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Chapter: 1557

This Is a Trap

Before the flames could engulf heaven and earth, the earth-shattering air currents had already blown the towering trees within a hundred-meter radius to the side. They uprooted them, tore them apart, and ground them into the tiniest wood chips as well as fibers.

The elite snipers hidden in the jungle were forced out by the wind from the palm amidst the scattering of wood fibers. At worst, they were sent flying like a kite with a broken string. They spat out fresh blood at best and their internal organs that had turned into pus and blood at worst. The bones all over their bodies were shattered. The muscular man, who was eight feet tall, was compressed into balls of meat that resembled mud. It made people think of the cans that had been flattened by caterpillar tracks.

Only a few of the aces managed to avoid the destructive power that the white-haired ghost released despite his injuries and forcefully overspending his life force.

They even threw the guns that they regarded as their lives to the back of their minds.

Amid the screams of their companions, they sprinted toward the area where the jungle was sparse without looking back.

As they panicked and did not know where to go, they happened to head in the direction where Meng Chao was hiding.

In other words, the monsters in the seven monster carriers that were secretly parked had awakened and mutated after being injected with God Transformation 9.0. The monsters were shaking violently, and they could break out of their cages at any time!

"This is a trap!"

Meng Chao’s pupils suddenly constricted into two needle tips.

He realized that whether it was a Heaven Realm powerhouse with the Fire Qilin or an elite sniper equipped with Apocalyptic Bullets, they were not the opponent’s trump cards.

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They were just bait to attract the white-haired ghost.

The monsters that had been injected with God Transformation 9.0 and filled with Blood Flower spores were their trump cards!

This Deity Realm powerhouse should be an old senior who had fought for Dragon City for decades. He was already riddled with wounds. Although his vitality magnetic field was strong, it was extremely unstable.

‘I don’t know how he got injected with a large amount of biochemical poison by the other party. The blood all over his body has almost turned into extremely corrosive poison.’

After that, he forcefully suppressed his injuries and the poison’s effect. The Heaven Realm powerhouses and elite snipers he killed numbered in two digits. Although he was like a hungry invicible tiger pouncing on a sheep, such forced burning of his life in an attempt to end the battle quickly exhausted him to the extreme.

"He’s chasing after the remaining assassins and is about to crash into the ambush circle formed by seven monster carriers. He’s surrounded by undead creatures numbering in three digits.

"When that happens, the undead creatures won’t need to kill him at all. They’ll just surround the senior and self-destruct, allowing the extremely dense blood mist to enter the senior’s body through his seven apertures and pores.

"Even if this senior’s lucky enough to survive, it’ll be enough for him to suffer!"

Once Meng Chao thought about it, he prepared to launch an attack before the monsters broke out of the cage and send the monster transport vehicles flying into the air.

Although it would be impossible to stop the monsters from appearing, it would at least give the white-haired senior a warning three to five seconds in advance.

Three to five seconds was enough for a Deity Realm warrior to change the outcome of battle and decide his life and death!

However, at the next second, Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and changed his mind when he sensed a faint aura coming from a seemingly ordinary bush at the edge of the jungle.

"There’s someone there!

"Someone managed to hide under my nose for such a long time without making a sound until his target got closer and entered his shooting range. Only then did his heartbeat accelerate slightly by three percent and expose his existence.

"This is an expert!

"If he’s not Dragon City’s top assassin, then he’s Dragon City’s top sniper. In his own field, he could definitely be ranked in the top ten of Dragon City!"

Meng Chao’s mind raced.

He realized that this mysterious expert who had been hiding there for an unknown period of time before the monster transportation fleet arrived was most likely the commander of this "Deity-killing" operation.

In other words, it was highly possible that the guy knew a lot of crucial information.

That included "who, why, and how dare he kill a Deity Realm powerhouse?!"

Where did they recruit so many assassins who were bold enough to "kill a deity"

"This has to be captured alive!"

It was definitely not easy to do that.

At Universe Corporation’s Red Creek Project site, Meng Chao had been deeply impressed by the members of the Blood Alliance who had burned themselves into fireballs and turned them into ashes within a few seconds.

If the other party came from the Blood Alliance…

They must have implanted something like a self-ignition or self-destructing chip in their bodies.

Regardless of whether they were top assassins or top snipers, they were all extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment.

Even if it was a grasshopper that lightly jumped over the tip of the grass, the disturbance in the air would cause them to be on high alert.

Meng Chao knew 37 ways to kill this guy in 2.95 seconds.

He would not let him bleed or scream.

However, he was not confident that he could instantly control the other party’s physiological activities, or freeze and destroy the self-destruct chip, thereby creating an opportunity to interrogate the guy!

Meng Chao hesitated for a moment.

Four or five assassins and the crazy white-haired ghost were already chasing each other. Soon, they entered the ambush circle formed by the monster transport vehicles.


An ace sniper rushed too fast and tripped on the tree roots hidden in the humus beneath his feet.

Although he did not fall, he wasted half a second to regain his balance.

That half a second determined his life and death. It allowed the white-haired ghost to catch up to him.

The white-haired ghost spread his fingers and pierced his palm into the ace sniper’s back and chest.

Soon, he was holding a beating heart in his bloody hand!

The ace sniper, or rather, his companion, was also a ruthless person.

Seeing that there was no way for him to survive, he detonated the crystal bomb hanging by his waist via remote control.

The flames, the blast, and the spirit storm were like a ferocious beast that opened its bloody mouth and bit the white-haired ghost’s head.

The white-haired ghost inhaled, and the flames of war around him expanded, naturally forming a spirit shield that absorbed and canceled out the power of the explosion before him.

However, the flames and smoke caused by the explosion, together with the interference of the biochemical agents on the central nerves, finally caused the white-haired ghost’s vision to shrink and blur for a short while.

At that moment, there was a painful sound of metal tearing and a howl that seemed to come from the deepest part of hell.

The seven monster carriers that were as tough as steel fortresses collapsed from the inside.

Then, dozens of bloody, three-headed, six-armed, malformed tumors with huge eyeballs embedded in them jumped out of the wreckage of the monster carriers!

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