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Chapter: 1550

Secret Weapon

The shocking discovery was ten times more important than God Transformation 9.0.

One should know that the most difficult thing to deal with for the Dragon City civilization was not the fact that the Blood Flower could turn monsters into undead creatures with greatly improved combat strength and survival ability.

Whether it was monsters or undead creatures, they were all carbon-based at the end of the day.

As long as they were carbon-based creatures, they would be afraid of being bombarded by thousands of degrees of heat.

The flood of steel would surround them from all sides. Hundreds of armored airships and hundreds of railway guns would also carry out carpet over-saturation bombing. In addition, the superhumans could hold their ground; they were ready to intercept and kill any fish that escaped. Provided that the firepower was strong enough, no matter how fierce the undead creatures were, they would be reduced to ashes and die.

What made the Blood Flower the most difficult thing to handle was its stealth, permeability, and ability to split and replicate itself indefinitely.

It was easy to kill an undead creature whose body was filled with Blood Flower clusters.

However, it was difficult to eradicate all the spores, mycelium, clusters, and buds in a certain area.

Even if one dug three feet into the ground and killed all the suspected undead creatures.

It was hard to guarantee that there would not be soft and beautiful scarlet grass growing in a dark corner. They would sway with the wind like mimosa, quietly sprinkled with a faint red mist.

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Incendiary bombs could basically eliminate the Blood Flower’s hidden danger.

With a high temperature of several thousand degrees that burned for more than twelve hours, it was enough to kill 99.99% of Blood Flower spores, mycelium, and clusters.

The problem was that this method was difficult to use on a large scale within the city.

If a Blood Flower was found in the ventilation duct of a skyscraper in the downtown area…

Would the entire skyscraper, along with all the buildings within a three to five-mile radius, be razed to the ground and burned to ashes?

It was precisely because of this characteristic that the Blood Flower was more difficult to deal with than bacteria and viruses.

Even though mankind had obtained the final victory in the Monster War, they had not been able to completely eliminate the Blood Flower and its derivative species.

In the densely populated old city district with poor sanitation, or in the new development district that was closer to the jungle and filled with gullies and ravines, cases of being infected by the Blood Flower and turning into zombies still occurred from time to time.

Some large monster farms had to destroy hundreds and thousands of poultry and livestock because one of their livestock had been infected by the Blood Flower and turned into an undead creature. That was also the price they had to pay for the long-term peace and stability Dragon City provided.

However, the Blood Flower fungi cluster, which had been particularly active earlier after eating the monster’s flesh and blood, was actually suppressed by some kind of strange sound wave!

Moreover, while such sound waves could trigger horror and disgust in some humans, Meng Chao discovered that they did not have any organic effect on his auditory organs, central nervous system, and even cerebral cortex after careful analysis.

In other words, apart from the psychological aspect, it was completely harmless to humans.

"No wonder ‘Doctor Monster’ Fei Qingyun dares to conduct research on the Blood Flowers in the depths of Raging Waves Mountain Range without any scruples. He’s not worried that the Blood Flower spores will spread and the undead creatures will escape, leading to large-scale casualties.

"It turns out that he and the person behind him, the financer of this Blood Flower laboratory, possess a secret weapon to deal with the Blood Flowers!"

As expected, when the immortal Tiger Dragon was rolling on the ground after being tortured by the demonic sound, it lost the ferocious nature it had a moment ago.

Two more tracked rune tanks crawled out slowly from the depths of the dark tunnel.

They were different from their companions that had been torn into pieces by the immortal Tiger Dragon previously.

The two rune tanks did not have turrets.

Naturally, they did not carry weapons of mass destruction such as muskets, Vulcan cannons, antiaircraft cannons, Honeycomb rocket launchers, and anti-monster missiles.

Four super-powerful crystal loudspeakers had been installed on their chassis.

Behind the loudspeakers, there were two bulging, silvery-white metal tanks that looked like pesticide cans.

They had been painted with the "low-temperature danger" sign.

What came out of the crystal loudspeakers was, of course, the ghost baby’s nursery rhymes.

However, they were closer to the immortal Tiger Dragon this time, and the path was clearer.

Bombarded by eight crystal megaphones, the scarlet carpet covering the immortal Tiger Dragon’s body began to crack.

Giant blood bubbles emerged from the depths of the cracks, making it look like it was being burned by an invisible karmic fire.

The blood bubbles burst one after another, and a lot of pus, as well as blood, flowed out of them.

The immortal Tiger Dragon’s body shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye, like a rubber ball that had been flattened by a caterpillar track.

The deformed and twisted vicious beast let out a roar that was more fearful than angry. It held its head in its hands, tucked its tail between its legs, and fled to a corner far away from the rune tanks.

Based on its miserable appearance, even if there was a crack in the corner that led straight to the center of the earth, the Tiger Dragon would not hesitate to drill into it and travel all the way to the deepest part of the crack.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with the sound wave was the same as that of the Blood Flower.

It was all-pervasive.

No matter where the immortal Tiger Dragon hid, it could not avoid the layers of demonic sounds that continuously surged into its body.

It would make no difference even if it used its sharp claws to tear at its own ear canal and stab through its own cochlea. The sound waves would continue to vibrate its flesh and blood, along with the Blood Flower fungi cluster hidden in the depths of its flesh and blood.

Finally, the immortal Tiger Dragon could no longer hold on.

It was as if all of its bones had been extracted from its body, and it collapsed like a pile of mud.

The Blood Flower fungi that were exposed to the outside world had all withered and disintegrated, losing their vitality.

The Blood Flower spores in its body had also entered a dormant state. They were no longer willing to provide this body of flesh and blood any power to mutate since it was about to collapse.

One of the two rune tanks continued to bombard the immortal Tiger Dragon’s brain.

The other tank slowly approached and extended a folding mechanical arm from the front of its chassis. It extended a large probe at the front end of the mechanical arm and stabbed the tip of the probe deep into the Tiger Dragon’s neck.

The immortal Tiger Dragon did not respond at all and waited for its death.

At the back of the chassis, the metal tank with the "low-temperature danger" symbol trembled slightly.

A large amount of deep blue frozen liquid was quickly injected into the immortal Tiger Dragon’s body in that high-pressured situation.

The surface of the immortal Tiger Dragon’s body then began to split and spread, forming a tree-like network that crisscrossed like roots.

Soon, the immortal Tiger Dragon’s expression changed from that of pain to dizziness.

A thick layer of frost also condensed on the surface of its body and released wisps of cold air.

Just as "Doctor Monster" Fei Qingyun had said, it had been frozen into a deep blue work of art.

The vicious undead creature was so easily subdued by humans!

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