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Chapter: 1380

Courage That Only Belonged to Humans

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"The true Turan people never believed in gods.

"Rather, the memories, wisdom, and courage that we inherited from our ancestors through Haka… were our gods, our ancestral spirits.

"However, the moment you reappeared, I felt from the bottom of my heart that there was a god, the embodiment of the Turan civilization’s true existence, protecting and guiding me in the dark, guarding my last hope.

"There was no one more suitable than an outsider who did not belong to the Holy Light faction to help the Turan civilization complete its mission and save us as well as itself.

"That’s why I did not hesitate to expose myself and bring you here, telling you and giving you everything I had.

"This is the story of the Turan civilization, and it is also the story of us—all the rebels who refused to submit, who refused to be enslaved, who refused to fall forever into ignorance and slaughter.

"Thope that after listening to this story, you will understand that the mother of origin is not only a threat to the Tulan civilization, but also a fatal threat to all the civilizations living on this planet. If we do not stop it within a hundred years, once this incomparably terrifying ‘brain’uses the spiritual

magnet to create sufficiently powerful and numerous ‘limbs’that can charge out of the ground, the entire planet will become its delicious meal, and all the intelligent life on the planet will become its plaything.

"My life has come to an end.

"Tcan no longer provide you with any help.

"Then, I wish you all the best, stranger friend.

"Twish you success in defeating Mother Origin and helping the Tulan civilization get rid of the ten thousand years of ignorance and chaos.

"Twish that your civilization will not repeat the mistakes of the Tulan civilization and become a hell where the strong prey on the weak and the victor becomes king.

"Twish that you will not fall into the sight of the temple of holy light and be ‘purified’into ashes by the Burning Holy Light.

"Twish that you will flourish and prosper on this mysterious planet and find the truth behind the planet. What exactly is the so-called transmigration? What kind of power has brought so many civilizations together? Who are we? Where Are We Going?"

As the voice grew weaker and weaker,.

The crystal-clear metal plate in front of Meng Chao’s eyes gradually became dull and turbid.

It was as if it had been carved out of crystal and turned into bronze.

Spots of copper rust quickly grew on the bronze.

Under the corrosion of the copper rust, the metal plate quickly broke into pieces.

It turned into billions of streams of light and rushed into Meng Chao’s brain.

It was as if Meng Chao was drifting along with the waves in a surging flood.

The scene before his eyes was full of illusions and bizarre scenes and sounds.

Most of the content was the strange-looking researchers carrying out long, boring, and dangerous experiments, fiddling with a dazzling array of experimental instruments, and a colorful, mysterious liquid filled with radiation.

There were also algorithms and formulas.

There were hundreds of times more than the formulas carved on the wall. They were densely packed and complex, like countless little bugs dancing after getting drunk, all drilling into Meng Chao’s brain cells.

Meng Chao knew that this was the last researcher of the Tulan civilization. Through "Haka, "they had transmitted to him the experimental logs and research data of ten thousand years.

Even though he had cultivated to the divine realm, the toughness of his brain was a hundred times stronger than that of an ordinary earthling.

However, as a modern Homo sapiens, he naturally lacked the ability to haka. This kind of enlightened data transmission was like a torture aimed at the brain.

Meng Chao could only clench his teeth.

He struggled with all his might in the torrent of information, trying to surface from the whirlpool.

An unknown amount of time passed.

It was so long that he almost thought that he was a Tulan researcher who was born and died in a secret research base in a trance.

His consciousness finally rose to the surface of the water.


Meng Chao suddenly sat up from the hibernation chamber.

Everything that had happened a moment ago was like a dream.

However, in the depths of his brain, countless pieces of information had indeed been added — information that was enough to make an explosive breakthrough in a civilization and was invaluable.

Meng Chao took a deep breath and barely suppressed the thought that his brain was about to explode like a volcano. He crawled out of the hibernation chamber and staggered toward the cabin where the human-faced spider was.

He saw an unbelievable scene.

In the hibernation chamber filled with nutrient fluids, the last researcher of the Tulan civilization had burnt out his life.

He smiled and was disintegrating.

In his short life, he had injected various poisons, drugs, corrosive liquids, and different nanostructures of spiritual magnets into his body countless times to test different versions of inhibition drugs.

These poisons, drugs, and liquid-like metallic substances had long corroded his body until it was riddled with holes and on the verge of collapse. It was thanks to his tenacious willpower that he was able to hold on until today.

Only now, after handing over the heavy burden, could he finally get rid of all anxiety, pain, and despair, and return to the brilliant and prosperous Tulan civilization from ten thousand years ago.

His body disintegrated before Meng Chao’s eyes at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The poisons, medicines, and spiritual magnets that had accumulated in the depths of his cells exploded uncontrollably, causing his flesh and blood to bloom to the extreme like bunches of extremely brilliant flowers.

In the hibernation chamber where hundreds of flowers bloomed, he used the last of his strength to raise his tail.

The huge scorpion tail slowly bloomed like a crab claw chrysanthemum, revealing a syringe carved out of crystal and embedded with a metal coil.

The medicine pouch at the back of the syringe was filled with crystal clear, faintly emitting a fluorescent green potion.

The last researcher of the Tulan civilization delivered the syringe to Meng Chao.

Meng Chao’s expression was solemn. He took half a step forward and took the syringe with both hands.

"I should remember your name."

Meng Chao spoke in ancient Tulan.

Through haka, he had roughly grasped the pronunciation characteristics of ancient Tulan.

Even though the tongue and the overlapping sounds were still stuttering.

At the very least, it was much smoother than his past self and many of the current witch doctors and priests.

The tail that sent out the suppressant was relieved.

After slightly curling up and waving goodbye to Meng Chao, it slowly sank into the hibernation cabin.

After a moment of silence, the last voice of the researcher came from the hibernation cabin:


Meng Chao knew that Asha was the name of the three moons of Tulan’s mother planet — the smallest of the three sisters and the one furthest away from the mother planet.

Because of its mass, size, and orbit, Asha had always been the dimmest little sister of the three sisters on the night of Tulan’s mother planet.

Even the twinkling stars could steal her brilliance.

However, on the coldest days of winter, when the long night was about to pass and the dawn had yet to arrive, Asha would move to a very unique orbit and angle, just enough to reflect the brilliance of the star perfectly, at that moment, it became incomparably bright, resplendent, and brilliant. It could

practically illuminate the hearts of all the Tulan people who were suffering in darkness and cold on Tulan’s mother planet.

Every time they saw ‘asha’shining brightly, the ancient Tulan people knew that the harsh winter that had frozen everything was about to end. A good day where everything was revived and full of vitality was about to arrive.

Therefore, in the ancient Turan language, "Asha"meant "Hope.".

Chao Meng didn’t know whether the final researcher was introducing his name, repeating the name of the inhibition drug to Chao Meng, or reminding Chao Meng not to forget the Holy Mountain Temple — the mission in the depths of the hope.

Chao Meng only knew that there was still time. Before the destruction, there was still hope!

He took half a step back and bowed slightly to the blooming hibernation pod.

Even though they came from different worlds, different planets, and different civilizations.

They certainly had different standpoints and different interests.

But no matter what, the last researcher of the Tulan civilization, and his ancestors who were unwilling to be ignorant and enslaved, who were struggling to find a way to survive in the caves deep underground, deserved Meng Chao’s identity as an Earthling, this was the most sincere respect.

Compared to the high-level orcs today, the so-called "Courage’of bullying the weak and killing each other.

‘What these researchers showed was the true courage — the courage that belonged to "Humans’and not "Beasts.".

Meng Chao held the "Hope Potion’tightly in his hand.

Even though he was separated by the crystal medicine pouch, he could feel a mysterious and powerful force flowing through his palm and seeping into his internal organs, limbs, and meridians.

The totem armor that was about to move a moment ago immediately became silent and docile.

Meng Chao’s consciousness seemed to be able to flow into the depths of the spiritual magnet that formed the totem armor along with the mysterious power in the hope medicine, exploring, suppressing, and controlling every nanostructure.

It was only at this moment that he finally managed to perfectly control this totem armor that contained endless power in his hands.

As he felt his power increase exponentially, his degree of control did not weaken at all. On the contrary, he felt like he was at his fingertips. Satisfied, Meng Chao grinned.

He began to think about the "Mission"entrusted to him by the last researcher of the Tulan civilization.

Combining Meng Chao’s memories from his previous life and what he found in the hidden fog domain, the monster civilization’s base camp, the last researcher was right.

Suppressing the ‘mother’wasn’t just the mission of the Tulan civilization.

It was also the mission of the Dragon City civilization.

Because these things weren’t just lurking underground in Tulan ze… it was unknown whether they should be called the ‘mother’, the ‘Mother Fragment’, or the ‘Egg of Chaos’.

Since these ghostly things all originated from the super carbon-based biological ‘mother’of the immemorial era, there must be a mysterious and inconceivable connection between them. Perhaps, they could even be reunited.., they could return to the terrifying form of the primordial era, which could

cover the sky and cover the sun and extend their tentacles into the atmosphere.

Dragon City and Tulanze were very close to each other.

They were like grasshoppers on the same rope.

No matter if the terrifying existences in the egg of chaos were born, matured, or broken out of the ground.

Or if the temple of Holy Light was the first to sweep away everything that was contaminated with the aura of chaos before the egg of chaos completed its evolution.

The Dragon City civilization would be the second sacrifice after the Tulan civilization..

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