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Chapter: 1548

The Real Test

In the beginning, the Tiger Dragon could still be seen struggling violently, using its sharp claws and teeth to tear apart the scarlet carpet formed by the Blood Flower fungi cluster.

However, the fungi cluster continued to divide and grow at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, the tear was completely repaired.

A large amount of mycelium also flowed into the Tiger Dragon’s body through its wounds and seven orifices, entangling every blood vessel, nerve, bone, and muscle fiber.

The Tiger Dragon seemed to fall into a bottomless pool of blood. Its struggles grew weaker with each second, and it gradually fell to the bottom of the pool.

In the end, it let out a painful, indignant, helpless, relieved, and rejuvenated moan before it stopped moving. It was probably filled with complex feelings.

Covered by the scarlet carpet of fungi, the Tiger Dragon turned into a giant insect pupa.

The insect pupa continued to squirm, and it seemed to be undergoing a precise and terrifying reconstruction as well as upgrade.

It looked like an ugly demon’s heart, and everyone present could hear the "demon’s heartbeat."

Even though they were blocked by the tempered glass, they still felt as if their hearts had been ruthlessly crushed.

No, the test was far from over.

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The corpses of the Demonic Halberd Pigs around them had all stopped twitching and bouncing. The Blood Flowers fungi clusters all over the corpses were also like wild grass that had been scorched by flames. They were yellow and charred, void of all signs of life.

However, the "demon heart" that was wrapped around the Tiger Dragon kept expanding as it beat violently, turning into a huge man-eating flower bud.

The dark red flower bud was emitting a dark light.

One could vaguely see that there were numerous blood vessels wrapped around the flower bud.

There was something inside that was even more viscous than blood, and it was slowly circulating.

When the flower bud expanded to its limit, a boom was heard.

As if a volcano had erupted, a large amount of Blood Flower spores spurted out above the flower bud, forming an ominous bloody mist.

The flower bud split into eight petals and spread out as it peeled off in all directions, revealing the Tiger Dragon that had been reborn. It had changed beyond recognition.

This "brand new" Tiger Dragon…

Its skeleton had apparently expanded by several times more. There were sharp and angular marks on its flesh and blood, making it look extremely gaunt.

At least hundreds of dense bone spurs extended from the top of its head along its spine all the way to its tail. Each bone spur was as long as an arm, and there were rings of mycelium wrapped around it.

Its originally mighty and domineering golden tiger fur had been replaced by dark crimson hair that was as red as blood.

If one looked carefully, each red hair seemed to have a life of its own, constantly wriggling and waving. They had free will and a strong appetite.

One could imagine that in close combat, the red hair that was wrapped by the Blood Flower’s mycelium would definitely penetrate its prey’s body and pull it toward the Tiger Dragon’s body.

The most frightening thing was the Tiger Dragon’s eyes.

Previously, the Tiger Dragon had a pair of bright and spirited tiger eyes.

Although its eyes radiated a soul-stirring light and the Tiger Dragon never lost the aura of a king, it currently did not havevisible eyeballs in its two deep and huge eye sockets.

Instead, they had been replaced by two blood-colored flames that danced strangely but did not radiate any warmth or cold.

After its cold gaze moved back and forth, it landed on the human behind the tempered glass.

The two devilish flames suddenly expanded and rushed out of its eye sockets, causing its entire deformed and mutated head to burn up.

That further proved that the Tiger Dragon in front of Meng Chao was no longer a living monster.

Instead, it had become a puppet of the Blood Flower, a terrifying undead creature!

Only then did Meng Chao realize that the Demonic Halberd Pigs that had been injected with God Transformation 9.0 were not the main characters of this test.

The Tiger Dragon before him, which had been attacked by the Demonic Halberd Pigs with a suicide attack and injected with a large amount of Blood Flower spores, was the "masterpiece" that the insane Doctor Monster, Fei Qingyun wanted to see!

As expected, the test was still going on.

In the southeastern corner of the test field, a steel door disguised as a rock wall slowly opened.

A large number of ignorant Nightmarish Beasts were released from it.

There were Demonic Halberd Pigs, Iron Armored Rhinoceroses, and other even-hoofed monsters with rough skin and thick flesh.

There were also many crawling monsters that were agile and stealthy.

There were even predators such as wolves, tigers, and leopards.

However, the normally ferocious monsters were destined to play the role of "food" in the test because they had not been injected with God Transformation 9.0.

The immortal Tiger Dragon revealed a fierce gleam in its eyes.

The demonic scarlet fire had now grown three feet above its head.

Like a hungry tiger pouncing on a sheep, it dashed toward its "food" in a whirlwind.

The other animals smelled the murderous aura of both the Tiger Dragon’s might and the Blood Flower fungi.

All the low-level monsters were so scared that their muscles started to cramp and tremble.

In just half a minute, they were chopped into pieces by the Tiger Dragon.

It was ten times more efficient at killing than before!

Since there was too much food, it did not have time to open its bloody mouth and swallow everything.

The scarlet hair on the Tiger Dragon’s body simply shot out and wrapped the food tightly, dragging them to its side.

The scarlet hair, which was made up of many Blood Flower fungi clusters, seemed to be hollow and contained extremely corrosive digestive enzymes.

One could only hear a series of "chi-chi-chi-chi" sounds, which caused one’s scalp to go numb as they were broken down and consumed.

The originally large pieces of the monsters’ flesh were instantly dissolved into a semi-fluid substance. Then, the Tiger Dragon took advantage of the scarlet hair and absorbed the substance into its body without leaving a single drop.

It devoured the flesh of seven or eight monsters in a row.

Then, cracking sounds came from the Tiger Dragon’s body.

Its body expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The originally round tiger head looked more and more like a deformed and ugly skull.

At that moment, the sound of tracks spinning and crushing the ground could be heard.

Three unmanned rune tanks with tracks slowly drove into the test field from the depths of the tunnel, where the food had just been released.

The three rune tanks were equipped with three combination Vulcan cannons and Honeycomb rocket launchers.

They could turn an entire lush forest into a sea of fire and flatten it in just a few seconds.

And for today’s test, they had specially added three layers of reaction armor on the outer shells.

At first glance, they were not inferior to the latest battle tanks. They were filled with steel fortresses and were domineering enough to crush everything in their path.


The life sign scanning system of the three rune tanks screened the area perfectly and locked onto the Tiger Dragon.

The Vulcan cannon was the first to fire. A dense fire net made up of nine fire lines enveloped half of the test field where the Tiger Dragon was.

The Honeycomb rocket launcher followed closely behind, instantly creating hundreds of huge fireballs that could destroy everything.

The burning airwaves instantly raised the temperature on the test field by dozens of degrees.

The destructive shock waves burned the corpses of the monsters everywhere into ashes.

Even the rock walls that were as hard as iron seemed to melt into glass that was as smooth as mirrors in the waves of raging flames.

It seemed that no living creature could survive in such a harsh environment.

However, it was hard to say whether the immortal Tiger Dragon was a living creature or not.

When the Vulcan cannons and Honeycomb launchers on the three rune tanks were heated to the point that they were red and had to enter a cooldown state, they suddenly exploded.

The Tiger Dragon, whose body was wreathed in demonic crimson flames, crawled out from behind them silently.

The intelligence chips and the monster detection system on the three rune tanks finally realized that the d*mn thing in front of them could control its own vital signs as it wished with the Blood Flower fungi’s blessing. The life characteristics that they had scanned and locked onto earlier had actually been exposed on purpose. But, by then, it was already too late.

The Tiger Dragon gently waved its claws, and one of it pierced through the three layers of reaction armor.

Even though the reaction armor made a move to explode and the sharp edges of the fragments tore dozens of holes in the Tiger Dragon’s body, it did not care at all.

In no time at all, the reaction armor was torn into pieces like the wrapping paper on a popsicle that had been torn off by a child

The rune tank that lost its reaction armor was akin to a drowning chicken. All of its feathers had been plucked out, and it only had goosebumps.

The Tiger Dragon twisted its body, and with a heavy slap of its serpentine tail, the rune tank’s entire turret was sent flying.

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