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Chapter: 1377

The Egg of Chaos

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The young researcher had traded his life for a glimmer of hope against the mother.

However, most of the people who received the message remained unmoved.

They had probably been coerced by important figures and had tied their lives and futures to the spirit magnet long ago. No matter what happened, they would never give up their research on the spirit magnet. Not to mention, it would harm their research.

If not, they had been living together with the mother, and unknowingly, their minds had been infiltrated. As such, they became willing puppets and ghosts…

Or, they were afraid of the pressure from the big shots and mother Yuan, and they were afraid of ending up like the little researcher.

Or, they were greedy for the enjoyment of the hope, and they would rather live a carefree life in an illusory paradise than be exiled to the surface of the hope to face the real Turan civilization, that hellish scene.

In short, faced with the little researcher’s fire of hope that was fueled by his life, these people fell silent and retreated. Their shadows shivered under the light of the fire.

However, even if there was a slight ripple in the water, there were only a handful of successors who believed the little researcher’s guess and took over the flame of hope.

They began to secretly collect research instruments, store experimental materials, and conduct deeper research on the ‘mother’s mucus‘and even the cells extracted from the mother’s body.

The more they studied, the more shocking and unbelievable they felt.

They also secretly contacted their compatriots on the ground and gained a deeper understanding of the entire process of the transformation of the Tulan civilization from a ‘human’to an ‘orc’. They also gradually connected the transformation of the Tulan civilization to the awakening of the mother’s body,

they had connected it to mother origin.

Now, the researchers with the tinder in their hearts could already confirm that the unrecognizable changes that had happened to the Tulan civilization had something to do with mother origin. Mother origin had even secretly guided them and single-handedly caused the changes.

Just like the young researchers back then, they had made up their minds to eradicate mother origin and bring the Tulan civilization back to the right path.

It was not easy to do that.

On the surface, the protomother was merely a piece of defenseless, fragile ‘meat’.

It was even a ‘Brain’that was exposed to the air without the protection of a skull.

A single venom, a cluster of flames, and a bomb would be enough to blow the brain into smithereens.

However, the researchers of the Tulan civilization had long discovered that the protomother cells possessed an incredible ability to divide and multiply.

As long as it possessed sufficient psionic power, the mother cell could recover in an extremely short period of time no matter how severe the injury it suffered.

‘What was even more terrifying was that in the past hundreds of years of research and cultivation, in order to maximize the mother cell’s power, the scientists of the Tulan civilization had grafted a large number of roots of the mandala tree onto the mother cell, this allowed it to automatically absorb

energy from the underground spiritual vein.

And in the process of continuously devouring and moistening the spiritual magnet, the mother’s cellular form also gradually became incredibly similar to the spiritual magnet’s nanostructure.

‘The original mother was only a brain.

In the past few hundred years, the Tulan civilization’s researchers had actually fitted four limbs to this extremely dangerous brain.

They had even endowed this fragile brain with the ever-changing ability of a super magnetic fluid material!

Perhaps, this was the goal of the mother of origin to lure and control the Tulan civilization.

The researchers who realized this felt extremely heavy-hearted.

They knew that the core area of the mother of Origin’s laboratory had been firmly controlled by the ‘puppets’and ‘ghosts’.

No one was allowed to bring anything that would harm the mother into the core area.

The ‘core area’continued to expand.

The mother’s tentacles gradually wrapped around the entire hope.

More and more experts and researchers on the hope had transformed into the mother’s ‘puppets‘and ‘Ghouls’.

Even the researchers with hope heard the mother’s irresistible threats and seductive murmurs in the dead of night.

They knew that they couldn’t hide the fact that they had collected a large amount of research equipment and experimental materials for a long time.

The hope wasn’t a place to stay for long.

The battle against mother origin would be a long-term, arduous, and extremely dangerous mission.

They had to start from scratch.

Thankfully, when the hope crossed into the depths of Turan Ze’s underground rock layer, it left behind countless space folds.

Space folds were different from subterranean bubbles. They were not part of a natural geological structure, but a narrow path that led to another dimension.

Even the mother mother, who had been hibernating here for tens of thousands of years, could not know the space folds that had just been born hundreds of years ago.

The researchers had tured a space fold that they had accidentally discovered into a secret research base.

Even though the entrance to the space fold was right next to the hope.

‘The researchers used the space jump technology on the hope to install a "Door’to the entrance.

Other than the people who knew the "Key", even if they stood at the "Door", they would only see the smooth, mirror-like rock wall.

Even if they dug three feet deep and dug hundreds of holes in the rock wall, they wouldn’t be able to discover the existence of the secret research base.

However, such a large-scale construction and transfer would definitely leave traces behind.

Mother origin quickly discovered the existence of the rebels.

Fortunately, Mother Origin’s strength was still quite weak at that time. In other words, there were many restrictions.

After all, mother origin was only a ‘brain’. It had just woken up from its long slumber of hundreds of millions of years.

It was unable to directly kill a rebel.

Nor could it directly implant a clear, clear, and strong command into the brains of the puppets and the ghouls.

It could only subtly make use of the emotions and desires of the puppets and ghouls to achieve its goal.

Soon, the ‘heinous crimes’of the researchers were revealed to the world.

When all the Tulan orcs, or more accurately, all the Tulan Orcs knew that a group of crazy fellows were lurking in the depths of the underground, trying to destroy the foundation that the Tulan civilization relied on to survive.., when they destroyed the original mother that gave them endless power and

pleasure, destroyed the new social system that they abandoned their humanity in the past, and finally rebuilt it with great difficulty, all of the Tulan Orcs were furious.

Those important figures who relied on the spiritual magnets of the original mother to evolve into peerless powerhouses were especially indignant.

The researchers were reduced to street rats that everyone shouted at.

Many of the researchers were quickly pulled out and torn into pieces by the fanatical public.

‘There were also some who were imprisoned in the dark prison and tortured to force them to reveal information about their comrades and the base.

Even though the researchers were filled with the righteousness of "Save the Turan civilization’.

In the end, they were no match for the entire civilization that was pouring over their heads. The pressure was heavier than the billions of tons of rocks that were pressing down on the hope.

The secret base was about to fall.

The number of rebels who knew the truth was dwindling.

Their last hope was about to be extinguished.

At this time, an earth-shattering event diverted the attention of the entire Turan civilization and mother original, who was buried deep underground.

‘The fog that surrounded Turan finally dissipated.

‘The wall that had held back the Turan civilization for 1,000 years completely collapsed.

‘What appeared before the eyes of all the Turan Orcs was a path that led to the north, an even warmer and more fertile vast region.

‘The Turan Orcs had all gone crazy.

A Thousand Years of hope had turned into passion.

The Turan Orcs were howling, recklessly marching to the north, marching, marching!

They charged into the land of Holy Light in one go.

They crashed into the iron plate of the temple of Holy Light.

At this moment, the Tulan Beastmen realized two things.

First, they were neither the natives of the New World nor the first batch of outsiders to arrive in the New World.

Long before the Tulan civilization arrived in the New World, the Holy Light Civilization had already taken root and flourished here, and they considered themselves as the "Spirits of all things.".

Secondly, like all kings at the top of the food chain, the Holy Light Camp held a strong sense of disdain and hostility toward the other "Spirits of all things.".

This was especially true for the Tulan Orcs, who had come into contact with the original mother. Oh, in the words of the Holy Light Temple, it was a race that had been "Polluted.".

That’s right, the Holy Light Temple had long known about the existence of the original mother.

According to the propaganda of the Holy Light Shrine, there was far more than just the original mother lurking in the underground of the New World.

The original mother was definitely not the "Original mother earth’, but the "Egg of chaos", It was the seed of unspeakable evil, filth, and ugliness left behind by the terrifying demon king from the immemorial era.

The holy light represented light, justice, and absolute order.

Chaos represented darkness, evil, and absolute chaos.

The Guardians of the Holy Light and the host of the egg of chaos would definitely have a world-shaking Battle of Destiny.

There was a competition for living space and resources between them.

There was also a conflict of origins and ideals.

Once the flames of war were ignited, it would be impossible to extinguish it within a thousand years.

Even if the Tulan Orcs were willing to give up and be as fanatical as the orcs, the even more fanatical guardians of the Holy Light would not let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to banish darkness, purify filth, and eradicate evil.

After repelling the exploration team and expedition army sent by the Tulan civilization.

‘The Army of the Holy Light pursued the victory and launched the first ‘purification war’.

The newly-born Tulan civilization had no choice but to mobilize all its strength to fight against the temple of Holy Light, which had occupied the land of fertility and controlled more resources and population.

Mother origin was secreting mucus crazily and overdrawing her life potential to produce more spiritual magnets. After helping more Tulan Orcs put on the magnificent spiritual magnets armor, it seemed to have entered a long hibernation period again.

It seemed to be undergoing some kind of new breeding and evolution.

It was trying to evolve from the "Egg of chaos"into a more powerful form.

It was capable of contending with the supreme experts of the temple of Holy Light and the power standing behind the temple of Holy Light and above the sky..

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