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Chapter: 1549

Ghost Baby s Ballad

The other two rune tanks finally reacted.

They spun their tracks desperately to keep a distance from the immortal Tiger Dragon.

They poured out their firepower in an attempt to submerge the immortal Tiger Dragon with a burning bullet curtain.

However, before the second round of firepower arrived…

Dozens of air holes had already appeared around the immortal Tiger Dragon.

With a series of"pu pu pu pu pu" sounds, a large amount of dense red mist shot out of the air holes and completely enveloped it.

The whistling armor-piercing bullets and rockets fell into the red mist, which obviously slowed and deflected the trajectory of the bullets.

Under the red mist’s cover, the immortal Tiger Dragon’s body also became particularly blurry, like dozens of overlapping afterimages. That made it extremely difficult for the rune tanks’ fully automated fire control system to lock onto it.

It did not matter even if an armor-piercing projectile occasionally hit the immortal Tiger Dragon and created a bowl-sized wound on its body, spilling its flesh and bones burst to the ground. The immortal tiger’s surging Blood Flower mycelium could still reorganize new and stronger organs and limbs for it at a speed visible to the naked eye.

They even spewed out along the wounds, forming lumps on the body’s surface and glittering bulges that looked like eyeballs or tumors.

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A large amount of the Tiger Dragon’s flesh was stained with Blood Flower hyphae. Due to the critical hits from the bullet curtain, the hyphae also splashed onto the two rune tanks as if a fairy was scattering flowers.

While the Tiger Dragon was torn into pieces, the Blood Flower hyphae drilled out from its broken flesh, turning into meandering red "earthworms."

These "earthworms" crawled into the gaps between the reaction armor.

While they corrupted the runes, they also blocked the rune tank’s cannon tubes and radiator.

The inside of the rune tanks emitted a heavy sound of metal fatigue and mechanical failure.

The efficiency of their firepower was visibly decreasing.

When their radiators emitted thick smoke and even flames, the immortal Tiger Dragon finally revealed its sharpest fangs.

It instantly flashed behind the second rune tank. With a violent swing of its strange tail, it flipped the rune tank to the ground, resulting in its tracks facing the sky.

The third rune tank unloaded its crazy firepower onto the second rune tank’s chassis, riddling its companion with thousands of holes.

The immortal Tiger Dragon’s strange tail followed the holes that were still emitting smoke, ruthlessly piercing the second rune tank.

It looked like it was waving a war hammer as it directly swung the rune tank that weighed dozens of tons, ruthlessly smashing it at the third rune tank.

The fierce collision between the two rune tanks created an incomparably dazzling fireball, whichexploded the tanks into pieces.

The immortal Tiger Dragon sat on the remains of the rune tanks that had been burned into piles of scrap metal. It opened its bloody mouth, which had torn apart all the way to its chest and abdomen. Then, dozens of long tongues that resembled octopus tentacles with barbs and suckers appeared from behind its fangs that were covered in red mucus. They had emerged from the depths of its pitch-black throat, and they roared as they made their way to the top of the cave, tearing through the earth’s crust.

Even though Meng Chao had his Deity Realm power, his hair still stood on end after he heard that incomparably mournful roar. His muscles tensed up, and even his nerve endings sounded an alarm.

But up in the air, there was steady applause.

The crystal loudspeakers in the four corners of the test field transmitted the sounds from the observation room behind the tempered glass to the immortal Tiger Dragon’s ears.

"How brutal, how elegant, and how gorgeous!"

Doctor Monster, or Fei Qingyun, exclaimed in amazement, "Even God couldn’t have made this. It’s a perfect piece of art!"

Perhaps, deep inside the immortal Tiger Dragon’s mind, the endless resentment of being imprisoned and experimented on by human beings was still lingering…

Perhaps, it was purely due to the infection and predatory instinct of the Blood Flower fungus cluster…

When the immortal Tiger Dragon spotted the human beings hiding behind the tempered glass, the demonic fire spurting out of its eye sockets became ten times more intense.


All the bone spurs around the immortal Tiger Dragon straightened.

Like a deep-sea fish that had risen to the surface of the water, its body expanded once again.

The boa part of its body shrank and bounced before its enormous body promptly sprang onto the rock wall.

With the friction from its bone spurs and the mucus from its bodily fluids, it moved on the rock wall that was perpendicular to the ground as if it were flat ground. Soon, it climbed to a height of several dozen meters above the tempered glass.

Now, the Immortal Tiger Dragon and the experimental staff in the observation room were only separated by a layer of tempered glass.

The experimental staff could clearly see the deformed tumors on its body, the constantly swaying mycelium, and the extremely corrosive mucus that flowed out from its crisscrossing wounds. The traces that were left on the tempered glass were meandering and getting deeper.

Faced with the "masterpiece" that they had created, the experimenters could not help but shudder and take a few steps back in unison.

Only "Doctor Monster" Fei Qingyun, was still full of curiosity and joy. Instead of retreating, he took half a step forward and stuck close to the tempered glass. His eyes were transfixed, and his face was intoxicated. It was as though he was about to kiss his creation.

The immortal Tiger Dragon was deeply infuriated by Fei Qingyun’s attitude.

It raised its serpentine tail high and smashed it down heavily, causing the tempered glass to tremble violently and emit a deafening explosion.

Once, twice, thrice… Every time they collided, a crack as thick as a hair would appear on the tempered glass. More and more cracks formed, like a spider web growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, it spread to the entire tempered glass.

The Tiger Dragon seemed to realize that brute force alone was not enough to make the tempered glass on the front collapse in the shortest time possible.

The immortal Tiger Dragon changed its strategy. As its muscles spasmed, it secreted a large amount of acid from its body.

Then, it twisted its body and rolled around on the tempered glass, allowing more acid to be smeared and flow into the spidery cracks.

The trick proved to be effective.

Corroded by the acid, the cracks produced sizzling noises and fine bubbles. Before long, the cracks became wider and deeper.

The immortal Tiger Dragon let out a peal of weird laughter.

Its bony face was filled with savagery and pride.

It opened its bloody mouth again and embedded its fangs deep into the cracks. Like a crowbar, it tried to pry open a hole in the tempered glass.

This was a three-pronged attack.

Even an iron wall would collapse at this point.

The tempered glass lasted for another half a minute.

Finally, it let out a self-deprecating croak, and a large piece of the tempered glass was pried off by the immortal Tiger Dragon.

A fist-sized hole was revealed.

Now, it seemed that nothing could stop the immortal Tiger Dragon from expanding the hole.

Aiming through the hole, he sprayed acid and Blood Flower spores at the unsuspecting researchers in the observation room, especially Fei Qingyun, who was the first to bear the brunt of the attack.

However, Fei Qingyun did not even take half a step back.

Instead, the smile on his face became increasingly pronounced.

He gazed at the immortal Tiger Dragon like a relieved father, looking at his child who did not disappoint.

Then, Fei Qingyun snapped his fingers.

There were no high-voltage electric arcs.

There were no freezing rays.

There were also no incendiary bombs or cloud explosives.

A strange sound just rang out from the four crystal loudspeakers, which had just broadcasted his laughter, in the four corners above the test field.

It was difficult to accurately describe such a sound in any human language. It gave people a creepy and chilling feeling.

If one had to describe it, it reminded one of a child who had died young. After being tortured in the depths of hell and turning into a ghost baby, it began to babble and hum a song.

When Meng Chao heard the voice, he felt a layer of dense goosebumps protruding from the surface of his internal organs.

The Tiger Dragon was not afraid of anything. Even the explosion of the rune tanks could not hurt the immortal creature in the slightest. Yet, when it heard the voice, its reaction was even stranger and more intense.

It was as if a pair of invisible and strange hands had penetrated its body, grabbed its spine, and twisted it ruthlessly.

It was in so much pain that its enormous body curled up into a ball, and it fell down from the rock wall that was dozens of meters high.

The Blood Flower fungi clusters dancing around its body were already prepared to invade the observation room through the cracks in the glass.

Yet, at that moment, it seemed like they had heard the cries of their natural predator, and they were scared out of their wits. They all scrambled to escape back into the immortal Tiger Dragon’s body.

Even the two demonic flames that seemed to burn eternally in the depths of its eye sockets had shrunk by ten times, turning into two trembling red beans.

The ghost baby’s ballad became sharper and more urgent, while the Tiger Dragon writhed about more intensely.

At the very next second, it disintegrated. All the Blood Flower clusters in its body withered and turned into ashes too.

The unbelievable scene stunned Meng Chao, who was hiding in the dark.

"How is this possible?

"‘Doctor Monster’ Fei Qingyun has already mastered the method to counter the Blood Flower fungi clusters?"

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