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Chapter: 1552

Death Convoy

Right at that moment, the tracked transporter that Meng Chao had hidden in trembled slightly, and the crystal engine started up again.

The garage door in front of it also opened slowly.

Meng Chao’s heart tightened, and he was ready for battle.

However, the other party did not discover his existence. They only wanted to use the tracked transporters to increase their loading speed.

That allowed Meng Chao to take advantage of the situation.

Through a large elevator, they drove on and off for more than twenty minutes on the winding underground road. During this time, they returned to Research Room No. 1 and loaded several fully enclosed cultivation tanks into the carriage. Finally, they arrived at an underground garage that was not inferior in size to Test Field No. 1.

Looking around, they saw an entire fleet of armored vehicles camped in the underground garage.

A few armored vehicles that looked like steel beasts were densely packed with guns and rocket launchers. They appeared to have been specially modified, and they possessed more ferocious firepower than the Red Dragon Army’s standard equipment.

There were also a few large container trucks that were completely enclosed. The logo of a certain meat joint processing factory was painted on the outside. It depicted a few friendly-looking, grinning Demonic Halberd Pigs. At first glance, they looked like refrigerated trucks that were transporting fresh meat products.

However, the underground laboratory’s staff continued to load a large number of armor-piercing bullets, rocket ammunition, poison gas bombs, incendiary ammunition, and even cloud explosives into a secret compartment in the "refrigerated meat truck." They turned it into a fully-armed battle fortress.

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Meng Chao was hiding under the truck. When he saw Fei Qingyun standing in the middle of the garage, the doctor seemed to be very dissatisfied with the loading speed. He yelled at his staff to speed up even more.

"What is Doctor Monster trying to do?"

Meng Chao’s scalp went numb. "Such fierce firepower is enough to put out a small-scale invasion of monsters. Fei Qingyun doesn’t think that it’s enough. He actually used God Transformation 9.0, which isn’t complete yet, and so many monsters infected by the Blood Flower spores!

"Who exactly is their target, or rather, what exactly?"

Right then, a clang was heard.

It was from a few workers who were transporting ammunition in a hurry. Their trolley flipped over, and an incendiary bomb with a burning skull symbol on it fell to the ground with a loud noise.

Fei Qingyun’s berating had put everyone on edge to the maximum.

The loud noise made all of them jump.

After all, the Other World was not like Earth.

In a world where everything was extremely unstable and molecular structure could be disturbed by spirit energy, it was dangerous enough without an incendiary bomb activating.

Fortunately, they were not out of luck.

The incendiary bomb rolled a few times and remained in its original state.

It did not expand a hundred times and turn into a raging fireball.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the Molotov cocktail, and even "Doctor Monster" Fei Qingyun was stabbing the faces of the workers, who had almost gotten into trouble, with his sight.

Meng Chao moved like a bolt of lightning, sticking close to the ground. From the chassis of the short-distance transport vehicle, he jumped onto the chassis of a large refrigerated truck that was already loaded with monsters and God Transformation 9.0.

Before the Molotov cocktail hit the ground, Meng Chao had scanned and locked onto the movement of all the workers on the scene. He had also determined the scanning range of the surveillance cameras.

He chose a route where no one could see him.

Then, he curled his body to the limit and perfectly wedged himself into a gap in the refrigerated truck’s chassis before anyone turned around.

Naturally, no one knew.

Fei Qingyun also seemed to be under pressure from higher-level bigwigs.

He could not care less about inspections.

After the last tank containing the monsters was delivered to the battle fortress disguised as a refrigerated truck, he got on himself, blew the whistle, and went full speed ahead.

The fleet of seven supersized "refrigerated vehicles" spiraled up a sloping underground highway.

Five minutes later, they returned to the surface through a secret exit and dived into the dense jungle on Raging Waves Mountain Range.

In the depths of the jungle, there were branches, vines, thorns, shrubs, and swamps that seemed solid but could not be stepped on.

It was impossible for a real refrigerated vehicle to pass through.

Fei Qingyun’s monster transport vehicles had been specially modified and equipped with off-road tires. Their chassis and suspension systems were also on a professional level. When necessary, they could even extend their crawling feet from the sides of the chassis to assist with moving. They were no less effective than that of an all-terrain vehicle.

Moreover, Meng Chao also discovered that they were not running around like headless flies in the depths of the jungle.

Instead, they were heading north on a hidden path.

Although there were many weeds and shrubs on this path, they were no different from the surrounding jungle if one looked down from the sky.

In reality, there were a few boulders with a diameter of more than half a meter that could block the path and swamps with a depth of more than half a meter that could swallow the tires of off-road vehicles.

As such, the monster transport vehicles, which were extremely heavy, rolled forward at a speed of more than thirty kilometers per hour.

"This is definitely not a coincidence.

"It’s a ‘secret road’ that Fei Qingyun and the others have long opened in the depths of the jungle.

"However, it looks like the road hasn’t been used for a long time, so it’s covered in weeds and shrubs.

"On second thought, it’s quite normal. If monster carriers pass by here every few days and crush the weeds and bushes to the ground, the path wouldn’t blend in with the jungle nearby. Passengers in the armored airships that pass over Raging Waves Mountain Range would be able to catch the clues when they look down through the porthole. What kind of secret would it be then?

"In other words, this is a ‘one-time’ highway.

"It’s like a poison blade that can seal someone’s throat. It’s only activated at the most critical moment."

Through the clues above, Meng Chao came to two conclusions.

First, Fei Qingyun had brought a large number of monsters that had been injected with God Transformation 9.0 with him. He was definitely about to carry out a temporary operation that had been hastily decided upon.

Second, the target of this operation was an important figure!

No matter who the other party’s target was, Meng Chao was prepared to stop them at all costs.

He even made up his mind that once the convoy showed signs of heading toward the main part of Dragon City, he would immediately take action. He would flip the monster transport vehicle upside down and let it fly thirty to fifty meters across to the front of the entire convoy.

No matter what, Meng Chao would not let this death convoy, which was loaded with a large number of Blood Flower spores and undead creatures, get close to a densely populated area.

However, to his surprise, the death convoy continued to head north in the ancient jungle and actually got farther away from Dragon City, as well as the densely populated new development zone at the foot of the mountain range. Instead, they ventured into the deepest part of the mountain range, which was inaccessible to humans.

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