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Chapter: 1378

Last Hope

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The researchers who were determined to fight against the mother of light gained valuable breathing room.

However, they were also divided on how to deal with the Holy Light Temple.

At first, most of the researchers agreed with the Holy Light Temple’s view that the Mother of Light was the Egg of Chaos that would only bring disorder, ignorance, savagery, and slaughter.

Some were even ecstatic about the Holy Light Army’s arrival.

They risked their lives to escape the Hope and tried to contact the Holy Light Temple to use the latter’s power to "purify" the Turan. Only then would they be able to save the Turan civilization.

However, they soon understood what the so-called "purification" meant in the context of the Holy Light Temple.

Purification was death.

‘Men, women, old and young, soldiers and civilians, whether or not by the soul of the magnet erosion, by the original mother control.

As long as the light shines on the "Evil spirit’, death is the Holy Light Temple can give them the highest mercy, the greatest luck, and eternal peace.

As the towns of Turan burned to the ground in the light of the Holy Light.

Countless old, weak, women, and children were screaming in agony amidst the raging flames.

The researchers’perceptions had undergone a 180-degree change.

If mother origin had treated the Tulan beastmen as puppets and ghouls.

However, the puppets and ghouls could at least survive.

Even if they were to perish, it would take thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Cooperating with the temple of Holy Light, or more accurately, surrendering to the temple of Holy Light, would result in the Tulan civilization being buried with mother origin.

Killing the mother of the original was only a means.

Saving the Tulan civilization was the ultimate goal of the researchers.

Faced with the fact that the Tulan civilization was firmly bound to the mother of the original, they were helpless and despairing.

The temple of Holy Light was not willing to listen to the researchers’explanations at all, nor was it willing to consider the possibility of separating the Tulan orcs from the mother of the original. They were only focused on exterminating the Tulan civilization, and did not care about the life and death of

the Tulan civilization at all.

After hesitating for a long time, the researchers could only choose to temporarily give up.

They no longer sought to completely kill the original mother.

Instead, they wanted to find a way to control the original mother — to suppress the original mother’s intelligence and consciousness so that the original mother could be used by the Tulan orcs obediently and help the Tulan Orcs resist the army of Holy Light.

Without a doubt, it was a hundred times more difficult than simply killing the original mother.

For thousands of years after that, the rebels seemed to have disappeared from the history of the Tulan civilization.

The Tulan civilization accelerated its transformation through famine and harvest after harvest.

In the constant friction with the holy light camp, they slowly formed a brand new spirit, faith, clan structure, military organization, and customs, forming a race that worshipped honor and was not afraid of death, there was also a whole set of myths and legends that went head-to-head with the Holy

Light Temple.

The scientists, including the MAGNETOMAGNET experts, gradually withered and turned into priests and witch doctors who didn’t know what was going on.

The ancient settlement, shelter, and forward base became a temple filled with mystery.

The hope became the largest and most prestigious Holy Mountain Temple, and it became the burial place for heroes and warriors.

However, no one knew that among the priests who were responsible for protecting the Holy Mountain Temple, the spark of hope was still being passed down in the form of Haka.

In every generation of priests, there would always be a small number of people who would awaken their old memories and vaguely remember the days of the Tulan people. What kind of power had turned them into the half-human half-beast state they were today.

They silently shouldered the mission of inheriting the past thousands of years.

In the secret base beside the hope, the research and control of the mother original was still going on in secret.

It was like a candle flame that had been burning in the darkness for thousands of years. Although it was weak, it continued to burn.

3,000 years ago, when the Holy Light Army launched the largest "Purification War"in 10,000 years in an attempt to completely destroy the hope and the mother original.

There was still a group of inheritors of the ancient researchers, who were still stuck in the "Temple of the sacred mountain‘as shamans and priests.

Originally, they had a chance to escape the desperate situation.

With their status, no matter which clan they escaped to, they would be given preferential treatment and high status.

For the sake of their mission, they decided to stay.

They stayed in the hope, which was severely damaged by the Big Bang and completely isolated from the outside world, like a tomb of the living dead.

Initially, a total of 17 witch doctors and priests who had awakened their ancient memories stayed behind.

They were all experts in the modification of the mandala tree, the creation of the spiritual magnet, and the conduct of biochemical experiments.

Using the mandala tree, which had been genetically optimized, they constructed an ecological circulation system in the secret research base that could continuously draw psionic energy from underground spiritual veins to generate fresh air and nutrients.

Then, in an environment that wouldn’t be disturbed for thousands of years, they started to focus on their research.

They had made the right bet.

The Big Bang had severely weakened the mother.

It had also exposed more of the mother’s characteristics and weaknesses.

It had also restricted the mother’s tentacles to the hope and prevented them from invading the secret research base that was so close to them.

Their research went smoothly.

Soon, they achieved a breakthrough that they hadn’t been able to achieve in the past few hundred years.

At this moment, an almost unsolvable problem appeared before everyone’s eyes.

To analyze how mother original had used the soul magnet to erode and change the theory of the Turan ORC and reverse the process to control the soul magnet and mother original, they needed a large number of test subjects.

Without a large number of experiments, it was impossible to obtain effective data.

The inheritors of the sacred mission had no choice but to conduct experiments on themselves.

They implanted various nanostructured spiritual magnets into their bodies.

Then, they injected the ‘suppressant’that they had made in an attempt to control the over-active spiritual magnets and interfere with the output of the human brain.

Naturally, the research on suppressant could not be done overnight.

The spiritual magnets that were implanted with different nanostructures repeatedly were equivalent to wearing several layers of totem armor that contained different totem power.

Their flesh and soul were enduring the pulling, biting, and gnawing of different layers and natures that originated from the mother. They were like Hellfire.

Many researchers couldn’t withstand the inhuman torture and died of pain or explosion.

Even those who survived often turned into monsters that were beyond recognition, just like the human-faced spider that led Meng Chao here.

However, the suppressant that they developed had a partial effect.

While their appearance became more and more deformed and ugly, they could still suppress the killing impulse brought by the spiritual magnet and clearly remember their identity, origin, and mission.

For the next 3,000 years, this small research base maintained a minimum of operations.

However, the number of researchers became fewer and fewer.

Although they made reproduction their top priority, they tried to cultivate more "Awakened", "Rebels", and "Successors".

They also passed on their knowledge, technology, and mission through "Haka".

However, the ecological circulation system in the research base was too small to support a large population.

They were repeatedly bitten by the out-of-control spiritual magnets, and their genes became extremely fragile and unstable.

More and more researchers gave birth to abnormal stillbirths.

Many people died from accidents before they could pass on their wisdom and will through haka.

Finally, there was only one researcher left in the small cave.

And because he repeatedly carries on the experiment in his own body’s reason, also will the life potential overdraft all exhausted.

He’s dying.

The fire of hope that has been burning for thousands of years is about to be extinguished.

Fortunately, he finally found the "Answer’on his deathbed.

Over the past ten thousand years, the souls of countless people who refused to be enslaved, who refused to watch their beloved civilization, the rebels, march into barbarism, ignorance, blood and darkness, seem to be at this very moment, the last researcher’s body.

As if possessed by a god, he concocted a ‘special drug’that targeted the mother.

The suppressant could partially destroy the nanostructure of the spiritual magnet, block the transmission path of spiritual energy in the spiritual magnet, and block the brain-like neural reactions of the mother.

By injecting it into his body, he could retain most of the functions of the spiritual magnet armor while suppressing the corrosion and interference of the spiritual magnet armor on the human body, ensuring the absolute control of the spiritual magnet armor on the human body.

Based on repeated calculations, this researcher believed that as long as he injected a large amount of highly concentrated suppressant into the original mother’s body, he would be able to firmly control this extremely mysterious archaic creature in his hands!

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