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Chapter: 51

Of All Things, I Became a Crow: Chapter #51

Translators: Nyx and Ririi Rain

*Rainelle’s POV

Ahhhhhhh! Karmeut you fool! Stupid! You seaweed! I think I'd be embarrassed to death if you say that when we’re alone, but there are some servants, so why are you whispering that in my ear?! Ahhhhh!

*3rd person POV

*flap, flap, flap-*

-Following the crow that flew out of the window with his eyes, Karmeut groaned while holding his face with his hands. The big bird had crashed with his when she suddenly flew in front of his eyes. Was it a relief that neither her beak nor claws touch him?


The servants were frightened and asked if he was okay from the side, but then they stopped.

"Fuh, puhahaha hahahaha!"

When the Emperor held his stomach and burst into laughter, the servants couldn’t hide their confusion. And Karmeut, who laughed so hard that he had to wipe tears from his eyes, muttered while looking at the blue sky,

"Oh, really. You’re so cute that I'll die."

The Emperor, who then murmured "This makes me want to play more pranks...," looked back at his servants.

-His face was full of seriousness and dignity. The servants had just witnessed him burst into laughter, but they tried to hide their nervousness and straightened their posture.

"I'll go find Princess Sepia. Make preparation."

"Understood, Your Majesty."

*Rainelle’s POV

Although I went out, I had no courage to go out of the Imperial Palace. When I saw the reaction of the nobles at the time of the coronation ceremony, it seemed very likely that I would be stoned when I went out of the Imperial Palace. Um, then where should I go... ---There's only one place to go!

I flew around  the inside of the Imperial Palace and looked around.

...But can I really find Sepia in this large, gorgeous, and windowless place? it just me that feel like I'm looking for a needle on the sandy beach?

"Caw! Caaw! (Oh! It’s Galenos!)"

Orangish red hair came into my view.

Huaa, I'm glad it's such an easy color to spot!

I lowered the altitude in delight like an arrow aimed at Galenos' head. As I cawed, he raised his head and looked at me that now had hovered over him. He was surprised, as his eyes slightly opened wide, and reached out.

Seeing him doing that, I sat down on his arm.

By the way, his gauntlet makes his arm slippery. I could hear Galenos' voice as I grabbed the gauntlet and balanced myself on his arm,

"What are you doing?"

I realized that it was not the time to rejoice as I became this impressive knight’s center of attention with his serious appearance.

Oops, I can't explain when I’m a crow!

"I have something to ask. Where is the Princess?"

I hurriedly turned into a human and asked that question.


He wondered for a second, then he nodded and replied,

"...I see. Follow me."

"Thank you!"

I’m alive! I feel like I’ve met a savior!! Oh, no! I shouldn't be like this. I should hurry up and follow him!

It was awkward to chase after Galenos. We weren’t that close, and I couldn't go back to being a crow because I don’t know if Galenos would ask me some questions.

And well... the next empress is a huge bomb, but I have revealed that I could turn into a human, so it's okay, right?

I was struggling with the uncomfortable silence and feeling the burdensome gaze of the passing servants when Galenos asked me,

"I think you were surprised at the coronation ceremony... Did Your Majesty didn’t say anything?"

Did he say anything? Did he say anything?! If it was that good, I wouldn’t be so surprised! I was so shocked!!

"He didn't tell me. He just asked me to turn into a human ... I was so surprised!"

Unknowingly, my voice rose. At the same time, I felt that the servants who passed by were surprised and even looked back at me, so I hurriedly shut my mouth. Hearing my answer, Galenos’ eyes widened for a moment and soon turned his head forward while saying,

"...His Majesty must have thought of you in his own way."

"By suddenly telling that I’ll be the next empress?"

He nodded his head slightly.

"I'm just guessing the intention of His Majesty, but ... I think it’s because you will be more respected being the next empress than being a crow that can take a human form."


I let out an exclamation. I couldn't accept the momentary change in the situation and fly out... but Galenos' words were irrefutable.

Ever since I became a crow, my way of thinking seemed to become simpler than when I was a person, but no matter how simpler it was, it wasn't to the extent that I couldn't understand the meaning of those words.

...Ah-oh! Then I made a mistake! I'm sorry, what should I do?! No, but I was surprised! I wouldn't have been so surprised if he had given me a hint!

Even though I was sorry, my lips were not ready to say sorry at all since I was surprised. Then I heard a low laugh next to me.

"---Oh, pardon me."

The knight's eyes were softly curved. A faint smile was on his face and his lips were covered by his lightly clenched fist. The stern and restrained face that I usually saw was loosened with laughter.

Wow, this is why he is a target character. Because his face didn’t change easily, yet he could show loose expression like that...

"People with various facial expressions are almost nonexistent in the Imperial Palace. Of course, Rainelle… you're not a human being, though."

...women would be awed. His smile is charming. He usually shows restraint, so his smile looks more precious and cuter. Oh, my heart flutters. A handsome smile is precious. Um, um.

"Oh, if you are uncomfortable, you can go back to your original form."

Oh, really? Then without a delay--!

I returned to being a crow and sat down on Galenos' arm. When I bowed to the knight who positioned his arm to make me easier to sit down, he responded with a faint smile.

Ha, a handsome smile is so warm...

It was good in many ways to sit comfortably on Galenos' arm. I received less attention, and it was like a ride because he moved with a rhythm. I sat while balancing myself with my tail, then I realized that his movement had stopped.

"Her Highness the Princess is over there."

What?! Have we already arrived?

When I suddenly leaned forward, I almost fell off his arm, but I tightened my claws, returned my balance, and turned my head to look around.

Sepia, who happened to be in the garden, was looking straight ahead on a well-organized road with people who were unknown if they were maids or nannies.

Then Sepia's eyes turned my way. But she immediately puffed up her cheeks and turned her head away.


"Ca, Caaw? (Se, Sepia?)"

"Humph! I hate crows!!"

She, she hates me?! Why?! I didn't do anything, but I got told off by a cute little girl!!

I stared at Sepia with my beak wide open and flew near her. Then I landed near her feet and pulled at the child’s skirt carefully, but the child refused to look at me.

Uhu, uhu... I’m hated...

My wings drooped. I don't think there was a need to scratch my heart myself if the child hated me.

…she doesn’t like me, so I have to back off. Haah...


I flew up and landed on a nearby branch. Then I began to pick feathers with my beak.

Oh, it’s like a punishment.

Looking down, I saw Galenos standing awkwardly in place. I also sneaked a glance at Sepia even though I might be too obvious.

---Ugh! She said she hated crows! A big hit!

Oh, but if Sepia doesn't welcome me, I really have nowhere to go. How good it is if I’m a beautiful, flashy, and brilliant bird! Then people will be amazed and I’ll be happy wherever I go!

‘Crows are a masked plague! Unlucky! Bring death!!’ –Come on...

---Although my human form is so pretty like a goddess, what if my original form wasn't a crow? It's not that I don't have any regrets...

Uh, where should I go... Or should I visit Namuel?

I was contemplating whether I should go to the most popular target when I heard a familiar voice,

"Sepia, so you were here."

"Oh, Elder brother!"

!! Kamut came here?! What are you doing here?! Did you come to see Sepia?

When I turned my head while suppressing my pounding heart, the familiar golden color caught my eyes. Karmeut, who came to this place while being accompanied by servants, hugged Sepia and gave a playful kiss on the child's cheek.

"Brother, there..."

When the child pointed to me with her finger, I turned away.

Hmph! I'm sulking at Karmeut, and Sepia, you said you didn't like me! Hmph!

"Rainelle is here? But why does she look sulky?

"But the crow deceived me first!"

"---Rainelle? How?"

Huh? What do I lie about?

I didn't dare to turn my head back, so I just pricked up my ears while sitting there. Then, whether she was angry or emotional, the child's high voice came along with a sound that seemed to be coming from her waving arms.

"She didn't tell me that she could turn into a person! I hate Elder brother too! You didn't tell me that she could turn into such a pretty person! I was so surprised at the coronation ceremony! I'm mad because you didn't tell Sepia first!"

...Aah!! It turns out that it's because of Karmeut that Sepia didn't know why. Kakk!!

My feathers swelled to the fullest. I seriously considered whether I should hit Karmeut in the face or not.

Ah, the more I think about it, the more I want to!

Reflexively, I flew to hit Karmeut's face.

---But if I injure his handsome face, it’s humanity’s loss, so I’ll try to avoid using my beak and claws as much as I can and hit him!

Rainelle slaps him in the face! It’s very effective!

---Feeling the illusion of hearing the sound effect of XXX1, I confirmed that Karmeut's head was swung back, then I landed on the branch again.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty!"


"Oh, it's okay... Nothing big. It's okay."

Of course it is okay! It's all on you! Humph!!

I screamed and puffed up my feathers to the fullest in anger. Karmeut briefly sighed and talked to me with a face full apology,

"I'm sorry, Rainelle, did you get angry because I didn't tell her beforehand?"

You didn't tell me first, and you also didn't talk to Sepia!!

With a heart full of annoyance, I stamped my feet in place (although there was only a tapping sound) and flapped my wings. Then Sepia opened her eyes wide and said,

"Didn't the crow, didn’t Rainelle know?"

"Ah, I was the one not saying anything because I wanted to surprise Rainelle and Sepia."

Then the child puffed up her cheeks and pounded Karmeut's chest.

"Well, then Rainelle deserves to be angry! Elder brother you fool! I didn’t know anything and was angry because I thought Rainelle deceived me!"

"You did?"


There was nothing but an embarrassed smile in the golden eyes that I saw, but I still turned my head so that it was obvious that I was still angry.

Karmeut, your sins are known!!

"Rainelle, I'm sorry! I don't know anything and just get angry! Come here, will you?"

Sepia, who jumped out from Karmeut's arms, rushed under the tree where I was sitting. The eyes of the child were shining innocently, so I infinitely felt pity after being sulky to the child.

Still, I can't sit on Sepia's arms or her shoulders-that might hurt her tender skin-, so I landed in front of her. Then Sepia squatted down and swept my back.

Her stroking was a bit heavy. Since she was not good at controlling her strength, it felt like I'm being pressed down. Still, I fully understood the child's mind, so I accepted her touch calmly.

"Rainelle. Can't you change into a human?"

I can refuse to turn into a human, but…

-it’s because Sepia is so pretty! It's not because of Karmeut! Hmph!!

"Now, what do you think? I changed to human as Sepia wanted."

I saw the child looking up as I suddenly grew tall.

Aww, cute.

Sepia's cheeks were red as she leaned on her knees and faced me with her eyes.

"Rainelle ... so pretty... !!"

"---really? I'm pretty?"

"Yeah! Pretty!! You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen!"

The voice and expression that were filled with innocence made me feel good. So I smiled and replied,

"Sepia is also very pretty."

"Thank you, Rainelle! But it's a waste. Why have you been hiding it all this time? You’re really pretty!"



1  XXX: A game, like Pokemon.↩

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