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Chapter: 1555


Although the other Fire Qilin did not explode on the spot, they were at a complete disadvantage. They did not have the aura of steel beasts at all. Instead, they fled to the periphery in panic like herbivores who had encountered their natural enemies.

However, raging flames were constantly spilling out from the center of the seven or eight Fire Qilins in the eye of the storm. The flames then formed circles of strong vortexes.

The burning vortexes extended their tentacles in all directions and firmly pulled all the Fire Qilins, making it impossible for them to escape the net of destruction.

Meng Chao was dumbstruck when he discovered that the one controlling the death storm and the fire vortexes was a white-bearded old man who looked like a crazy devil.

They were still far away from each other, so Meng Chao could not see his facial features clearly.

However, he could sense the anger and sadness that surged out of the old man’s body. Half of the forest was instantly devoured, as though a flood had just burst through a dam.

The man resembled a white-haired ghost that had come from the depths of hell to feed on any traitors.

His aura was even crazier than that of the Apocalyptic Beasts.

One of the Fire Qilins had nowhere to run. He was forced to turn around and shoot all the ammunition around him at the man.

Hundreds of roaring flames formed an impenetrable bullet curtain that instantly enveloped the "white-haired ghost."

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However, the white-haired ghost tore apart the dense bullet curtain as easily as tearing a wet newspaper. He extended his palm from the raging flames and grabbed the Fire Qilin’s helmet.

The Fire Qilin’s helmet was tightly connected to the shoulder pads. At first glance, it looked as if he had no neck, like half of his head was buried in his thick, fortress-like chest.

However, the white-haired ghost exerted a little strength, and the helmet made of super-strong alloy cracked, shattered, and caved in with a sharp metal fatigue sound.

Even the Fire Qilin’s wearer was scratched until his skull exploded, and his brain matter squeezed out from the gaps of the white-haired ghost’s fingers.

A dignified Heaven Realm expert, who was also equipped with one of the strongest power armors in Dragon City, was actually as powerless as a three-year-old child before the white-haired ghost.

The identity of the white-haired ghost was soon exposed as well.

"A Deity Realm warrior!

"Fei Qingyun and the mysterious organization hiding behind him are targeting a Deity Realm warrior at the last minute!"

Meng Chao was overwhelmed with emotions.

He felt like he was "witnessing history."

Ever since the nine families besieged the Blood Alliance more than thirty years ago, this was the first time someone had targeted a Deity Realm warrior and started to hunt him down.

In theory, Deity Realm warriors and Apocalyptic Beasts were equally powerful existences.

However, in actual combat, humans with extraordinary wisdom and rich emotions would usually be able to erupt with even greater and more variable battle potential.

It was to the extent that the hunting tactics that were specially tailored for Apocalyptic Beasts were completely ineffective against Deity Realm warriors!

As expected, with a few leaps and bounds, the white-haired ghost repelled seven to eight Heaven Realm warriors who were equipped with the Fire Qilins.

At least three Heaven Realm warriors had their hearts and brains blown out while they were still in the air, and their lives were completely cut off.

Then, the white-haired ghost let out a long whistle that pierced through the clouds. It was as if he wanted to break out of the encirclement toward the south and fly toward the biochemical industrial park at the foot of Raging Waves Mountain. The population there was relatively dense, and it was easier to get support.

However, just as he was getting rid of the hunter and trying to speed up…

His body had seemingly been operating at an overload for decades and had experienced countless failures. After numerous maintenance procedures, the crystal engine, which could still blast out maximum power on the surface, had become extremely unstable. It could disintegrate at any time, and it let out a painful moan.

The white-haired ghost’s hands and feet twitched strangely.

His vitality magnetic field suddenly contracted and shook violently.

It poured over his head like a burning flame—no, a bucket of ice water.

The white-haired ghost grunted and showed an extremely pained expression.

He almost fell from the sky.

‘This Deity Realm warrior is seriously injured,’ Meng Chao thought to himself.

That was not surprising.

Almost all the Deity Realm warriors in Dragon City had come from that ignorant era when humans knew nothing about cultivation.

When they embarked on the path of cultivation, they did not know how to deal with the irreversible sequelae of burning a certain spirit meridian.

They did not know the habits of most monsters and the side effects brought by the radiation of crystals either.

Breaking through the limits of life brought them not only the power to destroy the heaven and earth, but also a lingering spirit and pain that was as numerous as the hair of a cow.

Nevertheless, these Deity Realm warriors were extremely talented and lucky. They escaped the reaping of death time and time again.

However, while "death could be avoided, it was hard to escape punishment."

Battle God Lei Zongchao was the most typical example.

His injuries were so severe that he was unable to leave Battle God Palace at the top of the Supernatural Tower most of the time. Even if he really wanted to leave, he had to immerse himself in a human-shaped medical pod.

If not, Dragon City would have been the strongest in the past. It was possible that his body had collapsed and his soul had dissipated due to weak magnetic interference.

Although the situation of the other Deity Realm warriors was not as extreme as that of Battle God Lei Zongchao, they would often be far from their peak.

Not to mention, more than a year ago, dozens of Deity Realm warriors from Dragon City had joined forces and barged into the monster civilization’s final lair in the depths of the Hidden Mist Domain. They had engaged in a soul-stirring battle with the monster mastermind.

The battle had helped the Dragon City civilization and completely established its victory in the Monster War.

Most of the Deity Realm warriors who had participated in the battle got injured and needed to live in seclusion in the beautiful cave, but that was the price they had to pay. They underwent long-term recuperation in the next year or so.

Even Dragon City’s major forces had to spend an astronomical amount of medical expenses and cultivation resources on their own Deity Realm warriors.

It was also difficult to guarantee that the old Deity Realm warriors would be able to restore their past glory and sweep through thousands of armies without being defeated.

The white-haired ghost in front of Meng Chao should be one of the older-generation Deity Realm warriors.

He was seriously injured and unable to display 100% of his strength.

No wonder the Heaven Realm warriors dared to challenge him with the help of the Fire Qilin.

Wait a minute…

"It’s not as simple as him being injured.

"His vitality magnetic field is intermittent and disorderly. It’s like an infinite splitting hydra, constantly devouring its own flesh and blood.

"He’s experienced ordinary internal injuries and their sequelae for many years. With the martial wisdom of a Deity Realm warrior, he should know how to control it, even if it’s only temporarily.".

"It’s poison!

"That’s right. Apart from his internal injuries, this senior has also been affected by at least three to five kinds of extremely mysterious poisons. His muscle fibers, blood system, central nerves, and even the cerebral cortex have all been attacked by the deadly poisons at the same time!"

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