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Chapter: 44

*Rainelle’s POV


Something soft touched my lips. Karmeut's face felt so close that my body trembled on its own. I closed my eyes tightly and my body went stiff from the close contact of his arms that were wrapped around my waist.


The feeling of a gentle lick at my lower lip gave me chills. It was more real than when his lips only touched mine for a second. My lips opened slightly without me realizing it.

Then, when the soft, warm tongue went into my mouth, strength was leaving my legs.

Thanks to his strong arms that were wrapped around my waist, I didn’t fall. But that didn't make his lips fall off mine. As if he didn't want to surprise me, the tongue moved gently. It was the first time I had such close contact with another person, so I felt dizzy.

"...! ...!!"

Karmeut barely parted with my mouth only when I began to suffocate, but as soon as I caught my breath, he grabbed my shoulder and his head closed in again to make contact with my lips. But he pulled in his tongue as if regretful and pulled his face away after a loud peck.

"’re pretty, Rainelle."

A low, seductive voice tickled my ears. I could feel Karmeut stroking my hair as he held me in his arms and said that I was pretty.

My heart was thumping and pounding.

My crow form? I didn't even think of that. Just, just... Just being like this made my heart full, warm, and cozy... that's why I couldn't return to my original form.

"To be honest... I’m a little surprised."

I was quiet in Karmeut's arms, and when he said that, I raised my head.

As soon as I did that, I came across the golden eyes looking down at me. His eyes that shined with joy looked really pretty, so I was staring at them as if bewitched.

"I really thought that you were going to change into a crow and run away in surprise. But you’re being so calm... I'm glad."

The first thing that came to my mind was that Karmeut appearance of being so happy was fatal.

---Ugh, what am I going to do if you’re looking so gorgeous?

I felt my face flush, so I pursed my lips, but then Karmeut chuckled and pressed his lips lightly on my forehead.

I was stunned for a moment thanks to the forehead kiss that was done without notice, and I felt like I’m going to die of embarrassment at his next action of kissing the corners of my eyes. I bowed my head not knowing where to put my face, but I felt a hand hugging my back.

I closed my eyes tightly as I was hugged closer.

Ughh, I'm so embarrassed!

"Haha... You don't have to be so shy, no, it's okay to be shy..."

Gee, what are you talking about! Hah!

I felt that I had returned to the form of a crow with a soft popping sound.

---But more important than that is Karmeut who made my heart pound! You think it's okay to say things--- that could kill a person?!!

"Kkakkk!! (If I say more, I think I'm going to die of embarrassment!!)"

*flap, flap, flap!*

I flapped my wings vigorously and hid above the closet.

"Pu-- ha ha ha ha!"

I got hotter because of Karmeut's burst of laughter, but the feeling from before was clearer than that.

...soft, right? And moist, and, uh, and...

---Waghhh, what am I!! Aaagghhh I’m like a pervert!! It's not like I was in a good mood or anything! I thought my heart was pounding and I was worried that Karmeut might hear it, but I felt good...!!, do I? Nope! I didn't!! If I admit that I did, I feel like a pervert! It never felt good!! Agghhh!!!

*Karmeut’s POV

Karmeut couldn't help but burst into laughter when he saw Rainelle making a fuss by herself on top of the closet by clacking her beak over and over again. It was very funny to see her flapping her wings while cawing with her tail feathers being the only thing that stuck out from the top of the closet.

In response to the crow's even louder flapping that was triggered by the sound of his laughter, Karmeut had to cover his mouth with one hand and struggle to contain his laughter. As his palm pressed his lips to cover his mouth, Karmeut recalled what had just happened.

Sweet, soft lips.

The prince's cheeks flushed as he remembered that he had kissed her deeply for the first time.

He kissed her even though he knew Rainelle didn't say that she would--under the pretext of a reward.

He obviously thought that she would immediately turn into a crow or refuse, but it was surprising him that she didn't.

...she didn’t hate it.

Karmeut was so happy that his heart was about to explode.

He would have kissed her even back when she was angry and weeping for him if it hadn't been for Galenos being there too.

The golden eyes turned again to the closet. Perhaps a little calmed down, a sigh of regret flowed out of his mouth as he watched the crow’s tail that stuck out.

Of course, seeing Rainelle's reaction was fun and cute, but as expected, I couldn't help but feel regret.

If you're going to be shy, it's better to do it in human form...

The prince's face reddened even more when he imagined the beauty with blushed cheeks while not knowing where to look with her purple eyes.

Even though he was just imagining it, he felt like his face was heating up. He covered his face with one hand and bent over, struggling to regain his composure, but it took quite a while for his reddened face to return to normal.


*Rainelle’s POV

"Rainelle, would you like some snacks?"

How long have I been on top of the closet? At Karmeut's voice asking if I would like to eat a snack, I poked my head out.

You're trying to appease me with a snack! Good luck with such a shameful act!

...ha, but wow, the snacks are sumptuous! It's my favorite nut cookies! Besides, dried fruits?! And even cheese?!

I couldn't take my eyes off the snacks. The snacks looked so, so, so, so delicious that the fact that I had a deep kiss with Karmeut a while ago was blurred.

Mmm, I want to eat... Well, Karmeut has called for a snack, so it's okay to go eat, right?

There's no way I'll get a kiss if I don't change into my human form... so I can be at ease.

For a moment, I felt regretful. Then immediately afterward, I shook my head violently to shake the thought away.

What do you mean it’s too bad?! This is how you certify perverts!! Nope! I'm not sad!! I want snacks more! Snacks are more desirable!!

With a swish, I spread my wings and landed on the table. Then, I tapped the tray with the cookies that I wanted to eat first with my beak. After that, as expected, Karmeut held out a piece of broken-up cookie, so I ate it.

Ha, really, cookies are the best! It would taste better if I chew it in a human form, but I can't, no, I can't because of the thing earlier! I can eat it in human form as much as I want later, so for now, Cookies, Cookies! Oh, I should eat cheese too!

Then I trotted over to the tray of cheese and grabbed a piece of cheese with my beak. Happy with the unique smell of cheese, I swallowed it.

Oh, it's delicious! I’m a really happy crow!

While smiling, I turned my head, thinking ‘Shall I try some dried fruit this time?’, and I heard a familiar voice at the same time,

"Rainelle, can you give me some too?"


At the unexpected words, I opened my eyes wide and looked at Karmeut. He was reaching out to me as usual, but he seemed like a child who was complaining somehow.

Why all of a sudden...? Well, there's nothing I can't give you, but...

Karmeut asked for it, so I purposely bit a large, whole cookie with my beak. And when I tried to put it in the palm of his hand, I stopped.

Wait. Isn't this a chance for me to get revenge (?) for the surprise kiss that happened earlier?

Kissing, of course... I'm not saying it was bad, but I was ashamed and surprised. So I have to surprise Karmeut too so that it feels fair!

Mu feathers puffed up at the thought of surprising Karmeut.

Good good! I have to make his eyes wide open in surprise!

Eh, then... If I do this, he'll be surprised, right?

I spread my wings and flew slightly. His eyes grew slightly bigger, thinking that I would put a cookie on his palm.  

Hey, don't be surprised already! I'm going to do… this!

After coming close to his face, I positioned my head so that the cookie touched Karmeut's lips. The golden eyes that were getting bigger and bigger somehow made me feel like I had succeeded in getting revenge (?), which made me feel proud.

Wow. Is this why Karmeut is making fun of me? I'm sorry... I hate to admit it, but somehow I think I can understand---!!

...but Karmeut was more adept than I thought. It was only for a moment that he opened his eyes wide in surprise. In the next moment he opened his mouth, skillfully took the cookie, and ate it.

OMG! Did you really take it?!

I was flustered and momentarily staggered while Karmeut ate the cookie while gently bending his eyes. Then he stuck out his tongue, licked his lower lip slightly, and said in a warm voice,

"It's more delicious because you're feeding it to me. Can I ask you for another one?"

This, this, this---!! Shit, I hate it!! You should be embarrassed, bewildered, or panicked! Why are you licking your lower lip in a sexy way after taking it!! Be a little flustered!! Like me!! Ugh!!

I couldn't stand Karmeut’s behavior of tapping his finger on a plate of dried fruit this time while laughing slyly, so I had to raise my voice after transforming into a human,

"Why, why aren’t you flustered?!!"

"Did you want me to?"

"Of course!! It seems like I'm the only one who's always being swayed! You said ‘reward’ before, but you kissed me! Do you know how surprised I was?! So I want to surprise you too!"

I huffed and puffed as I said that. Karmeut opened his eyes wide and looked at me, then he smiled a little. His smile seemed to be making fun of me, so my face suddenly turned red, but then I heard unexpected words,

"I was very embarrassed too. But I must have been happier, that’s all."

The way he bent his eyes as he said that he was happy was truly... charming enough to make my heart pound.

Dude, it's against the law to look at a girl like that!!

I pouted my lips as he couldn't think of anything to refute. ...but that didn't mean I didn't like Karmeut. Rather than hate it, my heart beats like this---

I rested my hand gently on my pounding chest. Then I met his golden eyes. ---They were a pair of beautiful shining eyes. As I looked at his soft, affectionate eyes, it dawned on me that he had done a lot for me.

Of course, it wasn't that there weren't people who took care of their pets like they were treating them like children and family. When I was a zookeeper, there were often people like that, right?

However, this was a female-oriented fantasy game that was set in Middle Ages. So, in a country where the people were divided into classes, there was no worldview about animal welfare.

Even so, Karmeut cared for me even before he knew that I could change into a human form. Of course I did some things for him, but considering the way of thinking of the people who live here, it was not insufficient to say that Karmeut's behavior was unusual.

The request from before, it was the first time Karmeut had asked me like that. Although he had self-interest, it was also a request that was meant for my safety... And, it was not like I absolutely disliked his self-interest. Furthermore...

Isn't the fact that I already gave Karmeut a Crobanlock, no, even the fact that I exist, isn’t it a deviation from the original storyline?

"...Okay, Karmeut."

Thinking like that, I realized that there was no reason for me to refuse his request. Seeing Karmeut blinking his eyes when I said okay, I nodded my head and added,

"To His Majesty the Emperor, that I can turn into a human... I will agree to reveal it."

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