spoon, ladling a bowl of bird's nest congee, shaking her head she said: "Let it be, after all this place doesn't belong to me, staying longer here would mean thinking more."

Ru Ge stopped eating, looking up at Ji Ling Xue, it seems Ji Ling Xue couldn't completely forget Xiao Yi Chen, they had been husband and wife after all for many years, he shook his head saying: "Accept the path you're going to take, you can dispel other unnecessary thoughts."

Ji Ling Xue nodded, lowering her head to eat.

Xiao Yi Chen treated them well, leaving a group of guards to send them back to the relay station, the carriage moved slowly forward, Ji Ling Xue lifted the carriage curtain looking at the imperial courtyard which was getting smaller and smaller.

Ji Ling Xue: Was that the last time I'll see Xiao Yi Chen...

The carriage went through the market, there were a lot of people so the carriage moved slowly, Ji Ling Xue looked outside the window, she happened to see a roast sweet potato stand close by, Ji Ling Xue raised her hand: "Give me two roast sweet potatoes."

Having heard what was said Ru Ge's lips twitched, "Didn't you just have breakfast?"

Ji Ling Xue said: "I haven't eaten roast sweet potato in so long, you should also have one."

Ru Ge shook his head, "I'm a bit full from breakfast, eat it yourself."

Ji Ling Xue touched her pocket, suddenly she became embarrassed, she had hurriedly left, forgetting to even bring  a piece of silver, she looked up at Ru Ge smiling: "Brother, did you bring silver."

Ru Ge searched in his sleeve, taking out a silver he tossed it over to Ji Ling Xue, Ji Ling Xue said thanks, she got off the carriage.

Ru Ge sat inside the carriage, taking advantage of the wait, he picked up a book to look over, looking up from time to time at Ji Ling Xue who was haggling over the price of roast sweet potatoes close by.

Ru Ge once again looked up, there wasn't anyone in front of the sweet potato stand, he tossed the book in his hand behind him, Ru Ge jumped out of the carriage asking: "Did you see where the princess went?"

The carriage driver pointed in a direction, Ru Ge swiftly moved, pushing aside passerbys, Ru Ge saw Ji Ling Xue crouched on the ground looking at a flower basket, only then did he let out a breath, this girl was as sneaky as a ghost scampering around making him look for her.

Ji Ling Xue was crouched down, she picked up a flower basket by her hand to look at carefully, Ru Ge crouched down next to her asking, "Why did you suddenly want to buy a flower basket?"

Ji Ling Xue gave an oh, "I just thought this flower basket looks very nice, I didn't say I wanted to buy it."

"Miss, I personally arranged these flower baskets, if you like then buy it, not only can it hold flowers, you can use it to buy groceries, there's a lot of use."

Ji Ling Xue's lips twitched, she didn't have many opportunities to buy groceries in the streets, Ru Ge nevertheless took out a silver and bought the basket, "Seeing as you like it, I'll give it to you!"

Ji Ling Xue swung the flower basket in her hand, "I have a basket without flowers, I look like an auntie in the market."

Ru Ge's lips twitched, buying some flowers next door to place inside the basket in Ji Ling Xue's hand, smiling: "Great, these red and blue flowers placed together, they really look good."

Ji Ling Xue looked down at the basket in her hand, smiling: "Thank you brother."

Ru Ge said: "I told you last time I'll take you for a walk, in the end we didn't, now I can properly walk around with you."

Ji Ling Xue nodded, passing the basket casually to Ru Ge, moving away like Ru Ge was her attendant.

Ru Ge held the basket, a woman came up to him smiling: "Young master, how much for the flowers in your hands?"

Ru Ge's face was filled with black lines as he shook his head: "Not for sale."

The woman was unwilling to give up and followed Ru Ge continuing to ask: "Young master isn't selling flowers, are you giving flowers?" As she spoke she reached out snatching a flower to smell, a light pink appeared on her cheeks, "Thank you young master!" Having spoken she disappeared into the crowd of people.

Ru Ge was speechless, after one there would be another, very quickly, there was only one flower left in the basket.

Ji Ling Xue held two tanghulu walking to Ru Ge smiling: "Ru Ge, eat tanghulu!"

Ru Ge awkwardly looked at Ji Ling Xue, passing the basket over to her, Ji Ling Xue lowered her head and placed the last flower under her nose to smell, smiling: "Brother, why is there only one left in the basket?"

Ru Ge said embarrassed: "They were taken away."

Ji Ling Xue raised an eyebrow, looking at a woman close by holding a flower she couldn't help smirk, "Giving flowers to beauties, really is a good idea!"

Ru Ge: "'s not what you think."

Ji Ling Xue blinked, with a "I understand" expression, stuffing the tanghulu into Ru Ge's hand, "Do you know, there's a custom in Dongqi, during double seven festival, evening of the seventh day in in July, if a girl likes a certain boy, they would ask them for a flower?"

Ru Ge blinked, "But it isn't double seven festival now?"

Ji Ling Xue smiled: "It means those girls who asked flowers for you admire you, hahaha!" After speaking she laughed and covered her mouth.

Ru Ge didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he watched Ji Ling Xue laughing loudly, he also wished the girl he liked would admire him...

In the palace, Xiao Yi Chen tiredly leaned against the chair, he looked completely dispirited and downcast.

Bai Mo waved his fan walking to Xiao Yi Chen's side, "Your majesty, what's with you?"

Xiao Yi Chen sighed: "Bai Mo, is Ji Ling Xue really dead, but why can't I find her body, if she is alive why did she fake her death and leave me?"

Bai Mo spread out his hands, "I can't answer this question, I'm not Ji Ling Xue, you ought to ask her."

Xiao Yi Chen forced a smile, "I personally investigated it, the Ru Xue by Ru Ge's side isn't her..." A sorrow was heard in his voice, the smile on his face becoming more and more bitter.

Bai Mo said: "I have a solution, it'll allow you to find her quickly."

Xiao Yi Chen wasn't interested by Bai Mo's suggestion, it didn't sound reliable, he was great at giving him rotten ideas.

Bai Mo said: "You don't believe me?"

Xiao Yi Chen said: "Just say it, how can you allow us to find Ji Ling Xue." He had locked up Mo Xiang yet Ji Ling Xue made no move.

Bai Mo rubbed his hands, a rather vulgar smile on his face, "It'll mean you suffering some physical discomfort..." He bent down to speak into Xiao Yi Chen's ear.

Xiao Yi Chen stared at Bai Mo without frowning: "From what you've said, if it doesn't work...we will castrate you."

Bai Mo covered his crotch, looking pained, "Your majesty, don't be so ruthless, we're friends, for your happiness, I can bend to a task and spare no effort, a dedicated can't prevent me from having male offsprings..."

Xiao Yi Chen raised an eyebrow, "If we don't threaten you, you won't give it your all."

Bai Mo's face darkened, he really was going to die tragically for no reason, how was he not giving it his all, for Xiao Yi Chen he was basically giving half of his lifetime's happiness over.

Xiao Yi Chen got up and stretched, "This day went by very quickly, I'll leave this for you to handle." He patted Bai Mo's shoulder as he spoke, his expression "we'll watch you".

Bai Mo's expression was more unsightly than if he was crying, "I...will do my best!"

As night arrived, the lanterns were lit, Ru Ge stood at the door of the relay station with large and small parcels, the waiter rushed over to greet him: "Guest you've returned, you've bought so much today, I'll help you take some."

Ji Ling Xue carried a few bags of snacks walking inside, with a "dong" she collided head on with the person in front, the snacks in the bags flew out and onto the floor, a waiter carrying a tray stepped on them, slipping over, the tray in his hand went flying, Ru Ge saw a simmer-fried fish flying towards him as soon as he entered the doors...

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