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Chapter: 1556

Apocalyptic Bullets

The thought had flashed through Meng Chao’s mind like lightning earlier.

In the depths of the jungle, dozens of real lightning bolts shot out…

No, the seven-colored flowing lights that instantly tore apart the sound barrier and accelerated to two or even three times the speed of sound contained energy that was ten times stronger than real lightning!

"These are… Apocalyptic Bullets that are specially used to deal with Apocalyptic Beasts!"

Meng Chao’s pupils constricted to the maximum.

He saw a shining bullet that resembled a star fragment at the center of every stream of light.

Although the bullets were not more than the thickness of a finger, they were releasing a force that was a hundred times stronger than that of a rocket. They were as powerful as cruise missiles.

If Meng Chao was not mistaken, the bullets were traveling through the air at a high speed and surging through the planet’s magnetic field. The overwhelming spirit flames that they released were enough to prove that, inside them, there were a lot of high-quality crystals such as Blue Gamma Stone, Demon Eye Jade, Mayfield Crystal Diamond, and so on.

These kinds of crystals could be ranked on the list of the ten most expensive crystals in Dragon City.

The spirit energy contained in them was ten times or even dozens of times more than a Red Radiance Jade of the same size.

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They were the best of the best, which could only be found by luck.

As far as Meng Chao knew, when the Monster War was at its most brutal, the major forces in Dragon City had once spent a lot of money and collected a lot of high-quality crystals such as Blue Gamma Stone, Demon Eye Jade, Mayfield Crystal Diamond, and so on. They had hired the best craftsmen in Dragon City and used runic black technology excavated from the ancient ruins to carefully create a batch of Apocalyptic Bullets.

At that time, the idea was to equip Dragon City’s top snipers with Apocalyptic Bullets as well as special sniper rifles, and cooperate with Deity Realm warriors to hunt down the Apocalyptic Beasts.

In other words, this batch of special sniper bullets could, at least in theory, tear apart the carapace and flesh of the Apocalyptic Beasts!

However, due to Meng Chao’s rebirth, the victory of the Monster War came much more quickly and easily than everyone had expected.

Many of the Apocalyptic Bullets did not come in handy.

Unexpectedly, they would appear in the scheme to deal with Deity Realm powerhouses!

"What a big move!

"The destructive energy contained in every anti-Apocalyptic Beast special sniper bullet is no less than the heavy train shells and cruise missiles.

"To fire these Apocalyptic Bullets, one also needs a specialized anti-monster sniper rifle, the best snipers, and long-term targeted training.

"Even if an ordinary gunman gets the Apocalyptic Bullets and anti-monster sniper rifles, it’s impossible for him to pull the trigger.

"If he pulls the trigger just a little, the bullet’s recoil will probably shake his brain into a bowl of tofu pudding before the Apocalyptic Bullets are out of the chamber!

"There are at least eight Heaven Realm warriors who can support the Fire Qilin.

"There are also two elite snipers who can fire the Apocalyptic Bullets.

"In addition, there are spies who are close enough to inject a large amount of biochemical poison into the Deity Realm warrior’s body in advance.

"Such a magnificent lineup can be put together in such a hurry. No wonder these crazy guys dared to target Deity Realm warriors!"

It was too late to say anything. In the time it took for Meng Chao to think, the dozens of Apocalyptic Bullets had already sped up and powered up to the maximum.

Three to five of the Apocalyptic Bullets exploded one after another and turned into threatening balls of fire. They lunged at the white-haired ghost like fireballs that had life in them.

The other three to five Apocalyptic Bullets had apparently been mixed with Apocalyptic Beast bone powder when they were forged. Something that looked like a beast soul had been sealed within.

At that moment, the seal was broken. Many ferocious souls shot out of the bullets like countless savage beasts that were eyeing the white-haired ghost covetously.

The rest of the Apocalyptic Bullets turned their mass into energy. When the bullets disappeared, the flowing lights were ten times brighter. They were like deadly lasers that stabbed at the white-haired ghost!

Sure, the white-haired ghost was a Deity Realm powerhouse who had been famous for a long time.

Unfortunately, he was covered in wounds and poisoned in this situation. Plus, he had to split his attention to deal with the Fire Qilins. It was impossible for him to dodge all the Apocalyptic Bullets with 100% of his attention.

A series of sizzling noises could be heard.

The white-haired ghost shattered the fireballs and the fierce souls, with them barely avoiding most of his vital points.

However, he could not avoid the devastating lasers that pierced through his limbs and torso, leaving black holes and green smoke.

Nevertheless, there was a reason he was a Deity Realm warrior!

Despite ending up in such a dangerous ambush, the white-haired ghost’s face still did not reveal any panic or despair.

It still maintained the sharpness and dominance of a top predator.

When the Apocalyptic Bullet was manufactured, it used a similar principle to the expanding bullet. In theory, it could cause a wound the size of a bowl or even a basin on the monster’s torso.

However, the white-haired ghost used the rhythm of his muscles to forcefully control his wound to keep it the size of a finger. Aside from the green smoke, not a drop of blood came out of his wound.

At the same time, his eyes, which seemed as if they were used to mine underground ores, revealed the entire jungle beneath his feet. Those super-powerful "searchlights" were emitting a soul-stirring brilliance.

In an instant, he locked onto the elite snipers hidden deep in the jungle, under the rocks, swamps, shrubs, branches, and humus. He then launched a wave of unstoppable spirit attacks.

Even Meng Chao, who was hundreds of meters away, felt a sharp pain in the depths of his brain. It was like an invisible sharp ax had been embedded deep into his brain from the back of his head. It cut off and took over his central nervous system, causing illusions to appear before his eyes. He also heard the sound of thunderous illusions.

The white-haired ghost expanded crazily in the illusion and soon grew into an indomitable giant formed by the combination of lightning and lava.

The giant let out a wild laugh that sounded similar to a tsunami. "It’s just you people?"

Meng Chao’s reaction was delayed by 0.1 seconds because of the white-haired ghost’s wild laughter.

As for the elite snipers who were close at hand and facing spirit attacks head-on, there was no need to mention it.

The snipers’ reactions were considered lightning fast too.

The best of them even threw an anti-monster sniper rifle to their back the moment they pulled the trigger, disregarding whether or not the Apocalyptic Bullets had hit their target. Then, they jumped out of their hiding place and ran away.

However, before the Deity Realm warrior’s fury, any hope of escaping unscathed was a pipe dream.


The white-haired ghost raised his right hand and spread out his fingers.

The smoke, flames, shock waves, and spirit waves that were rippling in the air were immediately absorbed into his palm and released from his fingers. They formed a giant spirit palm that was more than ten meters in diameter and burning furiously in midair!

Then, the warrior swung the overwhelming hand down on the elite snipers’ hiding places and escape routes like he was swatting flies!

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