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Chapter: 1382

Reloading to Go Into Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Meng Chao suddenly understood.

He felt that he was gradually getting closer to the truth of Dragon City’s destruction in his previous life.

He also realized that the ultimate battle between the Chaos faction and the Holy Light faction was inevitable and doomed.

Even if he could persuade the bigwigs of Dragon City to give up the idea of attacking the Land of Holy Light in this life, the Holy Light Temple would not let go of those who had black hair, as well as black eyes, and were suspected to be contaminated by the Egg of Chaos.

Purification or destruction was the only path that the Holy Light Temple had given them.

If the Holy Light and Chaos, which represented the remaining power of the Ancients and the mother respectively, were still fighting for billions of years, what about the Earthlings, the Turans, the Holy Light humans, the elves, the dwarfs, the liches, the Ice Giants, the abyssfolk… and the carbon-based

intelligent races that were obviously not born on this planet?

"Could it be that the Holy Light and Chaos summoned soldiers or ‘chess pieces’ to this planet?" Meng Chao mumbled to himself.

A scene appeared in front of his eyes subconsciously.

With the boundless sea of stars as the background and a vibrant azure planet as the chessboard, a hazy golden ball of light and light misty tentacles sat on each side of the chessboard.

Earthlings, Turan orcs, Holy Light humans, elves, dwarfs, giants, ogres… They were all pieces carved into different shapes on the blood-stained chessboard.

‘The golden ball of light released a round of light flames.

The tentacles of the fog danced wildly.

Accompanied by soul-stirring ripples, the chess pieces on the chessboard were injected with powerful momentum. Following the predetermined path of the two sides, they crashed fiercely towards the chess pieces on the opposite side.

Every collision on the chessboard.

It was very likely to represent an epic-level battle in which both sides had invested a total of one million soldiers and suffered hundreds of thousands of casualties.


Meng Chao did not like the scene very much.

He also did not like anything that was superior to humans and thought that it could control their fates, whether it was the Holy Light, Chaos, or some other existence with the name of "God" and "Devil"!

"I don’t know if I can change the future and save Dragon City or not.

"But one thing is certain.

"We Earthlings, no matter if we win or lose, or even face the ultimate destruction, we have to fight to the death as chess players instead of chess pieces for our fate!"

Meng Chao grasped the Hope Potion tightly.

He did not know how effective the inhibition potion, which had gathered the last research team of the Turan civilization for ten thousand years, would be, or whether it could completely suppress the Egg of Chaos and prevent it from evolving into a Demon King of Terror.

But judging from the Egg of Chaos’ reaction, it should be effective.

Otherwise, the mother or the Egg of Chaos would not have had to play so many tricks inside the Holy Mountain temple to prevent Meng Chao and the Wolf King from getting in touch with the last researcher, and the only Hope Potion.

No, it was not the only one.

The last researcher had only concocted the final 500 units of the super-concentrated suppressant.

However, he had already transmitted the method of concocting the potion, including a large number of the Turan civilization’s scientific research results, to the depths of Meng Chao’s brain using a similar method of enlightenment.

‘Meng Chao was not a Turan orc or a Neanderthal.

Naturally, he could not instantly become an outstanding biochemical expert and researcher through "Haka."

He just swallowed the dates and memorized the astronomical information in his head.

Nevertheless, he knew a lot of the most excellent researchers in Dragon City.

‘Whether it was the ancient ruins research center, Lei Zongchao’s subordinates, the Red Dragon Army, the research department, or even his own Superstar company, there was no lack of top experts in genetic research, biochemical modulation, and magnetic fluid technology.

Meng Chao believed that as long as he could present all the complicated formulas and algorithms in his brain to their eyes, they would be overjoyed.

They would definitely be intoxicated.

At that time, not only would they be able to create more Hope Potions, they would even be able to help the people of Dragon City make explosive breakthroughs in the field of genetic technology and magnetic fluids, bringing about a leap in the entire civilization!

"If I can really create more Hope Potions, then the problem of the monsters lurking in Dragon City can be easily solved!"

Meng Chao thought, "Since the monster mastermind in Dragon City and the mother of origin in the underground of Picturesque Orchid Lake are both fragments of the mother from the ancient era, or rather, they are the two remaining seeds of life after the mother disintegrated, then they must have very

similar physiological structures and neural mechanisms.

"As long as the Hope Potion can block the reactions in the mother of origin’s brain neurons, it will certainly block similar activity in the monster mastermind.

"Once that happens, not only will I be able to disperse and destroy the remaining power of the monster mastermind that has invaded Lu Siya’s body and the bodies of more people of Dragon City, but I’ll also be able to absorb the monster mastermind’s remaining power.

"Imight even be able to completely digest and absorb its remaining power and use it for my own purposes!"

Meng Chao’s eyes shone.

A path of hope seemed to appear in front of him, one that could carve a bloody trail out of the gap between the Holy Light and Chaos.

With "hope," he appeared at the edge of the Holy Mountain temple again, above the bottomless rift.

His gaze on the Holy Mountain temple was completely different from before.

Earlier, the Holy Mountain had been like a three-dimensional labyrinth that was surrounded by dense fog.

Once he entered the labyrinth, he would be left with no choice but to be slaughtered. He would even be turned into a chess piece by a mysterious force.

At that moment, the memories of the last researcher, his parents and grandparents, and even those from ten thousand years ago, when the Hope was still under construction, kept flashing before his eyes.

It made his pupils turn into two razor-sharp scalpels.

They were able to delve deeper and deeper into the complex structure of the Holy Mountain temple.

Once again, a crystal-clear virtual model of the Holy Mountain temple appeared in Meng Chao’s mind.

This time, the size and precision of the virtual model were ten times greater than before.

There was a straight tube that looked like an elevator shaft at the center of the virtual model.

Meng Chao knew that right below the tube was the Chaos mother’s laboratory!

At that moment, the other side of the rift was empty.

‘The Wolf King. who had been wandering outside the Holy Mountain temple a moment ago, as well as the killing statues, had all disappeared.

Meng Chao’s mind raced, and he immediately realized that they had entered the mother of origin’s laboratory.

"According to the last researcher, the mother of origin has yet to fully recover, awaken, and complete its evolution. Although its power is strong, there are a lot of limitations.

"The slaughter statues were completely made of spirit magnets. Although their combat ability is extremely strong, their range of activity is limited. They can only serve as guards of the Holy Mountain temple for the time being.

"The mother of origin still needs a living orc expert to act as the ‘Puppet King,’ Only then can it carry out its will in the entire Picturesque Orchid Lake.

"After waiting for three thousand years, it finally got a puppet candidate as talented as ‘Jackal’ Kanus, who has unlimited potential.

"The mother of origin naturally won’t waste time and let him confront me across space.

"After discovering that I’ve been dragged into the secret research base by the human-faced spider and being unable to catch up for the time being, the mother of origin naturally summoned the Wolf King to its lair to carry out the modulation from the jackal to the Doomsday Wolf!

"This won’t do. I have to sneak into the laboratory to stop the Wolf King before he’s completely controlled by the mother of origin!"

Meng Chao took a deep breath.

His legs, which were covered by his totem armor, instantly expanded.

After the suppression of the Hope Potion, the spirit magnet that had condensed into his totem armor obediently followed his blood vessels and spirit flames to adjust its nanostructure.

A large number of micron-sized spirit energy transmission tubes were instantly formed inside the spirit magnet, allowing Meng Chao’s spirit flames to be released from the ends of his legs unimpeded. They turned into two clusters of light that were even more dazzling than the tail flames of a rocket.

Boom! Boom!

Meng Chao no longer concealed his existence.

An astonishing boom erupted between his feet and the rock wall.

After leaving two "craters" that were more than a meter in diameter on the rock wall that was emitting a metallic luster, Meng Chao tured into a whistling cannonball and swallowed the distance of the entire canyon in an instant. He crashed into the Holy Mountain temple again.

"Egg of Chaos, I’m coming!"

Meng Chao landed heavily on the ground.

Rustling sounds rang out from all around.

It seemed that countless snakes, insects, rats, and ants made of spirit magnets were fleeing in panic and reporting to their master.

The mother of origin must have sensed that he had arrived again.

However, there were no more statues of slaughter around.


Meng Chao and the Wolf King had seen tens of thousands of slaughter statues that made up the Spirit Magnet Army on the high platform within the Holy Mountain temple.

However, the vast majority of these slaughter statues were just statues.

They were still growing, condensing, and evolving.

Under their lifelike shells, their internal structures were still incomplete, and they needed more spirit nourishment, as well as the pouring of massive amounts of combat data. Only then could they gain the ability to move freely and slaughter wantonly.

The only ones that could truly hunt freely were the few slaughter statues such as Fist, Stomach-less King, and Broken Wings.

Meng Chao had rejected the mother of origin’s temptation, and he was determined to find the human-faced spider to investigate. The only ones that the mother of origin could send out to hunt him now were three to five slaughter statues that had yet to be completed.

Meng Chao estimated that, for the time being, this was the mother of origins limit.

Of course, the mother of origin had already obtained the puppet she wanted—"Jackal" Kanus.

Therefore, it did not need to use the slaughter statues to make things appear mysterious.

Instead, it could deploy seven to eight slaughter statues with mobility and combat ability into the "elevator shaft" that led to the laboratory, blocking the entire passage.

Sure, Meng Chao had already broken through to the Deity Realm and had the help of his totem armor that had been tempered by the Hope Potion.

Even so, he would have to destroy the seven to eight statues of slaughter in the dark and narrow "elevator shaft," which was the enemy’s home ground.

It was still an impossible mission.

Thankfully, Meng Chao still had helpers…

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