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Chapter: 1559

Meng Chao Makes His Move

At that critical moment, the white-haired ghost let out an explosive roar. The white hair on his head suddenly expanded and grew as if it had a life of its own. It turned into dozens of white whips that accurately blocked the trajectory of the Apocalyptic Bullets!

However, the assassins had no intention of relying on these Apocalyptic Bullets to reap the white-haired ghost’s life.

The trump card of the assassins, who had been hiding in the darkness, was their final trump card.

There was no sound at all.

There were no flames or sparks.

Even with Meng Chao’s Deity Realm eyesight and the commander who had noticed and locked onto the darkness from the very beginning, he could just barely recognize that an extremely weak ripple had appeared in front of the commander, it was a ripple that could only be detected with a microscope.

This ripple was mixed in the colorful trajectory of the five Apocalyptic Bullets. It was like a drop of water hidden in the entire ocean. It moved fast, slow, left, and right. It moved at two to three times the speed of sound and headed toward the white-haired ghost’s chest, closing in quickly.

The white-haired ghost used his long hair to sweep away almost all the Apocalyptic Bullets.

He only missed the most critical and fatal one.

Therefore, when the ripple was only thirty centimeters away from the white-haired ghost, it suddenly exploded. From a point that was close to zero, it instantly expanded into dozens of tsunami-like shock waves.

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Dozens of shock waves hit the white-haired ghost’s chest almost at the same time.

In an instant, Meng Chao seemed to hear the Cystalline Nine-headed Dragon’s roar.

The translucent beast soul of the Crystalline Nine-headed Dragon rushed out from the depths of the ripples, and he saw the nine heads that condensed from the ferocious flames open their bloody mouths at the same time. They then bit the white-haired ghost’s shoulder blade and arm.

"This is…

"The super Apocalyptic Bullets can only be refined with the entire spine of the Crystalline Nine-headed Dragon, the blood from its heart, its spinal fluid, the fluid from its brain tissue, and the powder of dozens of top-quality crystals!"

Meng Chao was dumbfounded. His head was about to explode.

He knew very well that, judging from the power of the super Apocalyptic Bullet, it would take at least half of the materials of the Cystalline Nine-headed Dragon and countless valuable heavenly materials and earthly treasures to make such a vicious weapon.

If such a bullet was fired at the most critical moment, even Meng Chao himself might not be able to dodge it perfectly, let alone the heavily wounded white-haired ghost!

The opponent’s commander on the scene was also very calm.

He did not rely on the power of the Super Doomsday Bullet to aim at the white-haired ghost’s fatal point and shoot him in the head.

He chose the chest that was the largest and the hardest to dodge perfectly.

The raging flames of battle tore the joint between the white-haired ghost’s chest and shoulder blade, leaving a bloody and shocking wound.

The wounds the size of a bowl, the broken flesh, and the broken bones were all turned over. They were also burnt, bitten, and corroded by the fierce flames.

No matter how strong the white-haired ghost’s cell regeneration ability was, it was impossible for it to seal the wound for the time being.

The bloody mist that had been lingering around the white-haired ghost took advantage of the opening and entered the wound.

A large number of blood-striped spores were like buzzing mosquitoes, scrambling to crawl into the wound.

The white-haired ghost was extremely cruel, too.

Seeing that the situation was not good, he immediately flashed and made up his mind to break the warrior’s wrist.

He closed his fingers and turned them into a hand knife that was sharper than a scalpel, stabbing at his shoulder brutally. The shocking wound, together with the circle of fresh blood and flesh near the wound, and the spores of the blood stripe virus that had invaded the fresh blood and flesh.., he dug them all out.

Then, he flipped his palm and shook it. A fierce spiritual flame whistled out and burned all the wriggling flesh and blood.

However, in this way, he almost dug out his right shoulder.

Following the bloody wound, he could even see his slightly trembling lungs. They looked like fish bubbles that had been thrown on the ground and stepped on a few times in a market.

The white-haired ghost did not even look at his own wound.

He stared at the depths of the bushes, where the enemy commander was hiding.

It was obvious that he had also locked onto the source of this fatal bullet.

The problem was that he was surrounded by seven or eight undead creatures that were covered in blood-striped flower clusters. They were eyeing him with bulging, bloodshot, and rotten eyeballs.

The leader of the assassins realized that his whereabouts had been exposed.

He decided not to hide anymore.

Instead, he jumped out of the bushes, knelt on one knee, and fired from both sides. The super gun loaded with even more doomsday bullets locked onto the white-haired ghost’s wound!

The commander’s lips curled into a confident and cold smile.

The tip of his finger exerted a slight pressure, and a destructive energy that was as violent as a volcanic eruption was about to erupt from his palm and fingertip.

At this moment, the commander heard an extremely weak sound.

It was as if a withered and rotten leaf had gently fallen to the ground dozens of meters away.

Hearing it in the commander’s ears, his two pupils contracted into two needle tips at the same time.

He did not hesitate for even 0.01 seconds.

The commander gave up on his goal.

The joints of his arms made a series of crackling sounds. As the joints separated, his arms seemed to have doubled in length and he had the freedom to turn 360 degrees.

Relying on these two mollusk-like arms, he changed the direction of the two special guns filled with doomsday bullets and pointed them behind him from an incredible angle.

However, he was still half a beat slower.

Moreover, he had misjudged the direction of the attack.

The sound that sounded like a withered leaf was not coming from behind him.

To be more precise, there was no ‘withered leaf’sound at all.

It was a spiritual attack that was even more fatal than the invisible venomous snake. It had invaded his cerebral cortex, hijacked his central nervous system, and deceived his auditory system, making him think that there was some kind of abnormal movement behind him.

No, it wasn’t just his auditory system.

This spiritual attack had also invaded and interfered with his visual system. It had copied and pasted the images of a few ferocious and terrifying undead creatures into his field of vision, creating an illusion that they were attacking him from behind!

Even if the commander realized that all of this was just an illusion.

However, his genetic instinct still caused his brain, central nervous system, and muscle fibers to temporarily lose control.

Just as the commander was shocked.

Meng Chao pushed his speed to the limit and shot out an arc of lightning!


Meng Chao seemed to tear through space and appeared directly in front of the commander. His shoulder that was as hard as iron and super alloy crashed into the commander’s chest.

Before the two’s muscles and bones collided, Meng Chao’s life magnetic field was like a 10,000-ton hammer that descended from the sky and smashed heavily on the commander’s Head!

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